My Bf’s Mom Decided To Finish Our Love. She Did It In Public! || Best True Stories Animated

My Bf’s Mom Decided To Finish Our Love. She Did It In Public! || Best True Stories Animated

Hey! I’m Audrey. And this is Mrs. Mackenzie – my boyfriend’s
mom. Well, actually we are no longer together anymore
and this woman is pretty much to blame for everything. By the time this story happened, I’d been
together with Stuart for a whole year. Our relationship could have been called perfect
if his mom wasn’t constantly meddling. You see, she never liked me. From the very moment I’d begun dating Stuart,
she didn’t even want to get to know me. Anytime I asked him why we don’t chill at
his place, he’d say that his mom thought that the meet-the-parents thing would be something
that was reserved for those who were ready to get married, and we were definitely not,
at least not yet. It’s not that this made me sad or anything,
but my mom knew Stuart and I just thought I would feel more comfortable knowing his
parents too — that’s it. Anyway, when I finally met his mom – it
was the night of Stuart’s granny’s jubilee, so it was basically her who invited me, but
nevertheless, Mrs. Mackenzie seemed very nice and polite to me. We chatted a little, but I thought it’d
be enough for such a busy evening and everything. After a week or so she invited me for dinner
and it was right then that I felt the tension between us. First of all, I don’t eat meat, and Stuart
was supposed to tell his mom about this. He actually promised me that he did, but when
I saw the table, I noticed that there was A LOT of meat on it, Mrs. Mackenzie said,
at first, that Stuart told her nothing and then later she said that she might have been
too busy when he was telling her about my food preferences and that she’d probably
missed that point. Well, I said it was all OK, and then spent
the whole dinner trying to get rid of the beef from the warm beef salad. After everybody was done with dinner, Mrs.
Mackenzie said that we would have tea and cake in the living room. Normally, I don’t like cakes or anything
sweet at all, but I was still hungry. Besides, Mrs. Mackenzie baked it herself,
so I thought that one small piece of it wouldn’t hurt me. Honestly, it turned out to be awful from the
very first bite. Of course, I couldn’t show that I didn’t
like it, you know, after this failure with the whole “I don’t eat meat” thing,
I just didn’t want to be rude. So, I kept swallowing the damn cake as fast
as I could, barely chewing it. Right after dinner, Stuart and I had planned
to go to the movies. And as soon as we arrived, I could feel that
my stomach was upset. Maybe I felt that way because I ate that cake
way too fast, or because of the way it was cooked, I dunno. So, I asked Stu to go buy me a coke, which
is usually helpful for digesting, you know. And after I drank it, I had to run to the
bathroom – and this was right when the movie had already started. Well, it’s needless to say that I spent
almost the whole time there, in the toilet. But even this is not the part of the story
I wanted to mention. It’s Stu. I mean, when I finally felt better and got
back to my seat, I said that it was probably his mom’s cake that wasn’t cooked very well
(he didn’t eat any of it, by the way). But he insisted that the coke that he’d
bought me had gone bad, and looked really offended by what I’d said about his mom. And another time, when Stuart and I were going
to the Water Park and dropped by his place for him to get all the necessary stuff, his
mom said that it was very brave of me to be that uninhibited in a swimsuit. Well, yeah, that was pretty offensive, taking
into account that I truly was a little bit chubby. And also, once, she said a few choice words
about me not knowing who my dad was. I mean, yeah, I have never met him, but it
was definitely not my fault and I should not be judged by that fact, I thought. These were far from the only examples of her
toxicity toward me. At some point, it got really hard to turn
a deaf ear to all of her words, and I tried to talk to Stuart about it. But he was, you know, the type of guy who
couldn’t stand even a word of criticism toward his own mother. That’s why I thought I’d better just avoid
his mom in order to keep our relationship intact. And then, since Stuart was a little bit older
than me, the time had come for him to apply to college. Even here his mommy had already decided on
everything, and he was supposed to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Mr. Mackenzie was a lawyer, by the way, and
was usually too busy, so I rarely even saw him. Honestly, it was a great opportunity for Stuart. It’s just, I had one year of high school
to go, and we were, sort of, having to get ready for a long distance relationship. Mrs. Mackenzie, by the way, seemed to be very
happy and I was pretty sure it was because she thought we’d break up. She started to be really friendly, and she
was, like, “Oh, honey, don’t be sad! You’ll be together in a year when you also
go here.” Even though she knew that my mom wouldn’t
be able to afford this college. And then Stuart decided to give me a present
and this was the beginning of the end, I guess. We had our last movie night before he would
leave for college, and afterward we were sitting on a park bench, when he suddenly took a small
box out of his pocket. Of course, I got really excited, ‘cause
it really seemed like the proposal thing was happening. But then Stuart brought me back down to earth
saying that this was not him proposing to me, but more just a sign of our love. He gave me a ring that his great-grandma had
given him many years ago. Everything still felt really magical, and
the ring was really beautiful, so I immediately put it on my finger and… and well, what
can I say? I was totally happy to have it, even though
I was going to miss my boyfriend a lot. And now you can just try to imagine Mrs. Mackenzie’s
face when, the next day, we all went together to the airport to say goodbye to Stuart and
she noticed that ring on my finger. Apparently her son told her nothing about
his plans. She turned pale, then red with anger, and
told me that the ring fit my size amazingly, through her clenched teeth. I don’t know why, but I felt a sense of
superiority over her. I thought this would really mean that once
Stuart and I got married, he’d take my side in any future conflict. But I was sorely mistaken. It was approximately two months after that
moment at the airport, when I suddenly saw Stuart’s dad around town. It’s not that I purposefully avoided his
parents. I just had nothing to talk to his mom about
and I didn’t want to piss her off again by showing off with my ring. So, anyway, I had gone to the coffee shop
to grab a latte to go, and when I turned to go to the restroom, I noticed Stuart’s dad
sitting at a table in the very corner of the café. At first, I got I bit worried, ‘cause this
meant that his mom could also be somewhere around and I didn’t want to see her. But then I imagined that they had already
seen me and that it would be rude for me to ignore them, so I decided that I should just
go up and say, “Hi.” But even before I took my first step toward
their table, I saw Mr. Mackenzie’s escort and it definitely was not his wife. Yeah, it was also pretty obvious that that
young lady wasn’t just a friend of his. That’s why he’d chosen such an isolated
table there, I thought. I decided it’d be embarrassing for me to
go up to him after what I’d just seen, and I didn’t really want to get into any trouble,
so I just left. I couldn’t get these thoughts about Stuart’s
dad and everything out of my head later that day. I just didn’t want to believe that this
could really happen and that after this many years of marriage, one of the spouses could
have an affair just like that, with a woman much younger than he was, by the way. And I actually felt sorry for his mom. I tried to put myself into her shoes and finally
figured out that I would want to know the truth if I were her. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t call her
directly and tell her about what I’d seen. That’s why I decided to tell Stuart about
it when he called. Well, what can I say? It was hard to find the words to candy-coat
the truth. Of course, the news shocked him and it was
practically the only thing I had a chance to discuss with him. As soon as I told him, he hung up the phone
and I knew that he was calling his mom. I kept wondering about her reaction until
the next day, when I was once again totally surprised by quite an unexpected encounter. It was Mrs. Mackenzie, right there, in front
of my school, and she seemed to be waiting for me. Oh, what a drama it was! She started yelling at me, saying that I had
no right to interfere with her family affairs, and that I’d better just focus on my own
life and a lot of other really rude stuff. Oh my god! The whole school heard it! She ended up saying that she will never let
her son be with the kind of a girl that I was – What was that supposed to mean!? And she demanded to have that ring back. I was totally humiliated. So, of course, I gave it back to her and then
rushed home and texted Stuart that we needed to talk ASAP. And you know what? When he called, he didn’t believe me that
his mom could ever be that rude, then he said that she was right about me, and then he just
dumped me. Seriously? It’s been a whole week since our talk and
I still hope that Stuart is going to calm down, come to his senses, and call me back. However, my mom says that even if this happens,
we’ll never be as happy as we used to be before, ‘cause he has already shown me that
his mom and whatever she says will always be more important than me. What do you think about all this? Write to me, please, down in the comments
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  1. Audrey was just telling her the ugly truth and sadly the mother took it the wrong way. Audrey deserves better than a momma’s boy and a potential monster mother-in-law.

  2. I feel bad for the girl😔😔
    I bet her ex boyfriend will want to be with her after he finds out that his dad was cheating on her mom

  3. You are on right path, forget about your boyfriend. I know it would be difficult but you have to face the reality …….

  4. Stuart's mom is way out of line but don't insult somebody's mom's cooking. Next time say "I must've eaten something that doesn't agree with me." Since you aren't used to meat or sweets it'd be plausible.

  5. While I think the mother should have kept out of her son's relationship, people like this girl make me crazy. She's vegan, which means she's militant and believes she can tell the rest of us what to do. AND, she doesn't eat sweets, either. Why even go over there for dinner? Why not invite the mother out to a restaurant where everybody can have the type of food they want?

  6. Mamatay na sana yang nanay na yan magsama sila mamatay ng anak nya. Mga demonyo! Malapit lng ang karma hayaan mo lng yan sila

  7. Audrey, I've known far too many people like the Mckenzies here in your story. We don't have to be like them. When we find out they're like this, get the heck away from them and move on. Can we really think our lives would be better being around them or that we can change them or that they don't realize what they're doing. You deserve much better than them. Their own rot will consume them!

  8. let's be honest….. the boyfriend is a mama's boy. the mom does not like her and probably trying to kill her and the dad i think the mom knows about it for sure. it's best to leave it alone and if one day he comes back into your life remember about this and say NO!

  9. Bruh if that was me I would walk up and say some sh*tty things about he's mom and him😠!!!!Girl you don't need he's dumbum busty little a*s in your life.Sis look here if I was there with you at school I would stand the f*ck up and say "bi*ch back off with your nasty as man looking dumb a** off key mo*herf*cken face and never ever talk like that to a amazing girl like her" WORD😒and end it with this "you and your man a h*e and for your son, I bet he's ganna follow in your manz foot Sept and when he finds that girl or man (don't know if he going to be gay or nah) he ganna leave you just like your manz going to do anytime soon bi*ch" AHA .P.

  10. the bf is a mamas boy and he didnt really love her, he doesnt really love you. bc if he does he wld talk to his mom about it.

  11. What a slap in the face. So sorry that his mom broke you two up. What’s worse was that he didn’t believe you. Getting accused of meddling in family affairs was far worse. She meddled in your relationship.

  12. Your mom is right. You don’t want to spend your life with someone who won’t listen to you anyway. His mother essentially gave him an ultimatum: you or her. And he made his choice. The same choice every time. Find someone who will either choose you or, better yet, not allow ultimatums like that to begin with.

  13. While you hope for the best, I can honestly say that..this kind of like the movie Monster in Law….no matter what you do…nothing is ever good enough for her or her son…and will do whatever she can to destroy it…its at this moment you must learn that…if someone doesn't have your back on what bothers you most, then they never gave you the true love and support you needed.

    if he doesn't want to listen or take in consideration of the situation….thats his fault…you did what you thought was right.

  14. I've seen such guys before. They are soo spoiled by their mom's love, that they don't accept anything against their mothers. He loves his mum way too much. You don't have to wait for him to come back to his senses. If he did love you he would trust you and listen to what you have to say. Move on with your life. You deserve better than him anyways.

  15. You deserve a better bf, because you did everything right. It's good to help people you know and are important to the people you love. When someone is trying to help you, you should appreciate it.

  16. Geez your not lucky.. my boyfriends mom and I are besties! We go shopping, get ice cream etc! She’s super fun and caring!

  17. I think that your story was very sad.. But I think you should live your own life and start from beginning.. It's gonna be hard to do that but I think you are going to be happy.

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