‘Moneyball’ Author Studies President Donald Trump, Finds Government Neglect | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘Moneyball’ Author Studies President Donald Trump, Finds Government Neglect | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. It's amazing. We have the worst possible person occupying the white house, and half the country truly believes he's the best possible person. That's a catastrophic, Civil War era type of divide. The problem now is that one side is fueled not by ideology or culture, but by lies, and they either don't have the intellectual capacity or inclination to recognize and reconcile those lies. How do we recover from that? The ignorance is not just a vacuum of information. It's an intentional adherence to the falsehoods, and an identity bond with them.

  2. Trump and his funders are global warming deniars. Scientists are ringing alarm bells that we must make changes to society right now to just limit the damage. But they are actually too conservative. The disastrous effects of global warming are already in motion. Its global stability and prevention of massive human die offs by the end of this century that we must prevent now. Note that the south of the US is a region at risk and has a dark future. Yet Trump wants to reverse and go straight back to coal, oil, and gas as being the areas of promotion, rather than green tech and conservation. Environmental regulations are being attacked everywhere by his administration. The writing is on the wall and Trump is trying cover it up.

  3. Looks like an important, informative book. Who can keep up with so many of them so I recommend a you tube channel "Politics and Prose" which posts author Q & A sessions which last an hour and tend to cover any key points.

  4. Of course he does you wouldn't want to bring anybody on the network that had something good to say about the Donald LOL

  5. I think that the problem is that the leaders are in the state of "waking sleep" which humans are capable of.
    They are like dreaming as they walk around, appearing to be awake. In a dream you are usually focused on
    very specific things, so if other relevant things are going on which you do not see, the chances of doing
    damage increase. Plus, you have to wonder what the history books will make of you.

  6. If I were a Republican and heard this I would defect right now. Instead, if any Republican hears this it will be considered fake news by the time they heard it.

  7. The answer to this problem starts at 8:12 . We need people who can articulate to the public what the various bureaus do.

  8. “My creed is that public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation with full recognition that every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration, that constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought, that smears are not only to be expected but fought, that honor is to be earned, not bought.”
    — Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Republican from Maine, 1952, https://tinyurl.com/y9bxc95d

    That great American Supreme Court Justice and veteran of the Army of the Potomac, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., set an inspiring example for us all, when, upon his death he donated his estate to the United States government as an expression of his devotion to his country, the United States of America. A combat veteran, he fought unflinchingly and heroically for the nation he loved. He nearly died for it from multiple wounds suffered in multiple battles during the Civil War. How is this country worthy of his sacrifices and the sacrifices of his generation?
    — Dr. Christina J. S. Jones

    “Our government … teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
    — Justice Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiE_zoVC5dc

    "The good ruler sublimates his needs as an individual to the service of the nation."
    — Aung San Suu Kyi, In Quest of Democracy, 1991

    Republican record – 120 indictments, 89 convictions, and 34 prison sentences. "When comparing criminal indictments of those serving in the executive branch of presidential administrations, it’s so lopsided as to be ridiculous. Yet all I ever hear about is how supposedly “corrupt” the Democrats are. So why don’t we break it down by president and the numbers? … In the last 53 years, Democrats have been in the Oval Office for 25 of those years, while Republicans held it for 28. In their 25 yrs in office Democrats had a total of three executive branch officials indicted with one conviction and one prison sentence. That’s one whole executive branch official convicted of a crime in two and a half decades of Democratic leadership. In the 28 yrs that Republicans have held office over the last 53 yrs they have had a total of (a drum roll would be more than appropriate), 120 criminal indictments of executive branch officials. 89 criminal convictions and 34 prison sentences handed down. That’s more prison sentences than years in office since 1968 for Republicans. If you want to count articles of impeachment as indictments (they aren’t really but we can count them as an action), both sides get one more. However, Clinton wasn’t found guilty while Nixon resigned and was pardoned by Ford (and a pardon carries with it a legal admission of guilt on the part of the pardoned). So those only serve to make Republicans look even worse. … 120 indictments for Republicans. 89 convictions, and 34 prison sentences. Those aren’t “feelings” or “alternate facts.” Those are simply the stats by the numbers. Republicans are, and have been for my entire lifetime, the most criminally corrupt party to hold the office of the presidency."
    – Kevin G. Shinnick, Corruption By The Numbers, July 6, 2017, https://goo.gl/c6VxHC

  9. Yeah, he collected all our info and proved it with presidential text. He'll make money by selling it. He's a mob boss.

  10. Michael Lewis great book and great insight ,,,,Traitor trump is only a puppet president ,,everyone else runs the government (like fox news/hannity) ,,,the record amount of resignations from top civil servants ,,,,trump just campaigns on selling his snake oil cure

  11. As forest fires and hurricanes increase in both strength and frequency over the next few years Trump will be forced to act on climate change – but it may just be too late to act and he will be responsible for the death and destruction that follows.

  12. I know who should be in charge of debate questions for 2020. The people running for office should be forced to answer all questions if they can’t . Then the public needs to not vote for that candidate. Plain and simple

  13. Do the democrats really want to get into power after Trump. They will take the blame for the mess he is going to leave behind. It pains me to say this but Trump needs to serve for another term otherwise the democrats will be lucky if they last 1 term.

  14. "The BEST among us" – ? Maybe in select cases, but just look at the VA: Been a mess for at least 8 yrs under Obama and 2 now due to in-fighting, turf-protection & inability to fire A LOT of dead wood. Once job security & benefits were the gov't draw, but now civil servants make MORE money too. A lot of good people, but out of balance plus union-mentality.

  15. These institutions will survive Trump, and his godawful appointees, but they will be weakened to the point where they will take years to recover…

    Imagine appointing a moron like Rick Perry to run the Energy Department! It is like replaced the school Principal with the Janitor and an angry, drunk illiterate Janitor at that.

  16. I "gave" one year of my career to working for the Federal government just after college. The experience was good, but the pay was not. I received a commendation for my work, but always described it as my year of missionary work. To often, Congress swung around "bad" words like socialism and cost-cutting, while adding additional layers of paperwork adding to the inefficiency. I will always be grateful for the experience I got, but it made terribly clear that we've been doing this in an ineffective, inefficient way that lacks a long-term mission or goal. As the Trump administration so clearly demonstrates, people with a lack of leadership skills and specific knowledge can be placed in positions of power in the blink of an eye. An illustrious career can be over just as fast. Good interview!

  17. Trump hates truth seekers, but he is probably laughing at his supporters knowing how little he cares about this country let alone caring for his supporters.

  18. A simple but terrifying analysis of the current situation and a sensible, logical conclusion by mr Lewis. This is a book worth reading, I think.

  19. While most people hired to do a job usually have an interview process to check if they are qualified…I'm amazed that a procedure for the most important job in the nation isn't a necessity…It may have prevented "Hurricane Trump" from becoming as bad as it is…..

  20. 45 on the UN Climate Change Report: "Oh, I'm absolutely GOING to read it..!" Can you just imagine Barack Obama saying a thing like that? Sweet Christ.


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  23. I'm gonna talk so Conservative can understand. You Southern red states are filled with ignorant wicked people and God is gonna drown you like he did with Noah and his arch.

  24. The fact that Donald was busy again serving himself with another rally while hurricane Michael was raging says all we need to know about how he feels about reading any critical report about climate change.

  25. Outraged people who believe perfectly functioning Utopian government has been ruined by Trump. MSNBC and your guests are the best arm-chair politicians ever. Thank you for the minute by minute reminder of the level of horror we live through with this one-man dynasty wrecking ball. After all everything bad happening now IS because of Trump. No Trump Derangement to see here.

  26. So, truth is being heard about the true workings of the trump era…talk, talk, talk, no action..and long term this is going to BITE for a long time after he is gone..Legacy, the downfall of America, led by a con man..Lawrence digs out the "stuff"…always

  27. Ed Buckley
    1 week ago
    Trump doesn't have to pay taxes because he is better then the majority of Americans because he is wealthy we all know if you have followed Donald Trump that the majority of his businesses fail almost immediately Trump has always been a horrible business man but has always been a decent con man and he has no problem getting idiots to follow him. I am a finish Carpenter that worked on Trump Tower when the job was finished he refused to pay the full amount of the contract that was signed and told my company to take him to court and good luck it is people like him that Crush blue collar workers like myself I have been a lifelong Republican and I have also worked I also worked at Trump's brother's house Robert Trump who was a very nice man and paid his bill in full no BS Trump can tell a good story and might sound good on paper but if you ever do work for him that requires you to be compensated make sure you get paid in full up front or don't plan on getting paid I've been a local 20 carpenter and now i own my own company Donald Trump is not a friend of the blue collar working man that is why he has been sued over four thousand times my company was one of them people can say I'm a Democrat or full of s*** but go and ask someone who works for Trump how well he actually treated them. The majority of the work he needs gets done by foreigners and don't worry he stiffed most of them to. It should have been a red flag that not a single company working on the building when I was there had ever done work for Donald Trump before

  28. Don't you think it's a little odd that people put Trump down all the time. Is he not a very successful man. Whoever does not see that is blinded by their dicust for the rich outsider. What other first class developer/ billionaire is willing to take on such a challenge as the presidency of the United States. Look at some of our past presidents during my lifetime that we have tried: the penut farmer, the actor/politician, the lawyer/ from Arkansas, the CIA/oil man, the son of The CIA/oil man, the community activist/lawyer/senator. Most of the people who put Trump down aren't half the man he is. For an educated look at Trump and Trumpism listen to Professor Victor David Hanson who is a senior fellow at the Hoover institute. VDH has a unique perspective with a background in the classics, military history, he has written 27 books, he has also taught in palo alto while maintaining a family farm in the hills of california. With respect i say have an open mind, I hope it sheds some light into this very unique president.

  29. I have not been crazy about his other books, but Lewis knows where to look for what is really going on in the world.

  30. Hate to plug another guy's book but Thomas Frank's "The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule" explains all of this and why it must be this way for Republicans … they appoint incompetents and loyalists because they are determined to make government NOT WORK, so they can always run on how government is so bad so you pay your taxes and they use them to hire the incompetent and loyal contractors and waste your money for nothing.

  31. Millions of us are literally aching for responsible management of our nation's well-being. This new book will be an eye-opener for those of us who still believe in America.

  32. I love that Trump thinks someone "drew" the IPCC report, like he's waiting for the cartoon version. You can see when he puts on that 'camel being f***ed by an elephant' expression whenever he's asked something he doesn't know (like about fifty times a day) that he's barely registered even the headline.

  33. "But a society that appreciated its government would never have elected such a man…" 2:39 — I always find it disappointing to find out that a person's work who you enjoy is so contemptuous of you and your fellow citizens.

  34. I asked a 19 year old friend today why young people don't vote. She said she had stuff to do on that day. I said you can send it in the mail. She said she didn't need to bother with that stuff. I threw her some statistics about young people not voting and how they could control who was in power if they all started voting, she said it didn't matter to her. Didn't effect her. I pointed out she picked a career that didn't provide health insurance and a large young vote could change both houses and make universal health care and provide more affordable education she just changed the subject. We need some talented young adult authors and moviemakers to create compelling stories that educate our population on the government's role and the change voter's can make so youth care. They don't understand that they sign over their own future to people who have no concern for long term consequences everytime they don't vote. And those in power take whatever power they are given and use it to entrench themselves so the ones who didn't use their vote, will no longer have the power to have it count because of jerrymandering and lobbying and superpack funding.

  35. 4 years ruling class Neanderthals of America, 4 years of Donald Duck trump, and you WILL get 4 years, 4 years of trump and the USA will no longer be a superpower and you ELECTED THIS GREAT, WHITE, HOPELESS 😩 AND YOUR FATE!!!!!!!!

  36. The Trump creature, is any sane and rational human beings nightmare scenario from the chamber of horrors/criminal/narcissist stupidity!…


  38. I don‘t get it why it is so hard to understand: Mercer produces the playfield to unlimited funding of politics by private corporations, puts his errand Bannon in place to get the useful fool Trump in the position of POTUS (supported by manipulating social networks to get more votes where needed via Cambridge Analytica). The other fool (the GOP) plays along as they see their conservative wet dreams come true, at least interim. Mercers/Bannons real deeds are in completely deconstruct the state and put an ultra-capital non-state system in place. Bannon even committs to that with his own words.
    In the mean time Russia as a sidekick fuels the whole operation via additional voting manipulations because they invested a lot to get their money laundering in operation (via real estate investments and another useful fool named Deutsche Bank).

  39. Great interview about things we rarely hear about too! THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS PRESIDENT SO DANGEROUS & for him to say the Democrats want to destroy everything, he only needs to take a good look at himself. He explains how the role of government is to keep us safe; what weather, commerce, energy, agricultural do is MISSION CRITICAL. Obama had directives all set up for him yet, not understanding it, he ignores it, fired people and hired those who know nothing about what they oversee like the Scott Pruitt & Rick Perry who wanted to gut the energy Dept! "These are the only tools we have to deal with the biggest things in society" such as the nuclear arsenal, waste clean up around the country, the public sector needs which is where future jobs are too. He talks about how Geeks "who are the best among us manage a portfolio of risks that are absolutely terrifying but they take their role very seriously because they are responsible for protecting life & property."

  40. Well the lady who worked for trump org for years said the same thing.He would tell them to do something that they was not right-the emp did it correctly and trump never asked again about it.

  41. Trump lies. Facts matter. Compare the Executive branch crime total over the last 53 years. Republicans have had the Presidency for 28 years, with a total of 120 criminal indictments, 89 criminal convictions, and 34 prison sentences. Democrats have had the Presidency for 25 years, with a total of 3 criminal indictments, 1 criminal conviction, and 1 prison sentence. Republican politicians are corrupt. Trump is under criminal investigation. The USA has the Green party, Independent party, and Democrat party. We don't need Republican criminals running the country.

  42. Sorry about the following "generalization", but it is a comment from the heart from someone not from the United States, why can't Americans get off their collective "fat arses" and learn about the "how" and "why" of their own government and the separate departments within said government and what those said departments are responsible for ?????? It is not as if there is not enough access to means to learn about this in this day and age, are people too "stupid" or "arrogant" or just plain lazy to put in the effort to learn, maybe the population have been conditioned by too much TV, or the snake oil salesman approach they get through this medium, or maybe they Will Not move out of their own way until there is a set of steak knives that go with the knowledge ????? Please tell me why they show No interest in how THEIR government is supposed to work until they personally have a problem, and then it is the fault of everybody else but them ??????? If You do not stay engaged with the government then You will get what You deserve, case in point, Your current potus and his Enablers in the republican party, You now have to work Your arses off to get rid of the "swamp" they have generated, which I might add was in control of the House and Senate before !!!!!!!

  43. Michael Lewis, Bob Woodward, Michael Wolfe, Tony Schwartz and even Omarosa are all saying exactly the same thing – Chump is incompetent. Zillions of Americans know this. Unfortunately millions of Americans have been suckered into Chump's BS partly because Americans are fascinated by celebrity, partly because millions are racists and partly because millions have no ability to judge immoral character. The solution is at the ballot box and all right thinking Americans need to get off their butts and vote at both the mid-terms and the general election against Chump and the GOP. Failure to do so will result in America in the toilet.

  44. I lived through army, jail, traveled the world, got divorced two times and way more. Nothing scares me more than Trump.

  45. Trump is not very bright, climate change is big business. I thought I read where he gave away, to China, a 7 trillion dollar environmental contract?

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