Naval Academy 16: Ranked Battles

Naval Academy 16: Ranked Battles

Naval Academy Greetings, fellow Captains! Tired of looking for worthy opponents? Want to see what you can really do? Try Ranked Battles. It’s a new mode dedicated to those
who want to demonstrate their skills and face the strongest
World of Warships players! In this episode of Naval Academy we’ll
tell you all about Ranked Battles: who they are for and how to play them. Ranked Battles is a new competitive mode that allows you to show off your
gaming skills and improve them while engaging the best players. It becomes available once you reach
the ninth level of your game account. To join a Ranked Battle, select this
mode in the Port, choose a suitable ship —ideally one upgraded to the top
configuration—and start the battle. Opposing teams consist of seven players; each team can’t have more than one
aircraft carrier and two battleships. This restriction is aimed at protecting
the mode from protracted and dull battles and ensuring a spectacular, dynamic,
and interesting gaming experience: true “fierce naval warfare”. Players receive not only experience, credits, and achievements
for winning a battle, but also Stars. It’s the number of Stars earned that
guarantee progression to the next rank. We introduced three battle ranges
with slightly different requirements to ensure fair matchmaking. In the early stages you will face players that have
recently joined the race for ranks, just like you. Players at the starting rank lose only one Star if they are defeated, but stay at the same rank. However, as players move up to subsequent groups,
the conditions become stricter. In the first battle range you only
need two Stars to receive a new rank, but in the middle range you’ll
need three or four Stars, and in the top range—five Stars. A defeat at higher ranks will have
far more serious consequences: if you lose all your Stars, you
fall back to the previous rank. Because of this, players receive an additional Star
when they reach the next rank: this way an accidental
defeat won’t push them back. All this means that you don’t just gain
higher ranks while winning battles, but also more dangerous opponents
relative to your skills. As a result, we have a system
for “matchmaking by skill.” Of course, it is approximated, because teams are assembled
within several ranks. We can’t limit this
selection to a single rank, because it will increase
the battle waiting time as the matchmaker will need to
assemble a greater number of arenas from the same number of players. Apart from this, the game mode assists competition
and skill development, and an encounter with
players from adjacent ranks contributes to this objective. As Ranked Battles are a season-based event, players who reach the
highest possible Rank will not be able to participate
in this season anymore. They will receive their
well-deserved reward, bathe in glory, and wait for new challenges. In future, we may prolong the
season for those who reach the top: they could have their
own extension. Speaking of rewards, for
the following seasons, players will receive not only credits, signal flags, and experience,
but also special achievements. As for the top players, they can
look forward to a unique reward. Always remember that your progress depends
entirely on the success of your team. Number of frags, damage, ribbons, and other
individual achievements don’t matter here. Work together, cover your allies, follow
the situation on the battlefield, and maybe your victory rate
will start to increase, along with your number of Stars earned. Quick commands contribute to
well-coordinated teamwork. They allow tactical messages
to be shared instantly, using the keys from F3 through F11,
without distracting from combat actions. Of course, just like in any competition,
your progress may slow down at some point. In this case we recommend working on
your tactics, because in Ranked Battles, tactics can differ from Random Battles
even when using the same ship. Remember this: there is no limit for perfection for those
who are persistent, tenacious, and curious. Be daring and the top rank will be yours! That’s all for today. Subscribe to
our channel and follow the news. Until next time, captains! World of Warships World of Warships
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  1. Ranked battles are great….. but the rewards suck. Especially at higher tiers which may explain the low interest in the game mode.

    To give an example getting to rank one (which implies you are one of the best players on your regional server) gets you… flags. Surely getting into the top ten should earn you a few million credits? Or better yet Doubloons?

  2. 2 BBs? BULLSHIT
    i had battles with 4-5 BBs.
    balanced carriers? BULLSHIT!
    i had games with tier 6 vs tier 7 carriers, in randoms AND ranked.

  3. Ranked battles are super frustrating. Its a 50/50 chance to be matched with a team of useless people who have no clue how to play ranked. So its gain a star, loose a star, ….

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