Laser Weapon System, Rail Guns Coming Soon For US Navy

Laser Weapon System, Rail Guns Coming Soon For US Navy

the US Navy is ready they’ve got
weaponize later lasers and I modern-day catapults the kelp also called electromagnetic
railgun and guns and they are prototypes that
are going to be aboard vessels within two years okay what they do is well here let me
quote PowerPoint my mom’s real guns which have been tested on land
in virginia fire a projectile at six per seven times
the speed of sound enough velocity because severe damage yeah I would imagine so so they fire project us like catapult used
to back in the day rate but the buyer that’s six to seven
times the speed of sound but you know %um credit man it’s amazing any also Blazers which by the way are
invisible I get that in a sec I’m but they accept explain why the main
reason is cost which i’m actually thrilled about because we have a bloated defense
department budget and if they’re finding ways to cut costs no while still killing people at terrific rates okay
but OK gobblers Eliza cost less money um they explain that each interceptor
missile book aboard like the old school missiles that
we have on US Navy warship course at least one million dollars
apiece imagine that meant every time we fire
missile that was a million dollars out the window how much better off would we be if we
spent at here at home okay so now it turns out this is a this
technology is a lot um cheaper so the Loren Thompson
explains because I was at Lexington Institute
with the laser operating on about 30 kilowatts of electricity impossibly three times that in the
future the cost amounts to a few dollars per shop thats awesome could get up or I like now what is a laser well we actually
brought in a doctor to explain that you got it was sick and essence a sophisticated 8 p.m. which
we called I will make it all okay Anderson and is this the US Navy so where would
the lasers go a doctor you know I have one simple request and that is perhaps sharks with
frickin laser beams attached to their heads well it turns out you might get that
request hmm and he say an article here in this
OC to press just like in the movies the navy’s laser director beam energy
they can burn through targeted more price sensitive electronics all
like the movie the laser beam is invisible to the human
eye there see you never see it coming his review gone and some guess ride look I’m excited that it cost less I am
NOT so excited about the damage that these things can do okay
now one more from our defense analyst he
says gotta understand they also have a
downside okay what are the downsides lasers tend to
lose their effectiveness if it’s raining if it’s dusty or if
there’s turbulence in atmosphere and the real gun requires vast amounts
of electricity to launch the projector now look sometimes hard to get the
electricity about on the sub the sums that we have et cetera other
aircraft carriers but overall the saw that problem but the
laser seem to have significant ships score I mean if it’s a little cloudy
words rainy and yes he leases Cohen or throw water
on so did okay too excited by the ways as
yet so doctor evil you might have to wait
for the Sharks the frickin laser beams on their heads scandal went in the water these might
not work by the way when Italy’s is going to be
deployed later this year it’s not the future its today


  1. One man shots and kills someone = You're a bad person
    An army of men shoot and kill thousands of people = good, moral and give them medals.
    Double stranded much? 

  2. It is a LASER, Cenk. Whether it is IR or visible, you won't see it coming at you because it travels at the speed of light – unlike in Star Wars.

  3. its more like a magnetic slingshot (the same way the fastest train in china works and times that by 2,,something like that

  4. America, and definitely the Euro elite [quite probably the 5 eyes as well]do not want America to lose the military edge it has over all other countries, as it is the launching tool, and the muscle behind todays current globalization trend [ I support globalization, the  "nwo" if you will] 

    Could you imagine if one or two other countries that actually care about their people, culture, and national pride managed to equal if not exceed America's military might? Immediately world war 3 would be launched against these countries , and everyone who you thought were supposed to be enemies [ or at least ideologically opposed] would show their true colors and unite against this hypothetical nationalist loving country! [ think the 8 nation alliance] 

    If you think the worlds most powerful men are not making plans to at the very least enshrine their families power in perpetuity then you are fucking naive!

  5. This should scare the crap out of any person with a brain. When the cops get this tech were are all doomed. Humvees with rail guns and lasers sounds like a losing proposition for all Americans. Be afraid people, be very afraid.

  6. This laser is not a weapon for killing people, its a defensive countermeasure for shooting missiles out of the air.
    Your misconception is an easy one to have, so i thought I'd spread some knowledge.

  7. Rail gun prototypes can harness so much power that they have to worry about even the strongest grade bolts shearing from the magnetic forces. Clearly (when they resolve this flaw) they can cause severe damage.

  8. What would you do if you could see the laser beam? If you think 6-7 times the speed of sound is impressive… try 7,5 times around the earth in one sec 🙂

  9. They fire projectiles, therefore they're catapults? Guns fire projectiles. Invisible laser beams? How often do you see the beam from a laser pointer? I remember hearing about rail guns back in the '80s.

  10. Lasers actually aren't invisible. Laser stands for Light Amplified through the Stimulated Emission of Radiation – the L in laser stands for Light, which is that of the visible part of the spectrum. This is why the traditional laser has been a visible blue, green or red. The Navy's weapons are likely UV, x-ray, or gamma ray blasts if they are invisible.

  11. We've been working on LASER weapons for many years. The airborne LASER has been around for at least 20 years. Yes it's still all in the research phase but watch for a LASER weapon near you…..SOON! 🙂

  12. Terrific – more ways for the US to kill innocent people. Let's hope the targeting is more accurate than the drones.

    And I imagine this laser is gonna make 9/11 conspiracists VERY happy.

  13. Douchey Liberal who knows nothing about weapons or science

    "hurr durr Rail guns are like Catapults"…no fat ass, they are like those guns you hate, but these use magnets for launching the projectile instead of propellant.

    "Not so excited about the damage they can do"…what the fucking fuck…a military weapon…that destroys things? shit… The military doesnt exist to hand out aid packages you utter moron, breaking shit is their job. I guess he would be happy if they send a strongly worded letter instead?

    what a fucking idiot, who watches this asshole?

  14. Cenk you must be kidding me. You do know lasers move the speed of light it hits you as faster than you see light after you turn your lights on.

  15. A couple dollars per shot? How much does an ordinary heavy ordinance shell cost, if a couple of dollars is a saving? I would have thought they'd already be paying about that.

  16. The kinetic energy of a projectile moving at mach 8 (even with zero explosives) has the same destructive force as a ballistic missile.

  17.  Actually, you can shoot a laser from an underwater source, to an underwater target. The problem arises when the laser beam passes through different mediums (i.e. water and air) as the beam gets refracted, hence why it makes targeting in poor weather conditions (or high humidity) kind of tricky.

  18. Couldn't we just use that technology for the pumpkin chunkin' sporting events in November?  That's every engineer's DREAM to throw that squash the farthest as physically and gravitationally possible.

  19. Just think, this time in a few years the U.S will be fighting terrorists with TIE Fighters and the millennium Falcon! A few years after that, the Death Star!

  20. A Catapult is a perfect analogy for a Rail Gun. There is no ignition cap or cartridge like a shell, rather an electro magnetic field captures the shot and flings it forwards at high velocity – not unlike a very fast maglev train.
    In short the band and sling of a slingshot has been replaced by electromagnetic force and a rail along which this is applied.

  21. If they can only make hand held laser guns now. All riots and protests wold stop instantly. Then I can move to a country that's still free.

  22. Yaaaaaaaay! a new way to destroy our fellow human beings ^^
    The US tax payer threw billions of dollars into this when his neighbour right across the street doesn't have enough money to feed his kids! Yay ! You're #1!
    What a great spiecies we are us Humans… 

  23. The attitude we get from TYT here is the attitude of a public that sees war as a video game or TV production.  Death for them is the subject of comedy.  Perhaps we might manufacture smart bombs that smell sweet enough to please the TYT viewing public.  Perhaps a bomb can be designed that, after killing thousands in a politically correct way, would release a second bomb that would plant 10, 000 trees.  Kill a terrorist for the environment!

  24. Heard about this developments about 9 years back but cutting costs too this degree will make war cheaper and will lead to a LOT more death than our current methods of killing one another. Thumbs down making war cheaper means more intervention and more death for all.

  25. The U.S. develops new guns to increase their Military might.
    TYT: Outraaaaage!
    Iran isn't allowed to develop a nuclear weapon.
    TYT: It's not fair, we can have guns, they should have guns toooooooooo!

  26. I would like to know where the actual news was in this.  He just said that the navy* was going to get rail guns & lasers, and that it wasn't going to cost as much as current weapons.

    He didn't tell us anything substantive, and made jokes back to Austin Powers.  I'm really starting to think that the TYT is just a collection of buzz words and drama-mongers rather a news organization anymore.

  27. What's the big fucking deal??? You can't see the interceptor missiles, which are used to intercept incoming missiles by the way, you can't see rifle bullets, the cannons go at 3-4 times the speed of sound anyway, so answer me this, Cenk, what's the big fucking deal???????

    All they've done is switch from gun powder and polluting fuels to electricity. The job they do is the same, the tactical implications are almost identical, so in essence, all you've done is handed idiots some legitimate bullshit to call you out on.

    Can you please go back to raising hell about issues which matter… like the mindless murder of civilians using precision strikes (modern equivalent of carpet bombing) and the starving children in Africa? No, really, your efforts are better spent doing that or fixing the political system in 'Murica.

  28. If these things don't work out for the military, maybe we could use them to execute those on death row. In fact, with a rail gun you could probably take out the entire death row with a single shot. Just sayin'.  

  29. Rail guns aren't really new though 😛
    Some high school students at my school managed to recreate it in like a day.
    (I do admit 6-7x the speed of sound tho, damn)

  30. Rail Guns and Lazers have been around for quite a while. Why is TYT always the last to know about anything? Oh yeah, because there is never any investigation. Only speculation on news articles posted around the internet. Tbh the only reason I sub is because there'll be something I didn't wanna read the whole way through. So thanks!

  31. 4 times the speed of sound, is about 4500 feet per second. That's not at all much faster than conventional naval guns. The advantage of rail guns are in smaller, safer shells, easier ammunition handling, and a massive weight reduction, by eliminating the recoil mechanism from the guns.
    Laser Weapons System's primary mission is "point defense", against supersonic anti-ship missiles. This allows for more rapid, and more accurate targeting, combined with the ability to engage multiple inbound targets. And at the weapon's expected range, which is within a few miles of the ship, weather conditions will not degrade the weapon's effectiveness to a significant degree.
    And as to those 1 Million Dollar Missiles; how much does a modern warship cost? Both in terms of both money, and the lives of her crew? A million bucks seems a pretty cheap price, to protect that.

  32. This is actually a bit misleading about the lasers. About the only thing we got out of Reagan's SDI was the study of adaptive optics. The navy's lasers fire three beams. One is for range finding, the second is a beam that measures how much atmospheric distortion there is from humidity and thermal gradients. The kill beam is shaped by a variable dimension mirror to compensate for these effects.

  33. Powering the lasers and rail guns won't be a that much of a n issue, because a lot on the Naval ships that will be armed with them are powered by a nuclear reactor. Which mind you are the best in the world. You don't hear too much about US naval ship nuclear reactors having catastrophic failure. 

  34. what if someone uses antiheat mirror armor, we can probably redirect laser beam. fail technology, just stick to an old school 5.56×45 caliber

  35. These new rail guns and lasers will be attached to giant walking tanks that look similar to a T-Rex, this new weapon will be named Metal Gear REX.

  36. where are the beam swords or light sabers (for u star wars fans i like gundam more that star wars) still waiting on those, can't cut my enemies in half or toast bread i mean i can toast bread the old fashion way but u can cut the bread and toast it the same time with a laser! you can't beat that

  37. these weapons are cool advances in science and whatever, but they are completely fucking pointless. just the development of the rail gun probably cost more then the chinese navy, who we going to use these fucking weapons on? i thought 21st century warfare was going to be asymmetric, like fighting terrorists or something, where is this mystery navy that the usa is anticipating war with, because there must be one, why else would they continue building up the navy when it already is bigger then the next 15 biggest navies in the world, 13 of which are us allies

  38. Kinetic Energy on wiki | Air Rifle 4.5mm = 11.000 J/kg | 9mm pistol 58,000
    5.56 rifle 470,000 | Rail Gun = 4,500,000 

  39. And really the reason why they are putting them on boats is because a lot of them are nuclear powered so generating electicity isn't really a problem when you have an engine that and move 1000's of tones at 20 – 40 knots +

    And with the development of super capacitors around the corner its even less of a problem because super capacitors should be able to carry as much if not more charge than batteries but be able to discharge that charge almost instantaneously and be charged almost instantaneously and be able to carry that charge for extended periods of time without too much leaking out.

  40. Funny how full of glee he becomes when reporting on all of the new high tech weaponry his sick, twisted government is developing, but when it comes to the general public having any sort of fire power he wants nothing but hard restrictions and regulations. Gimme a fuckin break. Hope ya like where your fuckin tax dollars are goin. 

  41. Why does he keep relating the Rail Gun to catapults? His definition of a rail gun is that it fire's a projectile you know, "like a catapult". No, like a fucking gun. LIKE A FUCKING GUN! WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT A CATAPULT?! WHY CENK?!

  42. CENK a Rail Gun is not a Catapult it uses electromagnetism  to accelerate an object up to high speeds its more like the hadron collider like the hadron collider that uses   electromagnetism  to accelerate  particles close  as possible to the speed of light but not  comparable to this a rail gun is shorter and does not have 17 miles of electromagnetic  pipes and dose not have a Compact Muon Solenoid. but the concept is the same take a piece of metal copper,iron, gold,silver but preferably copper or iron magnetize it and using a series of powerful electromagnets that can alternate its polarity causing a pull push effect on that piece of metal and launch it down a aluminum shaft the main issue for years in why it has not been built was the amount of energy it would take, and so for now these rail guns are huge and can only be retrofitted on ships and such we probably wont see hand held rail guns until we can make a power source small enough to be on a person. 

  43. this guy is a moron. he seems to find himself very funny, the rest of us…not so much. "imagine if we spent this money at home" where the hell does he think we'really spending it? would he feel better if the government was spending the money on studies of gay midget cross dressing shrimp? cause that's the kind d of crap that the government has been blowing our tax dollars on, or more global warming propaganda? or giving more weapons to the drug cartels or isis? at least when the military spends money we usually see some kind of positive return for our tax dollars.

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