Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Nike Gun Defense : Krav Maga

Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Nike Gun Defense : Krav Maga

I am Steve Jimenez with Fit and Fearless Krav
Maga along with Heath Jones. In this segment I am going to go back over the principles
of weapon, you know, to guard it coming to my face. Now one of the things that you want
to keep in mind with the weapon is once you redirect the weapon again RCAT redirect, control,
attack the assailant take away the weapon, once you redirect the weapon you never want
to get back in the line of fire, never. Once that weapon is redirected its gone that’s
it. You don’t ever want to allow your body to reach in front of the weapon while you
are striking you want to make sure you maintain good control of the weapon and when you control
the weapon you are always going to use the assailant’s body to help you control the
other side of the weapon. Once you redirect down you are going to force your weight, force
your weapon right into the body and I demonstrate why we do that. So from here redirect now
the weapon is redirected from here and I want to make the shortest line and I don’t want
to go up, I don’t want to go down, I want to go straight across the shortest line of
my body here redirect and now the bullet can no longer harm me. From here I am going to
come straight down punching my two knuckles, these two knuckles right here into his body.
Coming straight in, stepping in and bringing my weight down here. I want to make sure I
am punching through his body. The reason why is if I do this what’s going to happen is
all is got to do is step back and now he is got the weapon pointing to right back at me.
So what I am going to do is I am going to actually run through him, he is going to have
to follow me here, run through him because he is stepping back right here. As he steps
back, again he can push the weapon back on me. This is assumed… the assailant’s…
you are after the strike for back up, now we have already directed. We control now we
are going to go back to attacking. Now I attack him. Now I swear to God this punch right here
is going to be the punch of your life. Your life depends on this punch right here. Now
even with that said let’s just say the person fell to the ground. As he is falling to the
ground if I am not stepping forward look what happens. The weapon is then again pushed out
towards you. His finger is still on the trigger. When it is happening this finger will pull
the trigger as well. Depending on what type, now this is a slide gun, this is an automatic.
This gun will probably not fire. Let’s just say it snaps out. Let’s say it’s a revolver,
revolvers will fire if you just grab the barrel. So coming back up. So from here from this
position here I am going to strike forward, forward, forward, he falls; I am going to
keep my weight down on him here just like this. This weapon will never come up. My knuckles
are glued and attached to his body. This arm has now become a limb of his body until I
am ready to take that weapon away here. I can still disarm from here by breaking, pulling
up, now the weapon is mine. Now keep in mind the other segments when I did take way the
weapon you see me tapping and racking. I do that out of habit because we do teach law
enforcement and military personnel which you probably want to do once you take away the
weapon and probably just get up and do what we call a Nike defense, just run, use your
shoes. Just take up and hold on to weapon and never drop the weapon.


  1. @mandaloin

    Not only are you absolutely right about the gun being able to fire, it's also outdated technique.

  2. @jweezy1711 i remember doing karate in college and i have filmed sports events with a video camera. i wouldnt be able to follow my martial arts buddies or instructors while keeping the camera pointed at the right events.

  3. I can tell you why this may not work. If you grab that gun the way he did, and he fires it, the bullet may miss you, but the recoil will still operate the slide on the gun and tear the fuck out of your hand. I AM POSITIVE THAT THE AVERAGE PERSON WOULD LET GO OF IT AT THAT POINT UNLESS YOU ARE THIS GUY. At that point this attacker would continue to shoot you. If they had a revolver, this technique would probably work very well.

  4. I don't believe it. You would have to grab it extremely hard to hold it while firing. The only luck you may have is to cause a jam up after the first shot because the slide didn't operate properly while holding it.

  5. if someone pulled a gun on me and i did wat this guys demonstrating i wuldnt hit him on the chin, id flat palm his nose into his skull. fatial i know, thats why i'd do it.

  6. Alright, bullshit alert @2:30 a semi automatic WILL fire even if you hold on to the slide dependeng on your grip it might not repeat but if the gun is cocked and a round loaded into the firing chamber it will discharge as soon as the hammer strikes the firing pin. A firm grip around the slide will NOT prevent it from firing its just possible that it will prevent it from repeating . If think that gripping the barrel jams the entire mechanism you might be a candidate for the darwin award, sorry

  7. @dudewhosaysarrh it will prevent the evacuation of the expired cartridge and hence, not allow the next round to be chambered. You're right about the first round being fired though.

    HOWEVER, if you're a weapons pro, you can grab and switch the shit to safety mode, hence disabling the trigger from being pulled, regardless, point the shit away from yourself

  8. @Dingo4evah Actually, it would not. Where I learnt this? From faulty gas operated automatic rifles. If the shit don't go back, its just becomes a bolt action rifle, gota cock after every shot. The only thing that causes the automatic cocking of the weapon is expanding gas, which is USUALLY tuned with the gas release mechanism to be just enough to cock it and ready in the shortest time possible (yes, you can adjust the firing rate of automatics), This also reduces unwanted recoil.

  9. dont like it looks to complex… im still more for defense that turns his gun in way that can make big damage to his finger and hand coz its more simple, less things to think about and much faster… when someone pulls gun at u and hart rate, adrenaline and stress level jumps u need to react not think…

  10. not only will it fire, but the slide will tear up your hand, and if its a berreta or other exposed barrel, you might also get a barrel burn.

  11. @MarineRecon18 I'm not saying if given that choice it should be hard, but in that situation, and would both wreck your hand and still fire. (you's still "get your ass shot") I guess the point is, do what he says and don't let the weapon get pointed back at you.

  12. I've been doing krav maga for a year and a half and am an orange testing in a few weeks for a green belt! This is by far the best martial art, its pure defense. These disarms are what they teach to state troopers and THEY WORK!!! These videos also are helping me while im training with a buddy at home to use as a refernce to the moves for correct form. Thanks Steve, If you ever have a seminar i would like to know about it!

  13. let's stay serious, probably nobody would just runaway 🙂 If there would be a person who tried to "kill" me, the reaction couldn't be so peaceful. emotions are emotions, we can't control them all the time to be honest

  14. @scientist501 It's a defensive technique. Is it so stupid to use something that works in order t osave your life? Think about it. It doesn't take superman to push a gun out of his line of sight..

  15. @FishizzleBoy Im guessing if he was using a snub, you'd probably redirect by attacking the arm rather than the gun.

  16. @D3st1nY33 : …and then you are a murderer, what even you're (dead) agressor were still not, lol, good job ^^

  17. LMAO Now I know whey the title is "Nike defense" because you wanna use your shoes. But, hey what if you have Chuck Taylor's?

  18. Now, as this is a semi-auto pistol, why would you risk damage to your hand and fingers in the event he fires a "miss"? The moment of hesitation you would experience when the metal of the gun tears your hand open would likely leave you susceptible to being shot to death.

  19. Wrong. If you grap a semi-auto holding the barrel hard so that if he fires while the gun is off line, the gun will not load another bullet. Now you have a an auto without a round in the chamber.

  20. When you have his ass down, shoot until you empty the clip. You don't have to worry about the sucker afterwards. He will NOt come back afterwards. Multiple assailants, when you redirect fire, fire at them, and accept the fact that you may die, but you will create maximum damage….Hoooah!

  21. this is a joke… nobody could handle this even a master… if you pull a gun suddently for example at steven seagal he probably will shit his pants cause i wouldnt be stupid enough to pull a gun at someone like seagal from 2 feet away from him… so the best defence you have is to pray so he doesnt blow your head off lool

  22. @porcosdep Of course if someone wants to shoot your from a distance there is nothing you can do. The Krav defenses are obviously meant for scenarios where the attacker does not want to immediately kill you.

  23. A semiautomatic pistol like this will fire regardless if you have your hand on the slide or not. If it's charged (i.e. cocked with a round in the chamber) the only thing keeping it from firing would be is the hammer or striker. The slide only has to move to chamber a new round. You can try to force the slide back to eject the round and prevent rechambering. You also might be able to hit the magazine eject or flip the safety on with your thumb if you're familiar with the weapon.

  24. which firearms are you refering to in your expirience? how safe would it be to have an auto that would fire with an open and unlocked breach.

  25. But you, as your username clearly states, are a current, future or former member of the Spetsnaz. Your RPG habits are hardly normal.

  26. Ok sry but this will probably not work in real. If your opponent has use the gun before and shooted a few times and u try to grab it u will burn ur hand because its damn hot. Better way is to grab the wrist and turn yourself away from the shooting line and do a hard punch to the larynge ( i learned this in wing chun ) and sry my english is not very good xD

  27. The William Buckley! You're like the foremost experts in self defense in the world!!! I've watched all your vidoes. -_-

  28. i personally don't like this style of disarm seeing as most others don't typically allow the gun to be redirected at you. I probably won't ever use a gun disarm in real life, but hell, may as well be prepared =p

  29. this is battle tested, although it has been up dated slightly, the principle of controlling the weapon works, and they do prepare you in training for the fact that a weapon that has just fired will be hot. the chaps who give us these defences are either in the IDF, special forces or have been, so they know their stuff.

  30. I tend to agree. Everyone has their own style, I suppose, but this is an extremely dangerous way to be in conflict with someone.

  31. Semi auto. The gun will fire regardless of whether you have the hand grabbing it. Actually, when the gun fires, the force of the ammo discharging will bring that slide back, burn and cut your hand open, and you WILL let go. 2:30 is when I stopped paying attention to the guy as a credible source.

  32. I would like to point out to anyone that might actually be in this situation that if the gun should fire (which it likely will if the assailant is panicking) the barrel will become extremely hot and probably burn your hand. I'm not criticizing the technique, but he doesn't say this in the video.

  33. maybe you should try shooting a gun some time and see how hot it DOES NOT get from one shot…

  34. the reason why you put your hand over the slide is to induce a misfire. It is most likely that the person has their finger on the trigger and the gun will go off, however the brass will not clear and cause a stovepipe or double feed that the person will have to clear before firing again which could give you time to get away.

  35. That is correct. Assuming there is a round in the chamber, all semi-auto handguns are designed to strike the round using either the hammer or the striker before the slide is activated by the force of the recoil. The attacker would most definitely be able to get at least one round out. Also, if you have a hold of the slide, hold on TIGHT so that you don't get your hand pinched (which you may anyway) and so that the slide can't complete a full cycle so that the next round can't be chambered.

  36. The firearm would still fire, it just wouldn't properly eject the shell casing and load another round into the chamber.

  37. Why not redirect it up??.. if you redirect it to your side .. what's to say if he pulls the trigger and hits your gf or friend of kid ect… IDE rather point the barrel up

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