Meet The Truck-Driving Mom In A Business With Hardly Any Women | American Jobs (HBO)

Meet The Truck-Driving Mom In A Business With Hardly Any Women | American Jobs (HBO)

— I’m a truck driver for Price Chopper
right now, it’s a local company. I’m gonna have my breakfast coffee,
and then I’m gonna go. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. I don’t think you’re going to be
going to bed before Mommy leaves. Make sure you help Jeff
clean up and put everything away. I’ll miss you. Bye, honey! Love you. I leave the house at 9, I clock-in at 10. Drivers can work 14 hours on-duty, 11 hours driving. They can send me a really long dispatch,
or I could do a bunch of short ones. I became a truck driver because
I was a 19-year-old single mom. Trucking has provided me with financial stability. It has made me a financial provider for my son. I would say being local is almost harder
on the driver than over-the-road, because when you’re over-the-road, all there is to do is sleep when you’re not working, so it’s real easy to get your rest. When you’re local, your family’s expecting you. But you have an obligation to get your rest
before you drive this massive vehicle. And then there are the people who think, because I’m a female, I have it easy, which is not true. When I was in a sleeper cab for a different company, I was outside the produce market and
the manager of the receiver was saying, “You must get so lonely in that truck,
how about you come out to dinner with me,” “and you can use my house to shower if you want.” I declined, and I had to keep going back there. Because I declined, he wouldn’t unload my trailer. He’d make me sit there and wait,
and make me the last truck. We’re heading to the warehouse. We’re going to drop it in a door so that
the warehouse workers can unload it. They’re going to clean up the trailer, it’s gonna go back in the line to be
filled again for another dispatch. There’s really no one to call at 3 in the morning. All you have is a radio. That’s one bad thing about working nights, but everyone knows that driving
the truck is easier at night. It’s open roads. I don’t know about the future. Drones are never going to be
delivering the palates of food. That’s not happening. It’s not gonna apply in my lifetime. I know our lifestyle, and we’re not going
to be able to advance if I lose this, so… My license is my resume. I treat it seriously, I take the job seriously. It’s a good feeling, having a career. No one’s gonna stop me from
giving my son the life he deserves. I’ll find a way.


  1. Nicole Strickland is one mother trucker.

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  2. good on you
    but for realsz, if you was diving otr during daytime it be tougher than local nights. going into big cities u dont know at rush hour. think on it

  3. You have all my respect. Keep on trucking. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ Family first.

  4. Yeah must be real hard to have the opportunity to sleep in your own bed, see your children everyday. Oh and you forgot to mention once your hours are up you get to spend a couple days at HOME to reset your clock. Yeah it must be tough. Puff what a joke.

  5. From one truck driver to another much respect my wife and I are both truck drivers Iโ€™m over the road she is local . And just like u she went threw that bull shit . But she made it threw and is now with a different company. A lot of ppl think trucking is just for men but itโ€™s not true we all have responsibilities and to be honest I donโ€™t care if itโ€™s female or male that works for me as long as u can drive and have a clean license ur good to go . Good luck and keep up the good work.
    Big Sexy Trucking LLC.

  6. I agree I thought local would be nice, could not wait to do local and then I got it. Now I am ready for my company to send me out to a city 3-4 hours out , drop and turn around. Yes, love my checks and nice hourly pay. Never get paid by miles always hourly plus US Dept of labor and wage only regulate hourly and salary wages not paid by miles companies know this that's why they do pay by miles.

  7. Good for you! I don't know why everyone makes a huge deal out of woman drivers? Stay safe! I'm getting out of the biz soon! Unfortunately it's going NO PLACE

  8. That must be nice getting paid nearly 70K and home every night. I guess that's what "equality" does for women.

  9. Is it not a fact that there will always be female and male dominated industries. Why does everything have an agenda. While no women or man deserves to be treated unfairly or harrassed, there will always be jobs that appeal to males or females. End of story. No agenda.

  10. Are u assuming everyoneโ€™s gender ?? This video is intolerant ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ isnโ€™t vice liberal ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. My dad and his army buddy were indie truckers after WWII, and owned three rigs. (They eventually got out of the biz.) When I told him that I was going for my CDL, he told me that I wouldn't like it, he wouldn't advise it, and that I should pursue another goal, bc I had other skills. So I dropped out of CDL school. I know lots of drivers, they are making a living, but it's crazy hard. Before the air- cushioned seats, driver's guts would shake loose from all of the constant bouncing and bumping.

  12. WtF there are plenty of women truck drivers what make her special this is normal…sorry to burst your bubble

  13. Keep going.You should be really proud of youreself. There are alot of women truckers.Me I've got a B class CDL. MY son who's an OTR trucker wants me to go for the "A" so just for Beans and Giggels I'll take the test just to see if I can pass it. My biggest problem..I hate backing up..!!

  14. What a wonderful, self motivated, Professional Driver, whom is also an excellent role model and parent, determined to work hard to give her son a good life!

    The predatory behavior that she described has no place in any workplace and those whom prey on and abuse Professional Drivers should be dismissed and prosecuted!

    This Professional Driver's company should be proud to have such a strong, honourable person representing their company.

    Thank you for this video.

    Edit: I see that a predictable number of pathetic males are posting insulting comments about the Professional Driver featured in the video.

    Clearly it upsets this type that a very attractive young woman can be successful as a Professional Driver in a career that they feel should be reserved for 'real' men!

    This ludicrous category is the one that they believe themselves to inhabit.

    I don't doubt that these are the same types that prey on females in the workplace!

  15. I know this lady did not just insinuate that local is more difficult than OTR. I've done both OTR is rough man mentally, emotionally etc etc. Give me a break lost all credibility with me

  16. I dont blame the guy for trying to make a move on her. I mean come on who didnt see that coming?! But I applaude her. Thats a woman you wait up for in the morning. I would. Or team seeing how Im also A Truck Driver Long hual regoinal.

  17. Local is not harder than over the road sorry… been a driver for a while and no there is no way I've done both. You rest more or the road than driving day cabs

  18. I have no family no children. I'm going to drive a truck. I'm stuck behind a desk. I think about ending my life every day, I cry every day. I know many people hate trucking and make videos on it, but those people all complain about "being alone on the road"… to me it's all I want. I work at a desk collecting debts and have to deal with people telling my 50 out of every 300 calls I make how I should kill myself or how they will kill me. I know trucking companies allow dogs. If it could just be me and my dog in a truck travelling I'd do it for free. like the meme "you're getting paid?!"

  19. I am a truck driver and I make a lot of money. Some people think it doesnโ€™t pay well but it isnโ€™t true. Some are surprised when I tell them I make over 100000$ per year but i have been doing it for over 20 years

  20. I was a truck driver for over 2 decades. I've seen women drivers and I say if they can handle it, more power to them. Some have it, some don't.

  21. THIS is the definition of responsibility and heroism in America today! Prayers for you and yours and safe roads ahead. God Bless!!!

  22. I don't think it REALLY has sunk into society, just HOW much sexual harassment a woman goes through, with every job, in every state, in every country!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    btw…Why does the American flag look dirty compared with other flag emojis?

  23. One bad ass mama!!! Love seeing this instead of the same old cliche makeup , pretend life is perfect, we see on YouTube these days!! A real women providing for herself and her family the good old American way! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  24. Lol. Female van drivers are no that rare. Would've been better if you chose a female flat-bed driver. There are hardly any of those. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. I am a truck driver, max out hours, am home every night and make significantly more than her. Not because I am "a man", but I work for a company that pays. Almost every reputable company out there pays, but all have mostly the same crappy formula for how to run "the business". Are we highlighting this cause she's a woman, or she's not home with her kids, or the pay issue? If it's because of her sex, that's sexist, rt? If it's because shes not home with kids, that's stereotyping, rt? If it's the pay issue, it's the heart strings, rt? Look, she has a job, it's not great, but it provides till she finds something better…we all go through this, its normal. She is normal, the pay issue and lack of respect is what we all deal with, no matter our gender or family status. No trucks, no NOTHING!… Everything you have comes from a truck driver and logistics service, a little respect or common descentcy isn't too hard to ask. Keep on, keepin on

  26. I am only income in my house. I work 85 to 90 hours a week. Where is my hero cookie?
    Women want equal rights and when they get it they expect to be praised. Give me a break.

  27. I work for a drilling company on the mines and we have a girl on our team that kicks most males ass at the job.

  28. I was truck drivers for 10 and trained some female drivers too, they are tough and hard working women. I really miss every bit of driving on the road.

  29. The only thing that annoys me is how they make a whole ass video for someone just doing a job . Iโ€™m a trucker and i know several other women truckers and theyโ€™re not viewed differently at all stop with this as if she doing something unique

  30. Great job best in the world my dad was a trucker and my two uncles drove too. My two big brothers drive and thats why they call me Superstar jeff thats my cb handle.Nicole doll keep up the good work God bless .i driven Macks KW peterbuilt international fords and i loved them all my bests trailors are refers i love pulling foods .best of luck too you Nicole my The Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.

  31. Does she has an Instagram account if yes please let me know I want to follow her into her bed hahahaha joking,this woman is damn awesome man…respect…

  32. Yeah…no one comes into this world…"wanting to become a trucker,…unless they have no other options"…let's face it. I didn't. Nursing sucks…I became a driver, due to the ease in entering…but it's not fun work,…lonely, hard in winters…and too many hours to make a living. Period. It's mostly a job of "last chance". One can make a living at it…but look who's driving now in American. Ahhhh…not anyone's first choice. Let's get real.
    Cheers. Good video mom. Now…get your an to work as hard as you do. No more doing it "all".

  33. Trucking isn't really a physically demanding job, its more of a mentally demanding job. Men and Women need to have social interaction but it seems women need to have it more. Women are more drawn to Pink Collar jobs where its almost entirely Social and talking, Men can go an entire 8 to 14 hour shift without saying a single word to anyone.

  34. Trucking work best for single men and women who are in 20โ€™s. Itโ€™s a great career especially when youโ€™re young and single

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