Mofongo Vs. Oxtail: Which Latin Comfort Food Is Best?

Mofongo Vs. Oxtail: Which Latin Comfort Food Is Best?

so what I have here is oxtail I’m just gonna go with my fingers I don’t care I said see so the plate that one is two people come in two meals are swept but only one can win who will take home the golden fork in this week’s meal swap dominican republic versus Puerto Rico hailing from the Dominican Republic welcome gotta yell from Puerto Rico welcome Eve today we’re swapping our favorite meals I am defending the iconic the delicious inside were also mofongo so good so mofongo is like the most iconic thing like every restaurant you’re going Berto Rico they have more foam boys we got more people doing a fungus more Puerto Rican God wants to say that is Dominican but they got mangu they got their own planets we got we got Paul so calm down my dad makes bomb mofongo so every time I have mofongo it’s like a piece of home because it’s a combination of like lapa nose and the me and the seasoning and the liquid which is so good at Kailua they see more than like you just pour it all over and it’s so good I don’t think I’ve ever had mofongo by myself which is crazy everytime I eat my fungal it’s because I’m celebrating or going to dinner with friends or my family so it’s always a good time also Dominicans make mofongo too but I gotta put that out there you know I’m saying so what I have here is oxtail mmm after I love boxes my mom used to make exhale all the time I don’t know what helping so she don’t make it for me anymore so but she said make it all the time and that was the time that me and my family will come together and we’ll sit together we are ourselves one thing I love about show is like it’s the most flavorful meat of the Ox the reason why is because it’s so attached to the bone and a lot of the richness and the flavors come from the bone so what I have here is Axel’s Umar oh and we also have plantains fried plantains Dominicans we love plantains so that’s a come we’re able to make fried plantains we’re gonna make mofongo so everybody make mangu it just versatile yeah I think my dish is gonna win because there is more flavors within this meat then what you’re gonna get from that mofongo Wow the shape and then you got everything is you got plant on those too we got the oxtail do you want the richest meat and we got rice and beans together like this is everything you’re gonna want in food well in my plate we got more foam girl which is basically just like mashed plantains but it’s crispy because they they add Teachout wrong which is pork rind and then it’s topped with betadine which is pork and it’s so juicy because I know where there’s no fungus from and I know it’s delicious and it’s super juicy they put the guy low on top it’s bomb it’s just flavorful it’s like a combination of flavors exploding your mouth and you’re gonna be like whoa well with that usually my what I said I said you’d say that rice and beans together all right I don’t really want to but I guess we’ll swap get this tail but then we’re gonna swap back we’re gonna swap back Jersey one oxtail give me some and don’t be eating all the platinum leave me want platinum bro yeah all these instructions that’s it that’s the okay so well leave me some meat not gonna lie I recently had ox Hill for the first time it was interesting cuz the taste was okay but just the idea that it’s a tail is the thing that throws me off that was okay you said was good it was good it was good don’t be changing what you said last time I was there okay but I said that the taste was good but I also said that I would not order it by myself this one looks different you actually your hand bro let me live Oh it’ll go it’s ready good mm-hmm I’m gonna eat the mofongo it smells rich I know where they got it from some lie I know it’s gonna be delicious Triple Threat truck I know it’s coming from you so I can smell them nothing worth but the best these people make the best move home where I would taste it in my life this is really good I’m a big fan of carne asada which is like beef stew and this takes exactly like that it’s more flavor than ever I gotta be stupid it also has this like a little bit of like cajun spices in it I’m just gonna go with my fingers I don’t care the beneath it so that it was voted for a long time then it’s nice and soft you can never go wrong yo my man this is hard this is rich as it is very relaxed in a good way is extremely rich it’s good but I’m done I am ready to try my own delicious bone put it back on the he’s such a clean freak God is the one person I will ask in every text that did you wash these utensils I’m surprised you didn’t yesterday you gotta ruin my move see this is us so good it brings back joy and memories I would have some mayo ketchup which is man isn’t ketchup mixed together and you would like pour it all over I gotta stay with my mph on boom that is a little bit of an acquired taste also it’s like something that not everyone’s like immediately like oh I’m gonna order an oxtail like oh I can’t wait to your tail speak about yourself bro a lot of people just go out and eat Axew I said especially for Caribbeans will go nuts basu people go nuts for mofongo – and you can’t find it and like everywhere like we’re lucky we got a Twitter even food a bagel as nuts from a phone quest oh yeah tasting it back to back even though he ruined my mail delicious I love my gosh – I love my side I’ll do anything like I’ll travel far away cocktails almost every day got it or not I still like obsessed fanatic I love crazy about it the answer is always so fruit flavorful so juicy I love the me I love the meat comes out of the bone but Ian it back to back with a mofongo I think I will go further more for me that’s me being honest the reason why is the way was prepared was super super rich it’s not a lot of people make more fun with like that if I have to sit with a player of oxtails and this mofongo I’ll go with that more I’m gonna be honest I will be interested in eating mofongo with oxtail on top that’s a good idea you should come up with own restaurant I’m a fungal made out of oxtail that’s a good idea that would be bomb I still stand by the case of I prefer mofongo only because I am a true mofongo fan but Brenda – back to back well the difference I feel like it’s a lot I think we’re ready for our final decision thank Axl was really good also because I’ve had it before I was already like anticipating what I was gonna eat at first I was scared but I really think that oxtail is one of those foods that you eat once in a while or not everyone at least I personally wouldn’t want to eat ox Hill every single week every day every day I eat them oh yeah like god yeah it’s just a true fan I’m the same way like God but with my phone go where I could even phone go every two days and I would be happy I could do that too he can eat anything I’m not too crazy about more formula and beyond to be honest but I know what this mofongo comes from and this mofongo is probably one of the best performers that has ever made like is delicious it was a hard decision you know it was a really hard decision but we both had to come with a conclusion and we needed to be fair and honest am i right yes so the plate that one is more fun go first oh there you go yo my Dominicans I know you’re gonna be a little mad at me but the thing is the people that made this mofongo make it so delicious and ridiculous it’s just like there’s no comparison I know it’s like they put something in their food and makes it like more richer I don’t know what it is like they had it’s a home for flavor like if it was a regular mofongo I think doctor wouldn’t want you know that’s what I think maybe I don’t know but I want like to thank my mom for she named ependymoma fungo when I was little I would like to thank Triple Threat food truck or serving this mofongo but the only reason why you want I would like to thank God for he didn’t make it remains appear in the earth okay [Music]


  1. this is like comparing bone marrow to a banana . of course OXTAIL is going to have more flavor. soy Boricua nacido y criado still living on the island. Oxtail is amazing . Mofongo is amazing . but the battle between the two is a bit off. Plus oxtail aint really a thing here in Puerto Rico. But mashed plantain is a thing on both island. THOUGH MANGU IS THE MAIN DOMINICAN VERSION.

  2. bruh how are those two compared 🤦🏽‍♂️. it’s supposed to be Mangu vs Mofongp because both are made of the same food

  3. Slow cook those oxtails for 6 hours on low. Grill them for another 30 minutes. You've had pulled pork sandwiches but when oxtail is substituted, words can't describe how much better they are. Replace hamburger bun with brioche buns. Make some coleslaw and grab some beer and friends.

    That Dominican guy probably eats pizza with a knife and fork. So, so sad… If it has a bone you are allowed to use your hands. Go to a Moroccan restaurant and learn how to use your hands. It's not impolite or gross. Let you live? That's what we're trying to achieve.

  4. I clicked this food as soon as I saw ox tail, it tastes soooo good😍. Caribbean people you know what I'm talking about.

    Stewed ox tail, baked ox tail, ox tail cooked in bbq sauce, grilled ox tail.

  5. Dominican ?? I guess bc they consider themselves Caribbeans 🙄🙄 but def not a Spanish dish this is a then line here

  6. Shoulda been Mofongo vs. Mangu. These are both delicious but not at all similar dishes. You have a composed dish vs. a cut of meat. I love Oxtails but this match up just makes no sense. The Rice, Beans & Platanos with the Oxtails are any number of side dishes that can be picked, but that dish wasn't about the composed dish, it was about the Oxtails.

  7. Yo Gadiel had Jamaican Oxtail fam. You can tell through the color and how the plantains look, but more so the oxtail itself. Jamaican Ox is darker and you can sometimes see butta beans with it and its rich, while Dominican Ox is lighter in color and it can be a bit oily. Also Dominicans tend to put carrots in, Jamaicans dont usually put carrots in Oxtail. So Gadiel need to quit playin the culture😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Why are you scraping food left on your silverware back on a plate your sharing with someone????? That is so trife! I wouldn’t have went behind him after that. Then calling him a clean freak. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Oxtail is amazing. That’s some good stuff …. or so I’ve heard (I’ve converted to vegetarian now so… lol I can’t be too into it)

  10. When you add mayonnaise and ketchup to your mofongo something is wrong. WTH? I don't usually taste oxtail but it's a delicious plate.

  11. i love yall and i love this channel but you really need to show more stuff about countries like Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, etc. Por favoooor make this happen

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