My Dad US Navy Full Honors Military Burial

on this is one time I don’t mind driving
slow Looks like the business of burial is a busy business For one thing there are 555 WW II Veterans dying in this country every day last count We the members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Enumclaw Post 1949 of the United States of America are honored to be able to provide this service for our departed comrade Charles Palmer When the call of our country was heard Charles answered Self was forgotten in the cause for greater good A brave man marched the way of God his country and his flag Our country was made better by his heroism The red of our country’s flag was made redder by its heroes The white more stainlessly pure by the motives dealt him the Blues more glorified by the Service he has given for Our American ideals Honor Guard – Attention Present Arms Salute US Navy Tribute Song Lets live our lives so that when the keeper of the eternal record calls our name for the others may say of us as we now say of Charles All that lies here is all that is mortal of a true hearted comrade and a fearless defender of this country and its flag Officers will now perform the last duties of our stations On behalf of the Veterans of the foreign wars of the United States I place on this casket this white flower symbol of purity in the hopes that future generations will immulate the undying service that our comrade has done I place upon this casket this wreath as a lasting token of affection his comrades in arms will crown his mortal dust with this symbol of victory on behalf of a gratefull republic for whose integrity Charles enlisted and served we have placed upon this casket this symbol of our country whos arms are always open to shelter the oppressed the march of our comrade is over. Charles has answered his final roll call may he now lie down in the house in the final call of the living The grave reminds us of the frailty of human life Now the final summons comes for which no one disobeys It seems fitting that Charles should be laid to rest under the azure skies His departed comrades of the Navy no longer here may he sail under peacefull skies and adjourn the angry storms for each of us when our journeys of life are over find comfort in that region of the blessed where the seas go Charles is now in the hands of his heavenly Father and called to the seas He shall be laid to rest in a place cherished and of virtue Our ranks are thinning so faithfull in our remaining marches so we too may be ready to fall out and take our place in the hereafter not in doubt of our faith that the mercifull captain of our salvationwill call out will call us to our fraternity which oo earth and in heaven – remains unbroken Our brother shall rise again in the ressurection of the light Earth to earth ashes to ashes dust to dust Spirit of the great spirit that governs over the lives and souls of men Honor Guard you will fire three rounds Ready Aim Fire! Present Arms The final sendoff I’d like to read a poem about the place Charles so honorably served I am the flag of the United States of America My name is Old Glory I was born on July 4 1776 My birth certificate is the Declaration of Independance I have flown the tops of the world’s greatest buildings Fly majestic over the greatest institutions of learning I stand for peace and honor truth and justice I stand for freedom My head a little higher my colors a little truer and I bow to no one My colors are recognized all over the world For more than 200 years I’ve fought in every battle Gettysburg, Shiloh, San Juan Hill, The trenches of France the beaches of Normandy the jungles of Guam and Okinawa Korea and Viet Nam the Persian Gulf and the hills of Afghanistan and a score of other places long forgotten by most but most remembered by those who were there I followed and watched over on a small hill in Iwo Jima I was at the ruins of the Pentagon and World Trade Center I have slipped the surely bonds of earth from my vantage point on the Moon I stand watch over the frontiers of space. I am a silent witness to all the finest hours When I fly at half mast for my soldiers, sailors airmen and Marines And when I rest in the trembling arms of a loved one at graveside I am proud But my finest hour is when I am torn in strips to use as bandages for my wounded comrades on the field of battle My name is OLD Glory Long may I wave Dear God long may I wave … Folding of Old Glory On behalf of the President of the United States and the United States Navy, Please accept the is flag for honorable service. Please accept these three shells fired from the three volleys This envelope contains information regarding the burial location US Navy … Song Present Arms Now departing the ship My respects sir, thank you for your service too. Were you Navy? Yes I am honored to assist you with a good picture recorded here

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