Masculinity and Femininity When Dating- TOP 10 TIPS to Maintain a Relationship

Masculinity and Femininity When Dating- TOP 10 TIPS to Maintain a Relationship

Uncle C back in the office. Now today what I wanted to do is I came up
with the title you guys have seen her in a couple of the videos Her name is Brittany
if you haven’t she’s gotten me lots of views and lots of subscribers because I rather show
people a little bit you know it’s like you get some comments are like this is man’s talk
you shouldn’t have a woman on himself but it’s like okay a lot of you guys want self
improvement for better relationship. Well yeah, they want like they obviously want
to be a better man and they want to attract women and stuff so like I wouldn’t you rather
like kind of see like, kind of how I do things, maybe how we have done things. The title of this video is masculine versus
feminine energy, top 10 tips to manifest a healthy relationship. Now understand this. This is not one of these relationships where
there’s pullback techniques. This is not anything where there’s manipulation
involved. This is not anything where there’s any of
that what I’m saying is like, I teach you guys set your firm masculine boundaries, things
you should be doing as to how to carry yourself. And there’s certain ways your female should
act in order to keep it healthy. Meaning that she feels secure that she’s with
a stable, strong man. And you feel good that you have a soft, sweet,
feminine woman, which means she’s needing certain traits for me, I need certain traits
from her. This might be old fashioned, it might be whatever,
but it works. Now we came up with a list of 10. And I want I wanted to let her kind of give
her take on them too. So she has five things that she thinks you
fellas should look for when it comes to females. And I have five things that I think men need
to do in order to make sure that you can keep shit smooth,
a dynamic, you can keep that dynamic good, then you’re
in for pain. Because here’s what usually happens either
you get a guy who’s insecure needs to boost his ego and he’s trying to run four girls
at the same time making them all cry, or you have a really soft sweet lover boy getting
pulled back where the girl is going cold and he doesn’t know why none of that can happen. Okay, number one, men need to set aside the
ego. I think this is important because you oftentimes
get men who think it’s very weak if they’re with one woman for a period of time. They also think that their friends may judge
them if they’re loyal to a girl you also get a lot of men that think that they’re a weak
man if they’re with one woman for a period of time, and this comes from ego and do sex. Now you have to set aside the ego and be like
okay for me to like, have strong mental well being to look for the higher good. You don’t need to be sticking that little
Tic Tac around six other women because what is that doing for you all that shows is that
you need all these women to feel enough now if You’re a strong dude that’s okay with his
own beliefs in his own boundaries like you’re fine with one woman because asked isn’t scarce
like you’re if you I want you guys to be with women, because there’s attraction and there’s
chemistry, which makes your sex life even better not because you need to have all these
ego induced problems and these ego under sex to feel fulfilled, that doesn’t fill the void
being a better man fills the void. That’s my first point you
may need to be more feminine and not try to control the scene. The reason I came up with that one was because
most women will find this soft, sweet boy. And then they will just try to control the
whole situation and make them do everything for her. And then it just like rooms the boy makes
them into a little beta boy that runs out and so we’re beta runs at her every whim like
that’s not how it should Be like women need to not try to control the scene and let the
guy lead her with now realize this fellow’s
he really shouldn’t get diagnosed yet shouldn’t be drinking. realize this fellas it’s like
your woman is only going to be feminine to you and not
control the scene if you act masculine women only tried it would you agree with only shot
like the weaker The man is the more she tries to take control? Yes. What did you say yesterday? You’re like women try to wear the pants. So
the women were always like, I wear the pants my relationship like what’s what’s the point? What’s the point of saying that a what’s the
point of wanting to control the scene like that and be like more
women don’t even find that attractive, deep down to that. Well, I don’t for sure. That’s what I mean. Yeah, that’s her second point number three. Men need to limit arguing keep arguing to
zero. I’ve said this and other things. You can’t get emotional with a woman every
time that you are you every time You get mad every time you get angry, it shows you’re
being emotionally invested, it shows that she moved you off center. If you’re having fights with women as you’re
letting her push and prod and control your buttons, then you don’t have enough real world
problems going on to where this relationship is cutting into your actual time and well
being okay. You don’t argue with women? If like if girls try to if your girl tragic,
tries to get emotional and started in on you and stuff like that, like she’s gonna know
from the get go like we don’t do that. Like we don’t argue
what do you do? What do you do? We argue or I try and argue. I say we’re not arguing,
yes, we’re not arguing or he just says okay. I’ll try and survive by you like, okay, that’s
I’m saying, like, make sure there’s rational boundaries
set. If you’re arguing all the time she’s losing
attraction for you day by day. She don’t want a man who she can move off
center and are you like you got to keep the attraction there by staying firm. This is like pull polarity and energy makes
a better world. What’s your fourth point? Women need to be more successful. So I don’t really get this you can What does
that mean? Like, they need to not be so tough and like,
act like their shit don’t stink all the time. You see that a lot? Yeah. When do you see that? I’m with a lot of people and I know Okay,
so women need to be more soft skinned as in like, most women God and they like think that
their shit don’t stink two men and they like act like no man is going to make them into
a soft girl when 90% them in their place. Yeah, and put them in their place,
which is where they want to be ultimately, yeah, there’s some people that don’t like
to hear that you get a lot of it like and women are going to not say this like
I don’t need no man. Bullshit,
deep down every girl. They deep down need a man and they want to
have gonna be strong and keep them in their place and keep them like if a man just lets
me walk all over them. I lose the traction. I just lose traction. I can handle it. I want to be able to be with someone that’s
Gonna be able to tell me like, yo, Brit, you’re being a brat today like get your shit together. When most men are like, Oh honey, I’m so sorry
blah blah blah. So it’s just not a good, good dynamic
point number five men need to chase excellence. Okay it is your job to chase excellence throughout
your entire relationship if you decide to get into one I don’t care if you’re married
I don’t care if you’re dating around like your first priority. I say this all the time. Your first priority is your health and your
mental well being. Your second priority is your purpose slash
career. Your third priority is going to be your guys’s
togetherness her if you would like to say it like that. The reason why it has to be like that is because
if she sees you slipping, that’s no longer attractive. You see masculine drive and ambition is what
keeps you attractive to women. Because the thing is If you’re attractive
to one woman, it’s probably a high chance to attractive to multiple women. Because you’re either demonstrating attractive
qualities or you’re not. You’ll notice this guys who get girls plural,
can get the girls plural. The guys who can’t get any girl, you know,
they can’t get one girl, they can’t get any girl. The problem is, is it’s like you either understand
these things or you don’t. Which means you have to start to shift your
mindset and mentality to like, you’re a man on a mission. You always told me, I don’t know. I’m like, I always, I’m always like, Oh, I
wish I was more of a priority. And then you go, right, you know, my works
number one priority in my life, right? And the thing is, if she’ll she’ll, she’ll
say that to test to see if that isn’t more of a higher priority. And it can’t because the moment I say yes,
the more I start saying yes to that what’s gonna happen? I’m probably gonna miss traction. There you go. Now she’s back to find somebody who has this
real priorities straight. It’s like, Get this through your skull. They don’t want no soft deal, dude. It’s like toughen the hell up. Chase your excellence pursue your excellence. pursue your passion. Go to the next one. So mine comma, just number six. Yeah. So minecon like goes along with that two women
need to allow the man to be honest path without trying to keep him like isolated from his
purpose. So like, if a woman is always trying to be
like, Oh, we need to hang out at this time. Oh, you can’t do work today because I need
you to do this. Well, that’s just keeping him from what he
should be doing instead of what you want him to do. So women need to stop trying to take a man
off of his path and just go along on his path with him. And it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Right? Like you said that in the other video, women
follow my lead. Yeah. know if you can have like, oh, oh, is that
action? Yeah. You just hit number six. Yeah, just like say you’re on. Point number seven. Men need to keep her feminine by leading I
think what this means, the thing is fellas, women aren’t good at making decisions. I know like, see, there’s some people where
there will be like, Oh, he’s, he’s misogynistic. So they’re gonna say,
for instance, example one, you ask a female where they want to eat, what they want to
do halftime, they just. And then in the back of the head, they’re
sitting there going, hell doesn’t this guy Tell me what we’re going to do, he must want
you to lead them. They want you to do that. But the thing is, is most girls are so caught
up in their head and everything that they won’t admit to it. And they right they’re so caught up and they
won’t allow themselves to be led. But deep down, that’s what they want. Right? Deep down, I promise. It’s just like the culture is changing to
where women think that it’s appropriate and that it feels better to be more masculine
and try to put the man in his face when it’s like the only thing that’s gonna make the
girl white as hell is being able not to put the man in his place. Listen,
she’s gonna constantly be like, Okay, why does Why does a weak man
like what can I do better? What can I trying to qualify herself to him
to do better? This is point number eight women need to follow
and not throw a man into feminine energy, meaning women need to follow and let him lead. If a woman is leading and he is following,
he’s like a little puppy dog then. Right and what you guys have to remember too
is that women, women are not going to let a man who is office bath office purpose office
vision lead, like here’s what I’ve noticed throughout dating or throughout helping men
is like, the weaker The man is the worst she is to him. If she sees he’s emotionally weak, she’ll
push the buttons even harder and she can control
the issue and she will get off on the fact that she can control him. It’s like women almost get off on the fact
that they can emotionally destroy the man by keep pushing his buttons. Would you agree? Yeah. But then she still doesn’t sleep with him. Right? She doesn’t sleep with them and now she’s
off to find the next one. It’s like they punish weak men and they will
search again for Right now it’s not her problem that she’s hardwired like this. It’s not any of these women strong another
hardware like this, you realize that it’s the man that has really changed. The men today act differently. And you can say whatever the case is, you
can say it’s because of social media you can say it’s because of Tinder you can say it’s
because of all these things. You can say it’s because of pornography. You can say it’s because of masturbation. It’s like okay, yeah, it is. It is like that. But now how are you going to adapt? Like now that you know this, what the hell
are you going to do about it? Because there comes a point when you’re going
to have to turn off the YouTube videos. You can watch me every day if you want. If you don’t go out there and you’re not you’re
not making it happen with women. You’re not improving your seduction, you’re
not building the body you’re not improving yourself. You’re not doing any of these things. Then Good luck practicing game Good luck saying
anything because you don’t have the confidence to actually back up anything that you’re saying. Like you either have it together and she knows
you’re not full of shit or everything that comes out your mouth your full shit. For number nine, I kind of took over on that
Point number nine men need to have a world she can fall into. So that’s what I mean. It’s like women are searching for this strength. They won’t admit it but they are and you watch
as soon as they get around a masculine man that puts them in their place or that they’re
very very attracted to that demonstrates masculine qualities. She’s going to be tested him she’s going to
be pulling bashing me doing all these things she’s gonna be going Why the hell like what
what do I have to do to make sure I keep this man happy? Bingo, which is what you need. But she can only do this if you have a world
she can enter into. You guys don’t like you guys get so offended.
of the fact that like women, most most men get so salty that women like career focused
men are like provisioning type men are like, like, financial security or anything like
that. And it’s such bullshit because it’s like,
dude, like you You probably don’t necessarily like her for her either. You like her because she’s got a big fat ass
that you can sleep at night. And that has nothing to do with her personality
or her well being like, yeah, women are cracked into different things than men. Instead of bitching about it, why don’t you
just make more money? Why don’t you just build the business? Why don’t you get on the purpose? So that way you can do both sides? I say this so much in my thing, like, yeah,
you have to have the charisma you have to you have to build the body, you have to have
like, your woman has to know that if you go out on a Friday night and she’s not there,
she probably should still know that you still got it in there where if you had to pull if
you had to actually meet women that they would find you attractive, would you say? She doesn’t like to admit that. But it’s going to keep her knowing it’s going
to keep her knowing that they hate. Right, my man still got it. Now if you can handle that, slip up all the
time and try and make you fall into that feminine frame, right? That emotional scattered frame. It’s like if you like, Sure you can develop
all that that alpha side to you if you want to call it alpha. I don’t like cold words, but it’s like sure. Now now play to your other strengths to make
sure that you do have your shit together. Make sure that you do have financial skills. Make sure that you’re well taken care of of
yourself and your well being in things outside of the bedroom in your seduction, like make
yourself a very well rounded man be able to play on both sides of the field whether you
want to call that beta characteristics, but be both like be the best self you can be. That’s how you keep that’s how you keep everything
in line is every day when you wake up and you chase that excellence can be in your body
can be in your charisma can be in your dating ability. Like dude, screw it, she can label me however
she wants, they can label you however they want. Like, if they’re attracted to you, they’re
attracted to you. number 10
This is your last one final one. Women need to not entertain the other options
to get a reaction out of them. That being said, like most women will like
he always says women have the upper advantage in dating so women will have a ton of emails
or not emails, a ton of messages or message anywhere. They’ll get approach more everything. So if she’s just replying back to them to
get a reaction out of him or to see what else is out there, but
that means he slipped up in the beginning. Like if she’s if she’s, if she’s testing you
like that, that means you’re probably on your way out like you’re slipping off somewhere,
you’re on your way out, because she’s playing the field then whether it is to get a reaction
out of you or not she seeing if she’ll move you off center, and you gotta stay firm. You gotta stay firm. I’ve had comments of people in my past YouTube
videos, they say uncle see what do I do with women that have all these options? And I’m like, well, don’t make it. Don’t make it up options. Like make it so that way you’re the best option. But did you Oh, I can’t do that though. I can’t do that. Well, why why can’t you put in the work. Even if you’re not the best option if your
woman sees how driven you are to make yourself a very viable option, right women will stay
women will be in your life to see where you’re going. Like they want to see if you’re doing something
though they kind of want like if you’re up to something, if you’re Building yourself
building your body building your finances, building whatever they’re like. Oh, maybe I should stick around maybe I should
wait this out a few months. See what this guy’s up to? What did you say to me last night? I don’t know about my phone when we first
started talking and you just oh yeah, I was blown off 24 seven I didn’t
care. Yeah, he doesn’t
my house for five nights a week kept coming back I never push for anything. Funny how like, the dude will get locked down
though and she sees oh my god he’s not pursuing me. If you want coaching with me one on one the
registration for the masculinity mastery program is now available. I work one on one very closely with my clients. I make sure we handle their dating game I
make sure I handle their masculinity their tonality we get you on the path we get you
on the purpose we handle everything that you’re going to have to do in this world so that
way you can stay and maintain attraction. We don’t need any of these women pulling back
from you. We need you in control the outcome, grab the
application below. Like, comment, subscribe. If you book that call with me to make sure
you fill out the application or your calls getting cancelled. We will see you in the next video.


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