Men’s Jacket Lapel Pins – Thoughts On Wearing a Lapel Pin – Men’s Style Advice – Fashion Tips

Men’s Jacket Lapel Pins – Thoughts On Wearing a Lapel Pin – Men’s Style Advice – Fashion Tips

Men’s Jacket Lapel Pins – Thoughts On Wearing
a Lapel Pin – Men’s Style Advice – Fashion Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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Men Real Style. I’m also going to link you to my Facebook page down below, and the reason
being is that’s where this question came from. “So what is the consensus on lapel pins, namely
small ones like aviator wings or other military breast insignias, not the normal size ones,
but rather the small ones? Thank you.” The gentleman that asked this, I looked a
little bit over his profile. It looks like he was in the Navy. And for anyone that’s
not familiar, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Army, they’ve got different
insignia that you can wear. My brother’s in the Army, but man, they’ve got insignias for
everything. They wear all this stuff on their uniforms. The Marine Corps, it was much more
limited, but in the Marine Corps, the one thing that always stood out on the uniform
is if you had jump wings or if you were an aviator, if you had gone through dive school. What else? Well, you can guys can help me
there. I mean, there are certain things — there are other ones that you could wear, but basically,
you had these wings that you could wear. They were gold. They stuck out on a camouflage
uniform. Now, you didn’t really wear them in the theater very often, or if you did,
you were pretty careful about that, but it’s one of those things that identified you with
a group. In this case, this gentleman obviously earned
his wings. I see what he’s talking about. The ones that you wore right here were, I
don’t know, maybe three inches across on the wings and they had smaller ones that were
more like an inch, very small. In that case, it’s small. It’s not going to really jump
out. People will notice it and it’s going to raise questions. It’s a great chance and
a great opportunity for you to explain and to talk with that person a little bit about
you. In the United States and most of the countries
around the world, having a little bit of military experience is a great, big bonus that just
shows a lot about your character and who you are, but there are many other opportunities
for men to wear pins or little things which have a little bit of a symbol. I see guys starting to put silk cuff links
in there. I’m not a big fan of that because to me, it just looks a bit dandy. I would
rather you go with something that has a bit of meaning to it. For me, the big thing there
is meaning, so you don’t want to try to wear one of the military pins I just talked about
and not have been in the military because then you’re going to get somebody really upset. Another place you see this, by the way, is
on neckties. So neckties, it used to be that most of the ones you saw over in England and
still today, they depend on what branch or what unit you’re with in the military, what
clubs you went to or were a part of, what schools you went to. All of those schools,
they all had their own tie. You don’t really see that so much in the United States in ties
in general for the last 50 years. It had become much more flamboyant. The Italians have always
made a great selection of ties that aren’t really stuck to some type of meaning. Jumping back to lapel pins, I think they’re
great. One thing I think that they’re abused though — and I think Obama got hit on this
— is he wasn’t wearing a US flag pin or something like that. I think that’s a bunch of BS. If
you’ve got to wear a pin to show you’re patriotic or you feel like you have to wear one, then
it’s almost like the meaning has been perverted, in my opinion. It really is just a small chance for you to
have a little conversation starter and to perhaps form a bond with somebody. If I was
at a networking event, I may not ever have the chance to ask that guy, “Was he a naval
aviator?” but if I can see that little pin, I know what that is. When I see those crossed
anchors, I immediately know it’s a naval aviator and he was a pilot. There are a lot of little
details on those little pins that you know what they are. If you’re a SWO, why not have
a small pin for that? That’s pretty cool. You can talk about that you were on this carrier
or you were on this ship. It instantly forms a strong bond that you perhaps may not have
even known about that person. All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with
Real Men Real Style. I hope you enjoyed that. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.


  1. It's a call every man has to make for himself — for my part, I think as long as you're safely within the mainstream (military insignia, tasteful religious symbols, etc.) most people are going to recognize it as a matter of personal conviction even if they don't share the particular affiliation. That said, there's certainly times and settings (job interviews, say) where it's best to play it safe.

  2. @ThePyroMagi Most wool weaves will let a narrow pin pass through easily enough. I might avoid wearing a lapel pin on any very fine jackets (Super 100s wools, etc.), since those fine threads will show a hole more clearly. If you do start to develop a noticeable hole just be sure to always wear a pin, and slip it through the same spot to keep from spreading the damage. But in most jackets they'll be harmless enough.

  3. For the most part, you probably want to leave them to the ladies. There are some hat pins meant for men's hatbands, but those should go on, well, your hat. A lapel pin should always be pretty modest.

  4. @RealMenRealStyle Hi Antonio, I recently got Battlestar Galactica Commander Lapel Pins, they look nothing like any modern military Lapel Pins, but my friend still thinks I shouldn't wear then in public because someone might get confused, what do you think?

  5. Hi Antonio,
    Being part of a business organisation, multiple recognition pins are very common.
    In your professional opinion, if one choses to wear 2 or 3 pins at the same time, where would it be best to wear these pins of 1 inch in diameter? Or is it better to only have one at a time?
    Thank you Antonio for your time.

  6. I don't have lapel pins, but I small buttons that are about a nickle big. These buttons have characters of my favorite shows, and I'm wondering in a setting where someone could recognize these buttons like at my college or non business, would it be ok to where one?

  7. Rah Devil, been watching your channel a bit and I have a bit of a conundrum. Ever since I EASed out of the Marine Corps, I've been studying wine, beer and liquor. I have managed to pass both the Certified Cicerone and the Certified Sommelier exams. Both of these certifications come with lapel pins that you wear to denote your knowledge level as both are increadibly difficult to attain. Is it alright to wear both or do I have to pick one? And if so, what is the placement? Over or next to one another, for example? Thanks brother.

  8. I tend to agree about choosing a pin with significance to you, because you will be asked about it – guaranteed. Not everyone has a military background. Suggestions of pins in networking situations: your company's logo (good for business) , trade or professional association you belong to, college or university you went to, charity or cause that you support, regional pins (city, state, country), etc.. It's a good conversation starter.

  9. Hi RMRS! Can you do a video sometime on pocket accents for our suits? I know they come with shirt and tie sets sometimes but are their times that they don't? How should the be positioned in the pocket? How do we get them to stay in that position? Love your vids and channel! Thank you.

  10. What about multiple pins from different countries. Is there special way to wear this that won't offend the countries you are affiliated with?

  11. Thanks for this but I was hoping for practical tips so lapel pins won't fall off. Butterfly fasteners don't stay secure. Would you suggest a good method for securing a lapel pin without worrying about losing it? Thanks and I appreciate your videos.

  12. Antonio, I am currently a SWO. Great to see you are well versed with the military. I knwo you are a Marine. Thank you for serving! Your videos are great!

  13. Antonio, gosh I had to go WAY back to find information on lapel flowers. I need a little help/tip. I just bought one which the colors are light purple and white. I want to know which color suits I can pair it with along with a tie?? I hope you can help me my friend. All the best and thanks 😁👍🏻

  14. What about if I wore my old Army unit badge, that I used to wear on my beret flash on my lapel? Is that too much?

  15. Keep it simple, small and relatable. For LEOs out there, I've seen officers in agencies wear badge pins 1.5 inches big and it's just obnoxious.

  16. Sir, may I respectfully suggest that if you are discussing gentlemen's lapel pins, you show pictures of some being worn as your examples? Just talking about jewellery without physical examples isn't going to hit the spot 😉

  17. Aloha from Hawaii Antonio. Great video by the way. I was curious though and was hoping you'd show an example on this video of how to place your warfare pin on your suit lapel. Should it be right on the lapel buttonhole or lower. Should it be perpendicular with the angle of your suit lapel or perpendicular with the ground. My best buddy's retirement ceremony is coming up and would like to wear my miniature SWO lapel pin on my suit since I won't be in my uniform which was many lbs ago. Mahalo for the info.

  18. Hi sir, should I wear a lapel pin on my wedding? If so which type? Any other info or hand book or article you'd advise or suggest so that I can enhance my suit. Thanks in advance

  19. Um. I was looking for WHERE do you wear the thing. Lots of talk, no pin! Come on man! Like, does it go on the left or right side? How high up the lapel?

  20. Isn't the lapel pin also used for formal, besides being in the army? My grandfather had one on and he never was in the army, but looked good with one otherwise.

  21. Each military branch has a uniform regulation explaining when, what, where and how to wear military awarded pins, bandages and ribbons on civilian attire. No need to guess. And yes you can Google this info. Happy dressing gents.

  22. Civilian Pukes talking about military medals. Rule # 1 follow AR 760-1. Big medal before 6.00 PM. Little medals and badges After 6:00 PM. Plain and simple!!!

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