NASA has a SWAT team, and they’re good

NASA has a SWAT team and they’re awesome. That’s right. NASA. It’s not all horn-rimmed glasses and pocked protectors over there. Meet the Kennedy Space Center Special Weapons and Tactics Team. Their job? Guard our nations deepest space secrets at the Kennedy Space Center 24/7. Guard from whom you may ask? That’s classified. The Kennedy Space Center
SWAT Team is a highly trained and specialized security entity that protects NASA’s launch complex. They guard the Space Center 24/7 protecting the property, personnel, and national assets
like the space shuttle, from potential threats. Because of where the Kennedy
Space Center is located, this means training in industrial, wooded, and aquatic environments. NASA contracts the team
from Space Gateway Support to perform perimeter
control and armed response. But they’re also trained to
respond to dangerous situations. The team trains with
advanced defense tactics and special maneuvers like
rappelling, aerial operations, and amphibious incursions. Comprised of former military and special operations personnel, the team is certified on their weapons. The complete regular operational training and they even compete in
international SWAT competitions. Most of their training
prepares them to respond to critical incidents or to
conduct tactical searches. If you think about it,
the space shuttle could be a tempting target for terrorists. Hundreds and thousands of
gallons of rocket fuel, thousands of visitors in a day. You get the point. The complex has been
kept overwhelmingly safe thanks in large part to the
Kennedy Space Center SWAT Team. Like and share this video and drop us a line
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