MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons

MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons


  1. I feel America is a bit too glorified in this video and that's why so many people have issues with it in the comments section(cause you know, America didn't existed in the middle ages duh). I personally have nothing against them enjoying a bit of European culture but being a bit more humble in something that your country is not known for at all would show you in a much better light.

  2. You dont do shit in the army. Your an officer. Someone tells you to plan something then you go ask enlisted will this work? Thwy they plan it for you while you sit around and take credit. That's what officers do..

  3. When you hear kids say lets 1v1 On cod i immediately think we should do this to settle our differences 😂😂😂

  4. Ofcourse ENGLAND would win they Bred knights 😂 we still kick their ass in the biggest obesity rating in the world 😂😂😂 #smallVictories

  5. Vice : interviews the US team in a medieval style combat tournament
    Literally everybody else : am I a joke, to you

  6. They also should bring in the samurai armors and weapons just for adding more multicultural elements. not just european knights but also asian warriors and samurais

  7. So upset, the usa didn't even exist in the medieval period, what I see is just Americans spitting on history once again.

  8. Makes me wonder… if you studied medieval tactics, or Roman tactics, would you be able to scale them down to the 16 v 16 matches?

    Imagine a team with semi-large shields forming a cohesive line. The team leader being the one to yell orders.

    Shit. Makes me wanna have a go at it.

  9. I want to see a Warden go "attack me from the top, I dare you"

    also how are the rules, can I grab my longsword by the blade and smash someone in the head with the hilt?

  10. Played around 90 hours of kingdom come deliverance, and now this is totally bad ass to me. I understand more of the culture now as to before

  11. I mean the English are THE knights that come to mind for this topic so them winning makes sense and is pretty cool

  12. What I‘m thinking watching them:
    "He would’ve died there"
    "There too"
    "He would have killed him there"
    "Yup, here too"

  13. Funny thing is that my 8th grade art teacher actually did this. We know this because he told us on the first day and showed us all his armor and weapons that he doesn’t use as well as showing us his team. The things we need to draw in his class was his pieces of his armor like his gauntlet and leg pieces. For Halloween he came to school dressed as pieces of his armor. He was a cool art teacher. Sadly this was his last year teaching he’s been in the school for years ever since the 80s or 70s when the school was still kinda beginning. Hope kids in the future get another art teacher like him

  14. Since I'm from Los Angeles and Latino, technically I should fight for Spain. Since the US did not exist in Medieval times it is logical. Now if you excuse me, I should like to relay intelligence to the Spanish king on French movements on the border.

  15. Now here's a new world order predictive programing for gladiator entertainment but real life killing ..Lol maybe what the hell I love it.Hahahaha♥️

  16. It looks like they’re less using historical techniques and more just hitting each other as an endurance contest. Can anyone tell me more about this?

  17. USA knights are like football players. Damn!

    BTW Im happy I am not a medieval knights in the crusades,but A SimpLe Guy who enjoys these fights. 😎

  18. Despite the fact that the weapons are blunted, if they miss just right and hit the chainmail it can either cause broken bones or lots of bumps and bruises. So blunted or not, anyone's going to get injured. And yes it's going to be painful.

    Whether anyone knows this or not wants to train for HEMA Melee Sparring, it's still going to be dangerous. And physically you probably need to be healthy enough. I probably could train for One on One, but I have a history of seizures and I take medicine for it. So I've never had another seizure for a long time.

    If I train, it's best that I don't train for the HEMA Melee's.

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