1. Anytime the us military is used against another nation it should be officially sanctioned as a war by congress. None of this crooked business of no official war and use of military force shenanigans. Make it official already.

  2. Guys trump sent a missile to Syria and now Russia is coming after us. Most of us have called a World War III . Not some small thing to forget here

  3. Don't ask country's if they want help First? It's not our war and they don't represent a very clear danger to the u.s.a but we're gunna roflstomp them anyway. We should focus on our economy, our gun control system failures that allowed dangerous people HERE to HURT PEOPLE HERE. We have homeless vets and a broken healthcare system. A.K.A BETTER THINGS TO DO. #AMERICAFIRST

  4. When will people understand it wasn't just trump and the United States that attacked Syria, it was the United States, United Kingdom and France that attacked. And plus I guess y'all just want the people in Syria to suffer from more gas attacks and live at the mercy of Assad and his oppressive regime.

  5. i am syrian and i promise you we will never forget about this attack… not all the missiles in the world can terrorize us.. not even nuclear weapons… we will fight to the last man woman and child… we will not Become another iraq or libya or afghanistan…. we will fight to the end and we will not surrender…. long live syria and long live our rightfull ruler Bashar Al Assad

  6. After listening to republicans constant complaining about Muslims, now they are concerned enough to want Trump to go after Assad. Hypocrites you can't have it both ways.

  7. Trump and ANY president needs to be held accountable for Unconstitutional/illeagal attack by Congress. This keeps happening and NOBODY is doing what they promised in their oath of office, Namely protecting and defending (and FOLLOWING) the Constitution. Regardless of whether action is needed, just or called for. Trump was and is REQUIRED by Constitutional LAW to go to Congress for approval before taking this Unconstitutional and basically tyrannical move on his own (which other Presidents have wrongly done as well) It seems that without major public objections by a huge block of Americans, our Constitution is given lip service only by Washington and only followed when it suits the agenda of those in power. Americans need to wake up to the fact that our Constitution is what gives us our freedom and keeps the government in check. The more it is violated by the government, the greater the peril to all of our rightful liberties.

  8. "Get Ready Russia. Weare coming…" It seems like Trump was giving Russia/Syria a cue….some time… to move stuff outta the target areas.

  9. Trump is a fuckin TERRORIST he need to be IMPEACHED for WAR CRIMES and put to DEATH and all the DEVIL'S making the false claim


  10. Why are you not talking about how Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US fund ISIS and other terrorist groups and how this whole war in Syria is a proxy war?

  11. And the illegal and unconstitutional wars continue…. when oh when will the voters wake up. Both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt as fuck. They are making us less safe, bankrupting us, and robbing us of our freedoms and liberty and party line voters keep cheering them on

  12. I don’t care if the U.S. is the world power the U.S. should not be involved in Syria wake up people do you not remember what happened in Iraq?

  13. If the US controls Syria, they can hamper Russian oil chains (slightly), but more importantly, they can cut down the costs of transportation of oil tremendously by creating a line connecting the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean by means of Kuwait, Iraq and Syria. Look at the oil shipping routes and pipeline diagrams of the region.

  14. We have no business fighting someone elses war there and you know who they are because i dont believe America's people are blind to what is really going on over there

  15. Why take a poll about what is right, or just? Most folks are brainwashed, and have been to 'government schools' so they haven't learned to think.

  16. Fucking Christ, I feel like we're going to screw ourselves over because not only is this not our battle, but think of any of the possible retaliations. For all we know we might have triggered something really bad. Honestly, I'm kinda scared.

  17. How about the Veterans against this illegal bullshit act? I'm one, I never agreed with Trump on everything but this I do not support him on. Same Military industrial complex wasting money, lives and improving nothing. I'm all about war, but only if we've been attacked first. Protect the homeland. That s what should #1 priority.

  18. Judging by what im seeing,reading and hearing everyones opinions…
    It looks like we're about to end up in another shit show that we wont get out of. .again..

  19. Corp..? At least pretend you're trying when you toss around the political football…Corp. Journalists incapable of basic spelling. Impressive.

  20. We have no stake in this civil war hey our troops outta there our tax dollars are going to unnecessary bombing that’s 90 percent of the time hit the wrong targets

  21. No investigation! Assad invited UN to investigate today. The New World Order must continue. I thought Trump will bomb the islamic fanatics, not a regime who protested the rights of minorities. Shame!

  22. the us should bring all the troops home and stop goin arownd the world killing millions for no reason ,but for corporations . the us is criminal . period .

  23. Donald Trump who has cheated people out of their life savings scan contractors to build for him and not pay them used undocumented construction workers sneak them in at night to work and not pay them all of a sudden cares about people all he cares about is money and now he's getting that 38% deduction in taxes scam artist phony he just doing this course his ratings are down I served in the Navy didn't have to I joined so let's see what happens general bone spur

  24. After 9/11 congress gave the president permission for this type of attack. In this case it was a joint Allie attack. The challenge here is that Cadet Bone Spurs does not have a clear cut policy for Syria. The GOP Congress refused President Obama's request for action against Syria. I have yet to hear anyone from the GOP regarding a policy on Syria, and should they support Cadet Bone Spurs now. Why didn't they support President Obama on his Syrian policy. Once again party line politics will rule. Here's a tip maybe Cadet Bone Spurs should take the military & security briefings more seriously, especially if those briefings are more than one page long.

  25. The United States has been under condition of war since they declared it after 9/11. When war is declared, the control of the military goes directly to the Executive branch of the Government, and the Commander in Chief. Obama was elected and held his office under this condition, and he had wide ranging power to do all things, just like President Trump. Trump was elected under a wartime declaration and condition.

  26. It seems that everyone is brainwashed…this is totally uncalled for…. I m a combat vet… and after our "success" in the middle East is amazing how quickly they forget that Iraq had no weapon (of mass destruction) and we spent trillions for nothing

  27. Ever notice our Military Industrial Complex is always justified with our actions of war? Haven't the numerous wars that we have entered into and have been lied to about proven to all of you there are much different interests behind the war(s) itself than what our media and politicians lie about? This has nothing to do with Assad or chemical weapons. It's for more control in the Middle East which we just can't seem to get enough of by bouncing from country to country. So keep believing it's always the other nation's fault and not our own thirst for war which are creating massive profits for the entities that create weapons.

  28. Why? Why are we doing this? Who does this benefit? The Syrian children killed by American bombs? The American children killed by Syrian terrorists? The Allied troops killed by Russian weapons in Syria? Why are we doing this? To liberate people from a dictatorship? Why not we do that Around the world?!? As of 2017 there are 21 dictators in Africa, 18 in Asia, 7 in the Middle East, 1 in Europe, and 2 in the Americas. Why not we just invade all of them, even when the US stands nothing to gain? Liberation? Ohh please. Dropping bombs in people isn't liberating them. If we did that, tens of millions would die. I'm all for interventionism when the average US citizen gains something from it like more security from a violent dictatorship threatening America and it's allies (North Korea, Afghanistan before 2001) For that dictatorship in Afghanistan, it was caused by the US funding the Mujahideen in the 80's so even indirectly aiding the side we think should win doesn't help, because those Mujahudeen cunts continued to do more damage to Afghanistan than the Soviets ever could before attacking the US on September 11, 2001 under a new name, Al-Qaeda. We shouldn't be policing the world. Looking past the deaths of half a million in Iraq, interventions in random dictatorships hurt America. I would understand it Syria was using its chemical weapons against the US or any other allies, but it isn't. It was a false flag attack and everyone knows it! Looking past the deaths of foreigners, this will lead to American deaths. Both deaths of the troops in another long drawn out ground war, and the deaths of American civilians by Syrian terrorists after all secularism in the country vanishes. Mission Accomplished.

  29. Even now, Trump is doing Putin's bidding.

    Wasting, AGAIN, super expensive, not easy to quickly replace weaponry we built to use against the Soviets/Russians.


  30. العراق وبعدين سوريا … جد اولاد كلب سيبو الشعب يعيش
    lost my words … just let everyone mind its business

  31. I am the, apocalypse, prince of the heavenly host (rev.6:2) …your president attacks Syria as part of the retarded strategy of the dead animal George W Bush, the stupid son of perdition, who's intellect is lowest in universe (dan11:21), for which soon we shall make him disappear, (alongside Donald Tack) as by the magnitude of their stupidity they have disappeared so much from the energetic universe as to be a couple of voids in our midst, thus by their degree of powerlessness they attract the earth man kind, who did not form in their times strong enough a bond with the energy into giving onto them all their substance, for neither of those 2 above mentioned substances ( G.W.B./D.T.) cannot in any significant way generate enough energy for themselves for a single 2nd survival, but both are walking by the energy of those who did not fall down the shaft……they will not remove Assad(dan11:41kjv), It's just important that you remember my post, because it's important that someone makes fun of your president when his failure is revealed.

  32. A simple slap on the wrist for launching chemical attacks on its own people……. that's all this was. And if syria's dictator in chief does it again im pretty sure there will be more retaliations.

  33. This looks awful familiar. Didnt we bomd their chemical weapons less then a year ago?? Why are we going back to do the same thing again? Doesnt sound like there was much thought put into that one. This time is done so I hope there arent anymore reasons to go back and do the same thing again. No game plan to finish this. Is there a way to call it a victory so that we dont have to keep going back? We have been in Afganistan and Iraq for years. What is the game plan there? Lets hope this is over and start bringing our troops home.

  34. I wholeheartedly agree with these veterans. Especially the first one! The use of chemical weapons, especially upon civilian populations, must not be tolerated! Be we cannot do anything if we act alone. It is important that the Allies stand alongside us in this step, because tensions are rising!

    Welcome to the Second Cold War!

  35. What is a dog tag????
    Good boy
    Henry Kissinger said it best…."military men are dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy".

    Can you sit, shake, roll over to????

    Ignorance is why war exist
    Ignorance is why suffering exist
    Ignorance is why politics exist
    Ignorance is why taxes exist
    Ignorance is why we don't know history nor care to know history just believe lies because it does not require moral obligations period.

  36. The problem with veterans is they are out of the loop, if they were ever in it. The white house has much more information than they do.

  37. So America how many truly support our soldiers?????

    If you say you do then why don't you stop the 22 vets a day committing suicide or the 1 in every 4 homeless people are vets.
    No don't care about that because they are a liability then our government says being homeless is against the law.
    This system is a damn joke and we the people don't care about the constitution because if you did you would know these wars are unconstitutional period.

  38. It has been in every war that is happening Russ is always there to start it then complains when they don't win

  39. When you think you elected the guy who promise you not to police the world and make America First during the campaign. And then when he get elected he turned into another typical president like obama, bush and Clinton by dragging us into another conflict. Instead of wasting taxpayer’s dollars, our healthcare, immigration, opioid crisis, education and infrastructure are not fixed. Now we are in more debt than before.

  40. the American regimens the main perpetrator in Syria false Flags the training of several different terrorist groups and so forth wake up people

  41. We can relay on CBS to tell the truth. There was no reaction. "A bunch of ships in the middle of the ocean". Does this guy have any clue as to where this took place on the globe?

  42. No one is asking the simple questions. Where is the overwhelming evidence of ANY chemical weapons attack? And, if such an attack occurred, who benefits?

    So far, only words like "alleged", "suspected", "possible", "reported" have been the case for war.

    Yet this reporter decides to focus all attention on sentiment and vague contemplative statements. Journalism?

  43. What are you asking these brainwashed fools for? Of course they support it. This is like asking the people who work for the IRS if we should collect taxes. Ask some awake and aware citizens who are forced to pay taxes and support unconstitutional wars. You will get a much different answer.

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