My NEW Room Tour! | Back to School Senior Year

My NEW Room Tour! | Back to School Senior Year

– Today I am doing a room
tour of my updated room and you guys love watching these videos, but I love it even more because
my room is fully decorated. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually had my room fully redone, but my mom and I decided it was time to
finally do it because next year I’ll be going to college
and she wants my room already pretty much done so that people can stay in
my room when I’m in college. So, this is kind of like
not my room anymore, it’s kind of like the guest room, but I get to enjoy it
for the last final year. Welcome to my new room. I love it so much. I wish I was staying here
longer ’cause it’s perfect. (optimistic music) So, the actual bed frame is interesting. I was debating between going with a platform bed and a normal bed, but I think this is a good in-between. It’s not too platform-y, but it’s still not a normal bed. Anyway, it’s from Pier1 and
I think we really liked it because of the headboard. But yeah, and then the
actual bedding took me so long to find. I was on Urban Outfitters for a solid day, but we decided on this one. The actual duvet is this,
we just put a quilt here. But this is from Urban Outfitters. I just wanted something really simple, and then this quilt is from Target. So, overall I really like
the coloring on the bed. The rest of the pillows
are from World Market. Oh my, these took me so
long to put together. So, Rylan and I spent probably
an hour or two on them and I got this one done and she was doing the other one and she put it all together and then realized one of
the pieces was in wrong, so she had to completely
undo it and redo it. Anyway, she got really annoyed
so I finished it for her. These are from Wayfair, I just forgot where they’re from, but Wayfair and then all the accessories on here are from Target. It took us so long to find a lamp, but we actually ended up with these and I really like ’em and actually, like normally
I like white lights but these are a little bit more orange, but if you turn ’em on
when the room is dark, it’s like a nice mood lighting for doing homework and stuff. I really like these lamps. (laughs) This wall took us a long time. Overall, the whole room
took us a long time. We just couldn’t find the
right fit for different things. We probably tried five different things on this wall right here
before we decided on these, but these are from Kirklands, and once we did find
them, we decided they were the perfect thing for this wall. It just kind of tied everything together. Oh and the rug. This rug is from World Market. A lot of this stuff actually
is from World Market. All right, so this giraffe. For a long time my room
was the guest room, and we have a lot of
family who stay in here and one of them, I don’t know, somehow figured out that I like giraffes and giraffes were my favorite animals. So while they were visiting here, they went to a zoo like
one of the local zoos where you can feed giraffes and stuff, and they brought me back this giraffe. So, I don’t know. It really matched the theme of the room and it’s also missing
an ear and I’m so sad. I don’t know what happened to it. I came home one day and
it was just like that, so. It’s just how it is now, but I feel like this giraffe needs a name. Comment down below what name
I should give this giraffe. So before I show the rest of the room everything that I’m talking about, everything that you can buy, some of this stuff we already had so you probably can’t buy that, but everything that is new will be linked in the description box. So if you wanna check it out or buy it then you can
find the links down below. Okay so, this desk area
I was pretty picky about. I wanted to keep a desk and I wanted to keep the map and I wanted
somewhere to keep the books. So, it was pretty much decided that we had to have
bookshelves of some sort. But I like what we ended up doing with it. This desk is from Wayfair, and these bookshelves
are also from Wayfair. I wanted something with a little cupboard so that I could keep all my
other books inside hidden. ‘Cause my mom says that we need to hide the ugly books and keep
the pretty ones out here. But, I like all my books
so I wanted to keep them. This chair is from World Market as well as pretty much
everything else in this room. This map I already had. I think you guys have heard
about this map before, but I’ve had this for a coupe of years. I think I was in fifth grade, and I just printed out on a piece of paper a map and I started doing this. So then my parents finally
got me an actual map so that it wasn’t falling apart with all the pins in them,
but I do put pins on. All the whites ones are where I have been, all the red ones are where I want to go and all the black ones
are where I’ve lived and then I try to collect key chains from all the countries that I visited. A lot of ’em in Mexico I can’t put on here ’cause there’s too many in that one spot. But yeah, and then I missed
one from Bail, I’m so sad. It’s the first country I’ve gone to that I haven’t gotten a key chain. So, I might just cheat and just order one offline, online. Off, online. All right so on the actual
bookshelves I have plants. I’m pretty sure all the
plants are from Target, World Market or Hobby Lobby. It’s kind of just a mixture of all three. These cameras we got
from the antique mall. I think they’re really
cool, a lot of them. I feel like I could never take
pictures with this, like how? How does one do this? I’m scared to press any buttons. I don’t wanna mess anything up. That one looks really crazy. I don’t know how you use that, but this is my actual film camera. So the kind of idea was I
wanted to keep somewhere that I could keep my actual cameras, but still make them look
like they were put away. So, this is my actual camera, and then these are ones
that I don’t actually use. Then these are some books that I have. Actually, these are my
mom’s books, this set. “Anne of Green Gables”. Then these books right
here are actually my dads or for my dad’s family. I think they’ve had
for a really long time. They’re really old. No, these are my moms. Anyway, they’re from my mom’s childhood. They’re a whole bunch of Disney stories which I thought was really cool, and then this is just some box that one of the cameras came in, but it looked cool, so. I think this basket we had before, and then on this book shelf. The butterflies I had before as well. My parents actually bought
these two from Thailand. That was my present from
Thailand and I’m not sure where those are from,
but I had ’em before. Then the plants as well from Target and this I just got from Bali. It was just on one of the street markets next to the rice fields. The twins got a purse or something and then I just liked this and we would decorate
in my room, so we got it and brought it here. It was so hard, I was so
scared it was gonna smashed in my bag on the way home so
I had stuffed it with shirts so it wouldn’t get destroyed. And then these are all
my records that I have for my record player. I have a whole bunch in here. Records are pretty expensive. I only have two that I’ve
actually bought from stores. The rest of them are all actual records. So you can see I got
’em from antique stores. There’s a lot of really old ones. Really now. I have some cool ones,
like here’s Madonna. “Sound of Music”. Here’s the Beatles, look
at how old this one is. Oh, I like this one. “Footloose”. This is a really fun part to this room. So, Jenny helped me decorate this, and I was actually out of
town when she started this, but when I came home it
was up and I loved the idea that she had going. She found it on Pinterest,
so go Pinterest. But, we just took an
antique ladder that we had. We had a few actually that
we just used for things. I think we have one downstairs that we hang a quilt on
or something like that, but this was something different. So, we hung it on the
ceiling and then we put all of these plants hanging down from it and pretty much everything on here is from either Hobby Lobby,
Target, or World Market, but yeah, we just strung
the lights up here yesterday and when it’s dark once again, it’s really cool to turn
all those lights on. You can’t really see them
right now, but they are on. But yeah, I thought this
was a really cool area to do this with because it’s pretty hard to put this stuff over here. I think I just had a
chair over here earlier, but now I have this. My favorite part to my room. My mom hates it because I’m
always up here in this loft because I love it so much. But here is my loft. (upbeat music) So before I had a chandelier up here and I’ve had that
chandelier my entire life, but you can’t change the lights in them and a lot of ’em were
broken from when we moved. So there was no lighting in here at all. So we just changed these to actual LED lights and it’s
so much brighter in here. I don’t know, I’m not
used to all this light. But yeah, so we pretty
much kept these the same. Funny story about this missing one. Brooklyn stole it and brought it to Baylor and then they moved out and she put it in her storage unit. So I’m not sure if it survived
the Texas heat or not. Hopefully it did because
I liked that ukulele. So, thanks Brooklyn. The record player is the same as well. This was from Urban Outfitters, and then there’s just one of my records. You guys know where these are from. That’s from Hawaiian Market that I got, but the brand is Ohana and
these are Taylor guitars. Oh, all of these are
comics that my Grandma had. So, she used to buy them for all of my Aunts and Uncles and
my mom when they were six. So they’d buy one comic
every time they were sick and back then they were like,
I don’t know, a couple cents. It’s a $1.25 for one chapter books, but now they’re way more expensive. So if you’ve ever seen Riverdale, that is what, these Archie comic books are what they are based off of. So, I grew up reading
these Archie comic books. So to me Riverdale is kind of not as cool. Sorry if I offended anybody. But that’s the original. So yeah, I got all those
from my grandparents. Okay so, this is kind of my favorite area. I’m not gonna lie. I’m up here most of the time in the past couple days
that I’ve been home. So I had another couch in here that wasn’t really one
that we got for my room. It was in the studio
a long, long time ago. Anyway it wasn’t the best couch. You can’t really actually sit on it, so that was one request
that I had for this room is a couch that I could actually sit on. So, I love this one
that I got from Wayfair. It is the perfect couch for this area, and I just love the
whole theme in this room. It turned out really
good, I really like it. All the pillows, once again,
are from World Market. And then obviously this
is a big centerpiece for the room is this collage wall. So I got this from Tezza,
she’s another influencer. I love all of her photos. These are some that she’s taken and she sells these collage sets that you can buy on her website, but actually, this is kind of temporary. I’ve been thinking of
doing something for a while where I replace them with my own photos. So I’m working on
gathering all the pictures that I want to print and put on here. So eventually you might see it changes all the pictures to be my
own, so I’m excited for that. These plants, I actually don’t know where we got them, let’s see. Oh, I think that’s a Target brand. So Target for this cactus, and then this side table
we had in our old house. We’ve had it for a while. I’m not really sure where it’s from. The rest of that I’m
pretty sure is from Target. The mirror is from Wayfair. Comment down below what
your favorite picture is because I can’t really decide. I have so many that I like. I think my top three favorites, okay. This one’s definitely in
my top three right here. I also love this photo. I don’t know why, but when Tezza posted that I was very excited
because I really like that one. Probably this one. Just ’cause it reminds me of Utah. I don’t know, and I like the shoes. That was so hard. So hopefully you guys
enjoyed watching my new and updated room tour. You’ll probably see a lot
of it now in future videos, especially this wall because now that there’s a lot of white in here, I can actually film videos in here. So, hopefully you guys
enjoyed watching this. Comment down below what your favorite part of this video was and I will
see you guys next week, bye. (optimistic music)


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    Because if my nephew
    He and my sister(his mum) are really tall so we always joke about them being giraffes
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