1. Fine, remove the flag if it makes you feel better… Trump will still win in 2020. Get out of your emotions people. Can't change EVERYTHING we don't like.

  2. Flying the flag today is still a symbol of secession. How is it not treasonous? people died on both sides FOR A REASON. Along with celebrating treason, your diluting the cause by thinking dead confederate soldiers are as trivial as you. They are not standing with you and the flag today, because obviously they fought and died and want to Rest In Peace knowing what got them killed in the first place was corrected. You’re also disrespecting the American soldiers that fought and died and the country that survived a war. If you asked an American during the civil war what the confederate flag symbolizes, they would say its the enemy, I don’t know how that fact got so convoluted today. If you think the flag is “symbolizing your country roots”, you are trivializing it and need to open a book. If you fly the flag with every intention of the confederacy in your heart, you are obviously not welcome to live in America, the country you wish to secede from. If you don’t like the changes then GEEEET OUT

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