LEGO Sniper Elite 4 // WW2 Sniper Stop Motion Animation //  Brickfilm

LEGO Sniper Elite 4 // WW2 Sniper Stop Motion Animation // Brickfilm

When you see something like that you can easily forget that a war is going on. Do not worry it will become boring after 6 hours. Maybe you should have a good nights rest before the general arrives. It won´t be long until even worse people will arrive. looks like my target will arrive shortly! What are you doing here? The Führer has given me the task to control the usage of his new wonder weapon. This guided missile better known as Fritz X will demonstrate the Italian army what it means to betray us.


  1. I know that this short animation is a little bit different from my other work. But I hope you still like it and if not don't worry I will still do some good old battle animations.

  2. Awesome job! The cinematic atmosphere was on touch. The VFX was cooperating with the film instead of distracting the viewer from the main point. Well done.

  3. Also wow… ich weiß gar nicht, was ich dazu sagen soll. Ich bin wie weggeblasen. Das muss wohl die coolste und professionellste Lego-Animation sein, die ich bisher gesehen habe.
    Diese Editing-Skills… einfach extrem professionell.

  4. Die beste Animation soweit von dir und allgemein eine extrem geile! Mach weiter solche großartigen Videos! 😉

  5. General Schmidt didn't get killed by the prototype rocket explosion. He got killed by Karl Fairburn in the first mission of Sniper Elite 4. That should have been another Luftwaffe General named, "Major General Shmisen," Major General Schmidt's twin brother.

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