Mercy named Best College in Westchester 2019

Mercy named Best College in Westchester 2019

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>I wanted to go to a school
that would know my name and Mercy College did that for me,
so for that I’m truly grateful.>>Be able to have a family,
have people that I’m close to, and really have a deep connection not only
with my peers but also with the faculty.>>I fell in love with the staff
that I met and the professors, and I realized that the opportunities
here can really be endless.>>There’s a lot of great people here.>>We
>>Are>>Mercy>>College>>My advisors did not want me to fail, did not let me fail.
[MUSIC]>>I think Mercy was definitely crucial to where I got today.
The programs that they have really develop who you are.
[MUSIC]>>It was honestly the best education I received.


  1. Mercy College is the Best thing that happened to me in Westchester! I am Proud to be a Mercy Maverick Alumni!

    D. Rivera, RN, BSN -Undergraduate RN to BSN Honor student Class of 2019

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