Made in the Royal Navy – Jessica’s story

My school reports started off the same
every single year. She needs to stop talking as much and
she needs to concentrate more. I was really nervous about joining the
Navy. It was a really big step but it’s the best move that I’ve ever made. The best thing about being in the Navy
is the life that you can get. It’s not just a job. You don’t just learn from books, you
learn from the people around you. I have gone from having no
qualifications to being able to fire and maintain a more powerful weapons in the
world. And by the time I finished I’m gonna
have a degree in Engineering. The Navy have helped me pass my driving
test and now I can drive all over the world. I’ve had a pretty good journey as it goes so far. It’s made me the person I am. It’s better than what I ever would have
been able to do on my own. I was born in Sunderland but I was made in the Royal Navy.

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