Mastering law school exams and IRAC; what is the best way to memorize the law?

Mastering law school exams and IRAC; what is the best way to memorize the law?

Mastering law school exams and IRAC; What
is the best way to Memorize the law? * Open book tests.
* How long does it take to memorize law? * How do I memorize vast amounts of information? Paul Owen here for Law School Success Frequently
Asked Questions and Questions You Should Ask. I am writing this series of lectures for the
simple purpose of giving you a solid foundation for what you need to do in law school to become
successful. You will save time, money, and effort and I always promise to be completely
truthful with you in everything that I convey to you and the information and secrets that
we talk about. Law school can be difficult, law school can
be hard work, or law school can be very easy. Do not make it hard on yourself. You are in the right place to become a law
school success. Questions You Should Ask #5 What is the best way to memorize the law for
law school? In this lecture I will talk about: * The open book con,
* How it takes six hours to internalize the typical law school definition,
* The process of reading, writing, speaking, and comparing,
* Five minute sessions throughout the day. Don’t fall for the open book con!!! Professors
will tell you not to memorize a damn thing because it’s going to be an “Open Book Test!”
If it was a real open book test and you can take the books home and you come back a week
later… fine… don’t memorize anything because you have a whole week to figure it all out.
But, that’s not how the tests are given. It’s going to be an open book test and you can
open up your book but you only have three hours to answer three questions. How are you
going to be spending your time? Are you going to be spending your time looking things up
in your books or in your notes or paging through your notes? If you are, you’re in trouble. There is an advantage in an open book test
if you have 90% of the law down pat. That extra 10% you can put that on one page or
and you can very easily reference that during the exam because you know where everything
is and you can reference that definition you have a little bit trouble with at the end
of the semester. You can easily reference the material in order to make sure that it’s
right place but that only takes a second or two. We’re not talking about a not memorizing
anything. We’re talking about imperfect memorization. At that point, you’re 90% of
the way there. An open book test will actually help you. But if, you have never started to
memorize anything you’re finished before you’ve even begun. If you haven’t started actually
memorizing the law big-time you are in trouble. It takes six hours to internalize the typical
law school definition; that’s over a six hour period. What do you have to do to do this? You have to read the definition, write it,
speak it and compare what you should have written or spoken to what you should have
said. The comparison part, which is self-testing, is extremely important. Acronyms are extremely important. We’ve got
lots of them in our materials. * B.A.R.R.M.M. (Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery
and Mayhem, as well as child Molestation and Kidnapping for the felony murder rule).
* P.I.N.S. for consideration (Pre-existing, Illusory, Nominal, or Surrender or Forebear
a legal right). * R.O.C.C.E.R. (Rejection, Operation of law,
Counter-offer, Conditional offer, Expiration and Rejection both direct and indirect). Acronyms are very important when you start
memorizing things. When you’re doing your reading, you should organize things into acronyms. You write this stuff down constantly. You
speak it and you compare it. How do you do this during the six hours? You take 5 minute sessions throughout the
day and it’s important that they be 5 minute sessions On average the typical law school
exam has 20 issues. There are ten split on two sides. You argue both sides and you get
all 20. These five minute sessions are important because the speed and the velocity at which
this information comes out and how you learn it, is extremely important in that all law
school exams are timed. So what’s the “free” time that everybody
has during the day? If you’re driving or commuting to law school
you have lots of free time when you are driving or commuting. You should be talking to yourself.
You should be speaking the definitions out loud as you drive. Even if you’re only driving
for 10 or 15 minutes that’s enough time to speak two or three definitions out as you
go along. Every time you write down or you speak it you have to self-test yourself. You
have to compare what you should’ve written down or you should’ve spoken. You are constantly
doing these tests all during the day during these five minute sessions. You can easily pick up 5 minutes before class,
and 5 minutes after class. What we find is the most important time for memorization is
class time!! When the class drifts off point, when it goes into war stories, when it goes
into things that have absolutely nothing to do with the law that you’re discussing;
what are you going to be doing during that class time? You sit in the back the class,
shut your mouth you don’t need to be taking notes, and what are you going to do.
You are going to write down all the law that you know and you are going to compare it to
all the law you should have known. You are going to study the things and read for a few
more minutes on the things that you missed and you are going to do it all over again, During the average class time of an hour,
you should easily be able to test yourself for 30 minutes. I’ve never met a class that
has ever done better than 30 minutes. Half of the time that you’re in class you can
be self-testing yourself about the law that’s being discussed in class. If you have a life, if you have children,
if you have partners in your life such as a wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a husband,
it’s important to get them involved. These five minute sessions are an excellent way
to get them involved in your law school education. There are all kinds of things that you need
to actually have someone ask you. What is on offer? Naturally they’ve got the definition
staring at it and they want to hear you say it. If you have teenage children, this the
best way to stay connected with them during law school. It’s also important for them because
they actually learn vast amounts of information. The same can be said of your partners or significant
others. You have the ability to have them participate in your education. Law school is very hard for the first four
-months. Instead of them complain that you won’t spend any time with them, have them
help you memorize the law. Of course, if you’re in a good study group
the same thing can be said as well. A good study will read, write, speak, and compare. To recap: * Don’t fall for your buck con.
* It takes six hours to internalize the typical law school definition.
* Use the memorization process of read, write, speak, and compare.
* Use acronyms as they are extremely important because they make things easy.
* Use your five minute sessions throughout the day. Use the time you have available during
the day and engage other people around you that are capable of helping you to memorize
all the information you have to know. Paul Owen here for law school success. Frequently
asked questions and questions you should ask. Thanks for reading. Hope I conveyed some valuable
information to you, to save you time, money, and effort. Go to the site at and you
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  1. Great and now it is time to engage the process. If you registered at you got a Contracts foldeez; use that.and memerize all the definitions in it.

  2. Don't forget to go to and get a free contracts foldeez so you can use it to memorize all the law for contracts.

  3. A lot of learning is done through the subconscious too. It's good to read, write, and teach a law definition, but it's important to walk away and come back to it.

  4. I think the comment about not falling for the open book exam con is 100 percent correct. If you don't know the material before you take the exam, the student is in trouble. There is not enough time to be able to look up the law and ascertain the correct application and other factors that determine how it's applied to the question.

  5. Science or math majors are the best. Computer science is very good, Biological sciences, medicine or even nursing are all good. They all give you a logical mind which is extremely necessary for law.

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