Men’s Outfit Feedback – Blue/Navy Made To Measure Suit

Men’s Outfit Feedback – Blue/Navy Made To Measure Suit

– Hi Mandela’s Ghost. So I saw the photos that
you posted regarding your new made to measure suit, congratulations. Now, you were asking about the fit. So first and foremost, if I saw my clients or my
friends wearing this suit, I would tell them to
immediately return the suit. And here’s the number one reason why, is because the armholes on this jacket are cut way too large. So when they’re cut too large, a tailor cannot do anything about that. They cannot make the
armholes higher again, it’s impossible to fix. So I would actually return
the suit and have them remake you a new made to measure
suit with higher armholes. So you, literally, want those
armholes to be higher up because right now lower armholes, they not only make you look
larger and broader then you are, not in a good way. But they’re also indicative
of a very old-school, old suit, that was from
the 90s or early 2000s, it just doesn’t look good. It looks just like a suit that
you picked up from wherever. So I would have them recut the armhole so that they’re higher. Now just going into some fit issues, with the suit so you can let them know to adjust these and fix these. Is that with the jacket, clearly
you said you lost weight. So you can tell that this suit is actually too large for you, one suit size too large. I would have them go down a suit size. So take two inches off
of whatever measurement that they did originally, for your chest size,
that’s what I would do. It should help solve
the problem of all this excess fabric that I see from the pictures I see of you where your
back is turned to us, so we can see your back. There’s a ton of excess fabric
underneath your armpits. So that should actually
help solve that problem And the shoulders should lie then along your own natural shoulders. Now the sleeve length, it looks
good to me, with that shirt. You got a little bit of
your shirt cuff showing, so that looks great. They’re slimmed nicely
but definitely go down a chest size and have a higher armhole. Going with the pants now, I noticed the waist and
the seat of your pants are way too large. You can just tell with the belt, with the excess fabric
being pinched in the back. It’s bunching in the back so that tells me that the waist is too large. So size down with the waist,
take off probably an inch. And then have them also take in the seat, to make it smaller. And you wanna reshape the butt
as well as the legs so that they’re slimmed down
and shaped to your butt. It shouldn’t just sit at your
butt and go straight down. It should actually hug your butt. Pants should hug your
butt and then go straight down to your pants. So slim the legs, you know
this, get the pants hemmed. You want a slight break, it
looks like, what, an inch 1/2, two inches just from the picture from what I’m seeing how with how it’s folded. So get those hemmed as well, but I would send it back and
have them start new again. So, other then that though, you know, just have them make those adjustments. The second time around it should
fit a heck of a lot better and you should be very happy
with it, so there you go. Now, if you guys like my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my website for more information. We’re unloading a ton of new
content in the coming weeks. Thanks so much.


  1. I'm glad you didn't sugarcoat it. This video tells me that you are honest (yet gentle) about your feedback and that you give options, which helps tremendously. Great job!

  2. Hello Ashley… What color shirt should I wear with the similar suit that I have… I am wearing it for my sister's marriage… Please reply soon

  3. Hi Ashley, are you going to bring back this series? And if so, how do we get you the pictures. Thanks, you are the best. PS You should check out the movie "Snakes on the Plane", I think you would like it. Lol

  4. I thought the shoulder fits well, which is the whole point of having the correct armhole position. Why should this be returned if it doesn't even need alteration?

  5. I disagree about returning the suit. Just needs a tailor. I think the air holes, though not great, still look acceptable.

  6. You really are an expert. At the beginning looking at the suit photo I was saying that it’s a great fit. But then after each of your points I was saying you are exactly correct and I hadn’t even seen those flaws before and how much better it would look if your advice was followed

  7. Spot on review,the arm hole is definitely too large,if he would stretch out his arms from the side the whole jacket would lift up as well.Had one from a MTM they remade another jacket due to this.

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