Marco Rubio and President Trump Stumble Through Gun Control Debates: The Daily Show

Rubio tried his best
to explain his positions, but you could tell
that he was totally out of sync with the rest
of the room. On the issue that you’ve raised
about the background checks, relate directly to what you said
about the assault weapons ban. It’s not the loopholes;
it’s the problem that once you start looking at
how easy it is to get around it, you would
literally have to ban every semi-automatic rifle
that’s sold in America. (cheering and applause) Fair enough. Fair enough. Okay. Okay. Uh… Okay. I see I just,
uh, made your point. Okay. Okay. That was such an epic fail. Like, Rubio said the solution
like it was the problem. Yeah? You know what
this reminded me of? It reminded me of the reaction
a lot of men had to the #MeToo movement.
You know, when people were like, “If we carry on like this
we’re gonna live in a world “where men can’t even hit on
their female staff, huh? “Oh, that-that is what we want? “Okay. Okay, fair enough. I misunderstood.
I-I misunderstood. Okay.” (cheering, applause) Now… now, usually, town halls
are just an opportunity for politicians
to spin the narrative and get their own talking points
out, but these kids– these kids held Rubio’s feet
to the fire so hard that they got him
to do something that most conservatives hate: evolve. I traditionally have not
supported re… looking at magazine clip size. And after this, and some of the
details I’ve learned about it, I’m reconsidering that position,
and I’ll tell you why. (applause) Yeah, I’m not gonna lie–
I’m-I’m surprised that these heckling teenagers
got Rubio to change his mind. Maybe bullying
isn’t that bad after all. In fact, in fact,
maybe that’s how you get the rest of America’s lawmakers
to do anything. Move the floor of Congress to the middle of a coliseum,
right? Yeah, and then, best believe they’ll start
getting things done. And then every time
they try and filibuster, we’d just be like,
“Release the lions!” And McConnell will be like, “I don’t want to be eaten
by a lion again. Come on, guys. “Let’s just figure this out.
Come on. Ba… Hey, slow down, buddy,
I’m all skin. Ba…” Now, President Trump didn’t come
the town hall in Florida, but he did host
his own listening session in the Mar-a-Lago of the north:
the White House. And, for once, the president
came fully prepared, even bringing a note to tell him
what emotions to feel. See there, number five:
“I hear you.” And you know what? I feel bad for Donald Trump. Because you know we would have
never seen that note if he just had bigger hands.
We would have… We wouldn’t have
seen those words. (cheering, applause) But seriously, though…
seriously… seriously, the guy…
the guy’s a stable genius but he can’t remember to say
“I hear you?” It’s a listening session. Like, I feel like Trump
just brought the same notes he has been using every time
he talks to Melania. Just like, “Donald,
are you having an affair?” “First off, let me just say,
I hear you.” Now, yesterday, people mocked
Trump for needing crib notes to sound like a human being,
but to be honest, I prefer Trump using notes. Because when doesn’t use them,
like today, he starts saying shit like this. I think a concealed permit
for having teachers and letting people know that
there are people in the building with gun, you won’t have,
in my opinion, you won’t have these shootings,
’cause these people are cowards. They’re not gonna
walk into a school if 20% of the teachers
have guns. It may be ten percent
or maybe 40%. And what I’d recommend doing
is the people that do carry, we give them a bonus. We give
them a little bit of a bonus. (audience groans) Man. Am… America… America
really is a special place. For years… for years, teachers
have been asking for more pay, and politicians have said
they don’t have enough money, but now the president’s like,
“Uh, if you’re willing to cap some fools,
we’re gonna make it rain, yeah.” And I… I like
how President Trump calls it a bonus, too. Can you imagine teachers
after a shooting being like, “Oh, my God, I-I can’t believe
I had to shoot someone.” It’s like,
“Yes, it’s the hardest thing “you’ll ever have to do.
And that’s why “you’ve earned
this Jamba Juice gift card. There you go.
Get yourself something nice.” Like, there are so many
practical issues with this plan that I don’t even know
where to begin. But, honestly, it’s not even worth
going through them all. Because once you decide
that Ms. Flanderson needs to be locked and loaded
during English class, you’re not trying
to solve the problem anymore, you’re admitting defeat. And, look, I get…
I get that people are worried about school shootings.
And I get that some people think that if teachers have guns they can keep
their students safe. But you do realize
there are organizations that are training teachers
to use guns, and it might not be the perfect
solution that you think. -Drop your gun! -REPORTER:
This is the point of view of an elementary school
principal. (gunshots) Firing at a mock gunman during
a simulated school shooting. During this training
I saw one person shoot what would have been
a student in a scenario. When you see that,
does it make you second-guess this choice
to have guns in schools? No. It’s an accident,
we might take one, but we might have saved
30, 40 other kids. (audience groans) Good lord. America just went from
“No child left behind” to “Sometimes little Timmy
gotta get got.” Like, I’m just saying if I was
sending my kids to school, I wouldn’t want the principal
to have the same rules as Omar.

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