My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

Alright, yeah I know I just made a video about school stuff, like, a couple weeks ago But, you know what? I just gotta vent a little here, okay? You’ll understand in a bit For my Graphic Design History Lecture, we had to make a 3-4 minute video summarizing every chapter we covered during this semester. And the horrible twist was… … IT WAS A GROUP PROJECT. Now the thing about a college lecture is that: You don’t know anyone. You come in, sit down wherever you want, listen to the professor talk for, like an hour and a half, and then you leave. Maybe one time you’ll forget a pencil and have to ask the person sitting in front of you for one, and then you forget to give it back and now you have some random stranger’s pencil. But they don’t care! No one cares. Welcome to College. When the professor dropped in on us that it was a group project everyone was like “Oh god, freakin’, now I gotta pretend that I know these hockey pucks” Basically everyone just turned around to the closest person around them and was like “You wanna be in a group?” “Okay” I ended up with these two other girls And because I don’t want to say their real names I just googled “most annoying girl names” and Google gave me Reneeesme and Bloodrayne Anyone out there named Reneeesme and Bloodrayne, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re a wonderful person, but Google has spoken. So… So now I’ve got Reneesme and Bloodrayne here in a group with me The project was assigned to us in, like beginning of April so we about a month to get it done. We wrote down our contact info and went on with our day. I was pretty swamped with work at the time, so I wasn’t too concerned with getting started right away. Two weeks pass and no one would say anything. At this point, I decided to take initiative and make a group text. Hey guys, it’s Jaiden from design history. We should probably start thinking about the project soon. When are you all free? I didn’t get a response, but you know what? It’s fine. I’m sure they’ve got their own stuff to do. I won’t judge. It’s not a big deal. Another week goes bye, and I still haven’t heard anything. Alright, time to get serious. We’ve got a week to do this now, and we’ve got nothing. We’ve got one text in a group chat saying that we should start THINKING about the project that no one’s answered. That’s what we’ve got. I took double initiative and decided to get things going by splitting up the chapters evenly between us. There were 7 in total, which meant that one of us was gonna have to cover 3 while the others only had 2. I was nice and gave the 3 chapters to myself. Group project chivalry. Then I set up a Google Drive project so we could all work on it without having to physically get together. And texted everyone again. I made a plan with them that Monday: Meet up on Friday to record our notes and slides so we’d have the weekend to edit the video for next Monday. I know, not as creative as it could get, but I wasn’t about to go crazy overboard here. Okay, we’ve got a good plan. Not too much stress, a bit last minute, but it’s all organized, so it’s not that bad. I had a lot of work during the week, but I got my slides and notes done, and was ready to film on Friday. But Thursday night, I get a text from Reneeesme. Hey, so I can’t meet up with you guys tomorrow, because I have something going on. Huh. I got that feeling. Like this was the start of something REALLY bad. The little snowball of horribleness that was about to start barreling down the hill of “f*** you” and crash right into my little cabin of composure. W-what? I mean, we planned this on Monday. You should have told us that it didn’t work for you or something came up. What about meeting over the weekend? I have work from 7am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday. THIS FRICKING- Before too much time passed, I updated Bloodrayne on the situation. We came to the conclusion that we could just do audio recordings of our notes and edit them on top of the slides, so Reneeesme could record on her own time. Alright, back on track. Bit of a bump there, but it’s all good now. We’ve still got a solid plan. Back when we were still planning everything, we decided as a group to have Reneeesme edit the video. But I decided: Yeah, no, I do not trust this girl. I’m gonna edit the whole video. I know, it’s not balanced at all with the amount of work I had to do compared to the other girls. But you know what? It’s fine! Whatever. It’s better than worrying all weekend about if Reneeesme even knows how to upload a video to the internet. I get a text Friday morning from Bloodrayne. I’m at the library. We’re still meeting up right? What? I asked why, and she said “To record!” Uh, ok. We don’t need to meet up for that, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt Maybe she doesn’t know how to record audio or something, and she needs help. So I head over to the library with my microphone and we get a table in the corner. Alright, so just read off your notes into the mic and I’ll put them in the video. And you know what this girl does? She starts reading the most HORRENDOUS notes I have ever heard in my entire being. THIS GIRL- This is what she did, right?! When I made my slides in the project, I had terms, vocabulary, and key artists from the chapter. The notes look like this: A few main points and terms, and then a couple artists. The reason they looked so barren is because in my audio, I was going to EXPLAIN them! THIS GIRL B-BLOODRAYNE LITERALLY LOOKED AT MY SLIDES AND SAID “Alright! This is what I have to do!” WROTE HER NOTES EXACTLY LIKE MY SLIDES AND THOUGHT SHE COULD JUST READ THEM LIKE THAT WITHOUT ANY DETAILS OR COGNITIVE THOUGHT! Are you kidding?! How did you even pass grade PRESCHOOL?! I just sat there in disbelief while the girl read the saddest excuse for notes in the most *no energy* unenthusiastic, monotone voice you could imagine. When she was done, she just turned and looked at me like, “I’m done!” You- Do you have any notes explaining what you talked about? No. *sigh* Uh, ok. Can you get some notes explaining all your terms and artists? Because for the video, we have to explain why you put them in the video. You know? Oh, ok. I got back to my back to my dorm and had to take a breather. Ok, that was pretty bad, but it’s fine. She’ll fix them, send them to me, and I can get started on the video. No big deal. Things seem pretty crap, but I’m staying optimistic. It’s fine! Ok, guys, so can you get me your audio by tonight or tomorrow so I’ll have time to edit the video by Monday? Thanks. They both their audio to me past midnight on Saturday. *inhales* ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. So I’ve literally got one day to basically do this entire project now. I’m pretty ticked about this, but I’m too tired at this point to get angry. Like I said, I had a lot of work to do during the week. And I just don’t have the energy left to exert being mad. I woke up at 8:00 the next morning and got to work. *clap* Ok, so first things first! I’ve gotta edit all our audio together. I opened up all our clips and put them into the audio software. Remember how the video was supposed to be 3-4 minutes long? THIS WAS 16 MINUTES WHAT. THE. FRIGG. THAT’S 400% OVER THE LIMIT *lolz* i’m laughing because it hurts THEIR RECORDINGS WENT PAST THE TIME LIMIT JUST ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE HA. OH, SHOOT! I guess I’ll have to listen to this whole thing and see if I can somehow manage to edit it under the limit! I hit play, and began listening to the recording. And I couldn’t believe what was playing back to me. This is how much I didn’t know the girls in my group: I hadn’t even heard their voices before this project! The first part was Reneeesme’s. And she had the thickest, almost undecipherable Asian accent I have ever come across. I really don’t mean to be rude or disrespectful or any of that. It’s freaking hard to learn a second language. Massive props to whoever’s bilingual. But come on! My roommate came in, and I played her the recording and her facial expression morphed into a “I am both in disbelief and extremely sorry for you” At one part, Bloodrayne literally recorded herself on her phone in a car WOW LOOK AT THIS GREAT AUDIO!1!!1 What are you doing?! OH, JUST RECORDING MY AUDIO FOR MY FINAL PROJECT, NOTHING MUCH! ᕕ ( ᐛ ) ᕗ I ended up spending two and a half hours just cutting all our audio down! I think it still ended up being like 5 or 6 seconds over, but I couldn’t do anything else about it. And I didn’t even have the video portion started. So sparing you all the painful details of how I literally spent the entire day working on the dumb project by myself NO! You know what?! Not even by myself! My team was literally tripping me up, making me end up doing more work than if I just did it completely on my own! And you know how I kept saying that I was really busy during the week with other things? Yeah, I meant busy as in every single day leading up to that Friday, I had a major final exam for a different class to do! YOU GUYS SUCK>:( Just as I started exporting the final project, one of my really good friends came by to see if I wanted to go get something to eat. He noticed how absolutely awful I looked. What happened? i’m dead πŸ™ I spent what was left in the day with a few of my buddies. Then at 11:30 in the FREAKING PM, I get a text from none other than Reneeseme. How’s the video going? Wow, I’m glad you’re so concerned with the video that you decided to check up on it 30 minutes before the turn-in time. I finished it after 8 hours of editing. Oh, cool NOT EVEN A GOD F-FLIPPING THANK YOU I literally did the entire project for you twats in the span of one day, but I guess a thank you is too much to ask for, my bad, sorry. You know, I’m not an angry person. Pretty much the opposite. And I don’t like confrontation. As absolutely pissed off as I was at these girls, I honestly didn’t have any energy left to rant to them about how they were being literal dirtwipes. So you know what I did instead? I’m the one who’s editing the video, right? I’m the one with complete control over what goes into the final project, right? It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here, boys. Sometimes the sweetest types of revenge are best executed passive-aggressively after them storm without anyone looking or expecting it. Don’t worry, I did end up emailing the professer about this whole thing. Actually, her response was kind of funny and way more dramatic than I expected. I still have it, look: Jaiden, Thank you for the report. Blah, blah, blah This is rather serious. Do not contact them. You will not lose credit for your work once I get to the bottom of this, but it is likely they will. P.s: well done on working hard and persisting in the face of difficulty. If you’re curious, I think I ended up getting like an 83 on the project, which I’ll take! I just wanted to pass! Like, Jesus Christ! I don’t know what happened to the other girls or if they failed or not, but I don’t care, so… That’s that! So thanks for watching. Holy crap, this was a long video to animate. Like, almost 9 freaking minutes And girls, if you’re watching this, I’m sorry, but… I hope you failed.


  1. Honestly, I’m just watching your vids at 1:00AM with my best friend……….. btw love your vids ❀️

  2. β€œI have work 7am-10pm Saturday and Sunday.”

    WHO works 13 hour shifts for two days straight, on the weekend?!?! At my uni you are allowed to work 14 hours A WEEK maximum. You’re not allowed to work any more. At my friends uni (Oxford) you are not allowed to have paid work AT ALL in first year!

    Smells like LIES to me

  3. Hate group projects cuz:
    – everyone immediately picks their bff and I m left alone
    – no one can ever agree on anything
    – always 1 person who bosses around everyone else
    None of these r Jaiden’s situation

  4. The worst group project ever- I was trasfered to site 46 and the only humanoid scps that also tried to escape were 280, 457, 2125, 1770 and me. 457 was speaking the fire toungue all the time. 280 and 2125 could not speak at all and 1770 spoke Engilsh. Boom all of us were trashfered bact to 19 for no reason!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the name Bloodrayne is a cool name? I’ve never heard of it til now so, idk?

  6. I hated working on projects however, the worst project that anyone will suffer was Science Fair. For 7th and 8th, we was forced to do a Science Fair project and doing whatever it took for a good grade was just godawful.

  7. Group projects.

    Elementary schools: ZACK WANNA BE MY PARTNER.

    Middle schools: walks up to your best friend Zack wanna be my partner.

    High schools: walks to a pretty girl or boy Wanna be my partner. (What girls say) β€œNO” (What boys say) β€œZack wanna be my partner. β€œ

    College : Yells at teacher CAN WE WORK ALONE.

  8. 2:54
    I'm not buying that. What kind of job does a college student have where they have to work 30 hours in just two days? Answer that in the comments, please.

  9. I heh… Actually… Hmm… Did a bit like in the end, I didn't suffer in pain because our teacher didn't let us work on our project at home. But let me tell you:
    So the project was about Energysources, and I picked Windmills. I ended up with some of my legit best friends, one of them are very relaxed and didn't worry or do anything about the project. While the other one was so besserwisserisch that… Ugh. We read a sentance, that was something like: Windmills energy are Insert reasonable unit here (EPD) And this girl forced me to write EPD. Even though no one of us knew what it meant. But I wasn't too disturbed with it. The next time we were gonna work on the project, this girl who were sick the time we got our projects and groups joined our group. And you know what she did? I wrote the entire project myself, while she was treading with this besserwisser girl. So I basically needed to look up all the info myself, AND write the shit. And they wanted to read it in front of class, so I literally wrote:
    Writing and Info searching: Linnea (Which is my name)
    Laughing the entire lesson: ''Bloodreyne and Reneeesme''
    Looking at memes: Cool and relaxed friend.

  10. I don't like group projects because it forces me to interact with other people. At school I was such an outsider that I was always the last resort to fill a group.
    I also have always been chosen last in gym classes.

  11. 0:54 when she searches up most annoying girl name she appears in the google suggestion box. wierd, she has given me the most social help.

  12. I hate group projects it's so anointing to have to count on other people and not do it yourself it's probably that I'm a intravert or that I just like sitting in a room for 5 hours doing a project by my self

  13. Group projects pisses me off because of similar situations.

    For a college Operating Systems course we were suppose to essentially create the OS coded in Java. All we really had to do was fill in some key programming files which were suppose to teach you how OS worked. But this was damn hard because there are so many restrictions and logical problems. So I worked with this one other guy. He's like we'll work on it together. Sure, we had 3 parts to turning in each about 3 weeks apart for a total of 10 weeks. 2 weeks in, I'm like bro let's work on it. Nope he's got work. Haha jokes on you, I also have to work as a intern at a tech company so no excuses there. Fine I just started on my own. Literally he didn't do crap until the last day. He literally only just added come comments to our functions. Sucks because you're stuck with the same partners for the whole semester. He didn't do crap for our project the after those 20 lines of comments. I ended up doing the entire freaking project on my own. Nearly failed a different class because of it.

  14. Most people suck at group projects. Or any projects. Don't cooperate first nearest people. Do it by yourself or ask one other responsible person

  15. πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ¦°πŸ‘±πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ‘©πŸΎπŸ’½πŸ’»πŸ“±βŒšοΈπŸŽ₯πŸ“·πŸ“ΈπŸ“‘πŸ“†πŸ—’πŸ“ƒπŸ“„πŸ“‘πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™β˜ΉοΈ

  16. I did entire group projects by myself within a day and then I just gave the people their scripts. Once I had the powerpoint skills I also created those. I invest 10 hours of work and then I'm stress free. I know you shouldn't do this IRL but I'm not graded IRL. I've never had to do a group presentation, which suck. Projects IRL are a lot better because you get paid for them and if they don't cooperate I can sic a group leader or even HR execs on them.
    I'm not crunching for you assholes!!!

  17. I seriously will never understand why some professors make the final a group project. Like I spent this whole semester working my ass off for my own grade and now I have to be dependent on these tools that they can pull their own weight??

  18. This happened to me also they did nothing I did everything positive thing is I got all the points and they got only 2 or 3points

  19. I can relate. I hate being paired with incompetent classmates and having to do most of the work myself.
    I once had to do a PowerPoint presentation about a famous poet. My classmate was useless, so I had to everything myself. Managed to make a top-rate PowerPoint and presentation, though. As for my colleague, he switched the slides and spoke a minor part because he didn’t bother to memorize half of the presentation. I got a 100%.

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