McCain’s Deathbed Secret Just Came Out About What He Did To Men He Was In Captivity With

McCain’s Deathbed Secret Just Came Out About What He Did To Men He Was In Captivity With

McCain’s Deathbed Secret Just Came Out About
What He Did To Men He Was In Captivity With The biggest traitor in Washington D.C. might
be none other than Senator John McCain. Disturbing information continues to emerge
about his direct ties to Muslim terrorists and the London bomber, and how he’s owned
and funded by Saudi terrorists and George Soros. Ever since Trump got into office, McCain has
done everything in his power to subvert the President of the United States, which is a
federal crime. As McCain continues to garner the sympathy
of many Americans who still falsely believe he’s a Vietnam “war hero,” it’s time
that we finally set the record straight about the unbelievable things McCain did during
his time in the military, before McCain dies and nauseating tributes are made about his
“service” in Vietnam. It’s important to note that due to McCain’s
familial ties to high ranking Naval commanders during his time in service (his father and
grandfather were both four-star admirals), the majority of McCain’s massive catastrophes
and scandals in the Navy were completely buried, and his military records sealed. We reported several weeks ago how John McCain
was solely responsible for the horrifying atrocity aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft
Carrier on July 31 1967, where McCain’s cocky maneuver of doing a “wet start”
of his plane would go on to kill 134 sailors, in the deadliest loss of life the Navy has
ever seen. But because of McCain’s daddy being a 4-star
admiral, the entire incident was buried, and the Navy never officially put blame on anyone
for the tragedy. Astonishingly, McCain would not only be allowed
to continue serving in the Navy, but would go on to be responsible for the deaths of
numerous other men, in a scandal that has been successfully buried for decades. Three months after the bloody tragedy on the
USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier, John McCain was sent on a bombing mission over Hanoi in
October of 1967 when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese, where he’s
go on to be a prisoner of war until 1973. After being released from captivity, McCain
would use his POW story and veteran status to rise to political prominence, where his
image as a “Vietnam war hero” would go on to propel him to be elected as a United
States Senator. But a “hero” is the last thing that John
McCain was or will ever be. What most people don’t know is the massive
government scandal that McCain helped hide, as he’d go on for decades to tirelessly
work to bury stunning information about American prisoners over in Vietnam who unlike him,
didn’t return home. Using his position as a senator, McCain would
be behind the scenes quietly pushing and sponsoring federal laws that would keep the most damning
information about our POWs buried through classified documents. The secrets that John McCain has sought to
hide about Vietnam POWs are massive. Despite sworn testimony by two Defense Secretaries
of “the men left behind” in Vietnam, McCain continued to push the massive lie that there
were no survivors, much to the horror of POW families who were frantic to know the truth
about what happened to their loved ones. Enormous amounts of government documents indicate
that hundreds of prisoners held in Vietnam were not returned when President Nixon signed
the peace treaty in January of 1973. Only 591 in Hanoi were released, among them,
Navy combat pilot John S. McCain. After the war, President Nixon promised the
Vietnamese a $3.25 billion in “postwar reconstruction” aid “without any political conditions.” But there was a catch to this promise, where
Nixon had included that Congress would have to approve these funds; approval that never
happened. Furious that the American government had double-crossed
them, Nanoi decided to keep the remaining hundreds of American prisoners, because their
ransom money (post war provisions) never came. CIA whistleblowers said that the government
wanted to keep these missing men a secret, because as more years passed, it became more
and more difficult for the government to admit that it knew about the prisoners that were
left behind. Years later, CIA officials admitted that their
intel indicated that the remaining POWs were eventually executed by the Vietnamese, as
they were no longer useful bargaining chips. After the Pentagon’s POW/MIA office was
publicly shamed by internal whistleblowers that there were in fact still men in Vietnam
being held as POWs, the pressure from the families and Vietnam veterans finally forced
the government in 1991 to create the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, to investigate
these allegations. John Kerry was made chairman of the board,
and McCain became its most pivotal member. In the end, this committee became part of
the debunking machine, and McCain would become paramount to sweeping the entire atrocity
of these forgotten POWs under the rug. But what people don’t know is John McCain’s
vital role in keeping this story about these abandoned POWs hidden from the American public,
as a traitor who completely turned his back on his brothers-in-arms who had remained in
captivity by the Vietnamese. In the 1990s, legislation was proposed to
Congress called “the Truth Bill” that would’ve provided complete transparency
about these prisoners and missing men. But the Pentagon and McCain bitterly opposed
the bill, and it went nowhere. People were predictably outraged over the
bill being shot down, so in an effort for McCain and crooked Pentagon officials to cover
their asses, the McCain Bill,” suddenly appeared several months later. This bill eventually became law in 1991, but
would only create a bureaucratic maze, making the truth for the families completely impossible
to discover. The provisions of the law explicitly states
why the Pentagon and other agencies are justified for not releasing information about prisoners
held in captivity. Later that year, the Senate Select Committee
was created, and McCain and Kerry would work together to bury the last renaming evidence
on the missing men. The American Conservative reported on the
other ways McCain screwed over the POWs, by authoring a crippling amendment to the Missing
Service Personnel Act, that stripped away the obligations that commanders were previously
held to of speedily searching for missing men and reporting these incidents to the Pentagon. The American Conservative reported: “McCain was also instrumental in amending
the Missing Service Personnel Act, which had been strengthened in 1995 by POW advocates
to include criminal penalties, saying, ‘Any government official who knowingly and willfully
withholds from the file of a missing person any information relating to the disappearance
or whereabouts and status of a missing person shall be fined as provided in Title 18 or
imprisoned not more than one year or both.’ A year later, in a closed House-Senate conference
on an unrelated military bill, McCain, at the behest of the Pentagon, attached a crippling
amendment to the act, stripping out its only enforcement teeth, the criminal penalties,
and reducing the obligations of commanders in the field to speedily search for missing
men and to report the incidents to the Pentagon.” “About the relaxation of POW/MIA obligations
on commanders in the field, a public McCain memo said, ‘This transfers the bureaucracy
involved out of the [battle] field to Washington.” He wrote that the original legislation, if
left intact, “would accomplish nothing but create new jobs for lawyers and turn military
commanders into clerks.’” “McCain argued that keeping the criminal
penalties would have made it impossible for the Pentagon to find staffers willing to work
on POW/MIA matters. That’s an odd argument to make. Were staffers only “willing to work” if
they were allowed to conceal POW records? By eviscerating the law, McCain gave his stamp
of approval to the government policy of debunking the existence of live POWs.” What’s even sicker is how McCain demonized
the two Pentagon chiefs’ sworn testimonies who testified under oath about the men left
behind, while insisting that all the evidence — to include documents, witnesses, satellite
photos — be completely buried. He would go on to paint the entire story as
an “unpatriotic myth” calling the testimony of anyone coming forward Vietnam’s POW’s
the “bizarre rantings of the MIA hobbyists.” To this day, McCain regularly vilifies those
who try to get their hands on these classified documents (that he’s worked for decades
to conceal) as “hoaxers,” “charlatans,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “dime-store
Rambos.” Ironically, the very same man who for decades
has been propped up and hailed a POW war hero and crusader for the interests of other POWs
is the very same man responsible for their deaths. It’s absolutely sick how this man, despite
his murdering and treasonous and crooked antics for decades, is to this day regarded as a
“hero” in the minds of millions of Americans. It’s finally time that we set the record
straight on who John “Songbird” McCain truly is before he dies of brain cancer, and
nauseating tributes are made about his “patriotic service” to our country.


  1. Why didn’t any of this bullshit, came out before he died?? That man died a hero, and will always be held to that standard!! He’s dead do you think, he gives a fuck what you people say?? Take your asses to bed!! 😩🤣

  2. I swore for 20 years that he is… was…. Judas mccain. His treatment of his first wife says it all. So FUCK YOU and enjoy hell. Let's not forget he said we're almost finished training isis. All politicians are sellouts/whores but john boy was the only one I truely hated. Well in Washington D.C…….. I still hate Jerry "loop hole" Brown, Brown's replacement will be so bad that he will be missed. Never the less, HEY don't get lazy down there, stick john a pitch fork or two when he least expects it, I expect some whipping too!

  3. The fact is that John McCain is a traitor and criminal who not only got away with his crimes but also profited from them. So the people of Arizona who voted for him have to carry some of the blame.

  4. He had several flight incidents/accidents that would have ended the career of any normal pilot. He was a very bad pilot. Only daddy kept him flying.

  5. That bastard was a RINO from the day the evil piece of shit was born! I hope he died a slow painful agonizing death, just like POW's he ratted out. The evil bastard was an enemy of this country and he should have been tried for treason and shot by a firing squad. I bet hundreds of veterans are going to shit or piss on the evil bastards grave. Burn in hell you piece of shit mclame!

  6. A true hero POW is my friend Fred Murphy he spent 18 months in captivity often standing in a pit full of water standing on a dead body the airforce was a half mile off on a napalm bombardment and accidentally bombed the wrong spot and killed all of the guards the only reason they survived was because they were in the pits and 18 POWs walked to freedom and all were horribly tortured his back looks like hamburger meat and he never sang like a bird to get preferential treatment he was beaten and tortured the whole time

  7. where his is now he is roaring and shreaking horrifically and no-one will come too hos rescue, there getting ready for more visitors. they can check in but you cant ever leave the PIT

  8. Now that hes dead we should get trump to reverse this law so we can find out the real truth cause once that happens and the books are open all the gloves are off and if he hid it in America should know about it

  9. Wonder how John McCain would feel if he put his wife and daughter through what he put his fellow prisoners of war through while licking the asses of his captors and having McCain choose which prisoners of war, aka his friends, who he thought should be shot in the head first. Notice the coward McCain never took a bullet. He was too busy giving North Vietnamese captors American information that killed many an American soldier in Vietnam. Thank God President Trump wasn't invited to John McCain's funeral, no American should have attended. John McCain sold out his friends and he sold out his country, the United States of America. I don't know where John McCain is now but I have a really good idea. I just hope he has a hell of a lot of cold iced tea because eternity is forever!

  10. Well this right here does not prove to me that he is a hero looks to me like he is working for the devil on the other side so he is a traitor

  11. Well I hope the view and McCain's daughter and everyone that supported him finally knows the truth your daddy was a traitor

  12. John McCain he betrayed his country they say if so then he should be tried and convicted of treason then dug up hung drawn and quartered and thrown into the trash the same should be done to his grandfather and his father for covering up this traitorous Act of treason. Investigation Now

  13. They didn't tell everyone that he was just screwing around and knew that the accident might happen if he did exactly what he did, so he purposely killed those 134 men. Song Bird was a traitor and there has been a slip that he was put to death after a military tribunal found him guilty. IT COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED TO A NICER GUY, THE PRICK~! I hope they used the noose, I keep thinking of that seen in Blazing Saddles, with that guy in the wheel chair on the gallows when I think of McCain, that is how I want to remember him. HE WAS NO HERO~!

  14. anyone notice the creepy hands on the guy pushing his wheelchair…I think he is a gnome or troll. Something odd about him.

  15. Why. . ? Was thus not done while he was alive. . Time to show up tge. Clintons. N Obamas. Now 🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️☘️🍀🇺🇸

  16. I know any children he may have had was in no way responsible for what their piece of shit father did, but I hope they know fully ,what a treasonest turd their father was so they won't make the mistake of trying to put him on a pedestal as a hero. Personally I would change my name. I would be very ashamed. Please excuse my writing a second comment but I was a Vietnam vet and I was screwed over by the VA, but this turd was lionized during his life as a hero. It makes me want to puke. I think the motorcycle vets should take a ride to his grave so they could piss on his grave. I know I wouldn't' mind standing in line for that.
    I heard that he was allowed to take his own life in lieu of being executed. (Just what I heard)

  17. They used the fake robotic voice when they made this video because their actual voices would betray their russian accents.

  18. It would be very interesting if he's document could be unsealed after his death so people could really see the truth then they'd be able to make up their own mind if I were people who involved in it should be taken out after office I've be placed with somebody who is willing to put the interests of the American people first instead of those politicians who have committed crimes


  20. McCaine is not a hero!! McCain is the HaNoi sing's  bird he is the traitors betrayed America since Viet Nam war!! When came to VN he signal Russian & China to kill American soldiers & Southern Vietnamese soldiers! There is no forgetting his betrayal of the men left behind in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia!! Back to America he did many bad things such like money laundering for Children sex trafficking & money laundering ISIS! Execute him is the right thing to do! McCain died because executed, not because from cancer!  But I wish it happen more early right at the time he back home from Viet Nam!

  21. I have lost all respect for John McCain hes a Trader and makes the military look really bad because of his being a traitor to the United States he should have died over there I never come back to the United States he's a useless piece of shit as far as I'm concerned. It's really a shame that the allowed him to become a senator so he could do more damage to the United States and to the State of Arizona. Once I found out how he really was I don't have any respect for the man he can die and go to hell he didn't do nothing for us in the military he causes a lot of heartache and pain. John McCain was a traitor to the United States military he's sold out he was a coward not a hero a coward and never a hero. He was a disgrace to the United States military and to being a senator in the state of Arizona I will forever hate the bastard

  22. John McCain was obviously a loser. One more mouth piece for the dirty secrets of the dark state. He’s like a lot of bastards that hide behind lies.
    Talks a lot but has no substance, courage or humility.

  23. Why was this hidden from the American people..Why can’t we trust our elected officials. Trump get crucified for telling the TRUTH and is labeled as a liar..I Hope all you left leaning are listening to this.



    POWs OR MIAs. Do to them what they done to solders

  25. Wat a shame u ass s support a idiot like trumpbilly Draft dodger in chief traitor supreme u trumpbillies are like Nazis in love of this satan

  26. he's a fkn traitor period and to think that worthless pos was running for president wtf is wrong with this country really…..!!!!!!!!!!!!. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. and let them get by with this shit! burn in hell where u belong McCain .There's more to follow u thanks to president TRUMP!TRUMP 2020!

  28. Another fucking PIG i hope he is nice and hot in he'll. Fuck him and his whole fucking family cunt wife and kids and all of them die

  29. I never liked McCain but when he attacked trump and voted to keep Obamacare my opinion of him took a nosedive.

  30. Mc Cain was a rotten bastard for the evil things he's done to the brave military. May he rest in hell

  31. What a duplicious motherfucker son of a byatch. His daughter on the View is another KUNT!


  33. Never liked the guy especially after throwing the presidency to obummer he said I asked all of my constituents if they thought there was anything more they could have done ? Yes there was even a good bullshit story would have helped it isnt like he was beyond lying

  34. I didn't know about him doing a wet start on that plane and killing those men, as we all know the government is. Crooked as hell and he not a war hero after being in a North Vietnam prison and never doing anything else

  35. McCain was a sociopath who had no conscious. But it is nice to know that Trump had him tried for treason in a secret military trial and the he was executed.

  36. I am so glad McCain was executed. What a jerk , first he killed 134 men on the Forester by his stupidity , then he purposely leaves hundreds of MIAs in Vietnam to live in hell. Well , McCain is in hell . There was justice.

  37. In the military a traitor forfeits the honor of being called by name. HE's known as 'No Name McCain.' I'm certain his sons, who are in the military know what a traitor he was. That's the reason his daughter, Meghan, hates Trump so badly. She knew, as his family did, that McCain was secretly tried by military tribunal and convicted of human trafficking, RICO, consorting with the enemy, and treason against the United States. He was executed. He did not die of cancer. By giving testimony on other traitors, he was allowed to retain his public reputation for the sake of his family. He was a mean, nasty-mouthed man, whose greed for power and money drove his ambition. God's word sums it all up. "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?"

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