‘Let Me In So You Can Win! with Jon Dorenbos’: College Staff Showdown

‘Let Me In So You Can Win! with Jon Dorenbos’: College Staff Showdown

Today, I’m at Irvine
Valley College, and I got a letter from a
woman named Debbie who’s a dean here telling me
how awesome her staff is, and she wanted to surprise
them with something special. So I’m going to bring my
game show to their office. Now Debbie told
me they’re having a meeting in a conference room,
and I’m about to crash it. And I’m a little dressed
up for a college campus, so I think that’s
a little better. It’s time to let me
in so you can win. [MUSIC – PANIC! AT THE DISCO, “HIGH HOPES”] (SINGING) Always had
high, high hopes. [CHEERING] What’s up everybody? I just want to know if you guys
maybe want to play some games. [CHEERING] OK, good. I was hoping they’d say that. One of the reasons we
chose this office is I heard you guys go above and
beyond for the students here. We love being together. We love being competitive. We have a good time as a team. So each year we compete to
raise scholarship funds. It’s awesome. And we absolutely
love that, which is why Honey Nut
Cheerios and I want to give you guys a chance
to raise money for yourself. [CHEERING] You two are going to
battle it out in a game we called 2 Hot 2 Handle. Here’s how it works. I’m going to ask
a trivia question. Two cards with pictures are
going to pop up like toast. You’re going to run over
there, grab the right card, and bring it back to your spot. Each correct answer
is worth $100. Now, like I said,
they’re coming in hot, so you’ve got to put
on these oven mitts. I’ve worked at the
college since 2001. I’ve been around the block,
and I’m going to beat Caitlin. I’m very competitive, so I
know I have a really good shot. All right, Caitlin,
you’re going to go first. Who sings the song
“Old Town Road”? Go. All right, hold on. Let me see who you got. This is wrong! This is wrong! And you even know it. Who is that? Blake Shelton [BUZZER] Do you know who sings it? Yes! The other guy. Billy Ray Cyrus. He does. You got one more. Which of these is a
famous landmark in London? Go. All right, show me. What you got? What it is? Big Ben. Big Ben. What is it? Big Ben. [DING] That is correct. [CHEERING] Nice job. All right, Anna, are you ready? I am so ready. OK, Which of these was
invented by Ben Franklin? [CHEERING] Hey, Anna, I’m just curious. Do you know who Ben Franklin is? I do. I’m stressed. I can’t even think. Well, when do you think
Ben Franklin was born? A long time ago. OK, so– Would not have
been a fax machine. Probably not a fax machine. [BUZZER] OK, dump that. OK. OK, you got one left. Who’s married to Kristen Bell? Go. [CHEERING] There it is, and you
are right, Dax Shepard. [CHEERING] Now we got one more round. We call this round
Double or Trouble. The correct answers
are now worth $200, but if you get it
wrong, you lose $100. And you’re both going
to go at the same time. All right, take your spots. Who’s the oldest Jonas brother? [CHEERING] OK, do you even know
which one this is? No. That’s Joe, and that’s
the incorrect answer. [BUZZER] The correct answer is Kevin. [CHEERING] Catlin, you are up $300. So there’s your
$300 right there. [CHEERING] Unfortunately, Anna,
you’re at zero, but you’re still not out of it. So the big question is this. Do we wrap this thing up and
you guys go back to work, or do we play another
game and win more money? [CHEERING] Now this next game is a– it’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s called Tongue Twister. You’re each going to pick up
Honey Nut Cheerios using only your tongue, and then you’re
going to transfer them to the glass in front of you. You have to leave your tongue
sticking out at all times. You guys right now are competing
for a paid week’s vacation. [CHEERING] And that’s not all. That’s not all. The winner of this game
is going to move on to compete for over $15,000. [CHEERING] Now Caitlin, what
would that mean to you? Oh my gosh. My car has over
300,000 miles on it, so I would put a down
payment on a car, and I would pay off
some of my student loan. Perfect. [CHEERING] Anna, it’s a lot of money. What would it mean to you? It’s a lot of money. My husband’s a veteran, so
I would donate some money to veterans. [CHEERING] Let’s get these blindfolds on. Let’s get these trays spinning. Let’s get 60 seconds
on the clock. Tongues out. On your mark, get set, go. [INTERPOSING VOICES] To your left. To your left. To your right. To your right. My team kept trying to
tell me which way to go, but when everyone’s
screaming, you can’t hear. [INTERPOSING VOICES] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. All right, you guys stand up. Stand up. Hold on. All right, take off your masks. Caitlin, you won. [CHEERING] I looked at her
plate, and I was– did she even play? Caitlin filled up a glass,
basically, and I got two. Maybe if one of those
bowls had wine in it, that would help the game. Caitlin, you just won
a paid week’s vacation. You now have a chance
to compete for $15,000. [CHEERING] Are you ready? I’m so ready! All right, Caitlin, we
wanted to give you a chance to win a little extra
spending money while you’re on your week’s paid vacation. All you have to do is take a bee
and throw it in the honeycomb. You’re going to get five shot. First shot’s $100,
second shot $500. Then it’s $1,000, $5,000, and
the last shot is worth $10,000. [CHEERING] Caitlin, it is now go time. Woo! OK. Throw this bee in
that honeycomb. [CHEERING] Step over. This one’s for $500. That’s OK. This shot right
here is for $1,000. Put that bee in its home. Oh my God. That’s OK. [BUZZER] $5,000 Caitlin, that is heartbreaking. One more throw for $10,000. Caitlin, take your time. Feel it. Bring it home. You got this. [MUSIC – DEMI LOVATO,
had me underrated. [CHEERING] I can’t believe I
just won $10,000. I’m never going to
forget this day. This is going to
change my life forever. Caitlin, Honey
Nut Cheerios and I want to give you
a total of $10,000 to go towards your new car
plus a paid week’s vacation. There you go right there. [CHEERING] That’s our show. You never know where
I’m going to pop up. I’ll go anywhere as long as
they cover my travel expenses. All you have to do is
let me in so you can win. Nice job.


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