Naval Academy: Torpedoes

Naval Academy: Torpedoes

Naval Academy Greetings, fellow Captains! Our previous episodes taught you to maneuver and fire primary armament; now it’s time to tell you about torpedoes-a formidable weapon in skillful hands. For example, a single torpedo hit from Tier VIII destroyer Kagero will sink any destroyer in the game, and three hits will easily destroy a Tier X cruiser or aircraft carrier. And Kagero can launch eight torpedoes in one salvo! Today we will discuss all the details of this dangerous armament. A torpedo is a self-propelled underwater projectile carrying from 440 lbs (200 kg) to 1650 lbs (750 kg) of explosives. It hits the enemy ship below the waterline, puncturing the hull and causing flooding. A single well-aimed torpedo salvo may destroy several ships. Press 3 to switch to torpedo tubes. The torpedo armament’s reticle looks unusual. The dark green semicircles represent the firing arcs on both sides of the ship. The bright green cone shows the direction and the width of torpedo spread. The reticle is yellow when torpedo tubes are reloading. Please note that once you launch torpedoes they will not move parallel to one another- they will spread at a certain angle instead. In World of Warships you are able to select two spread angles: wide and narrow. You can switch between them by pressing 3. The narrow spread should be used at short distances, when you are sure that the majority of your torpedoes will hit the target. The large spread increases your chance of hitting the enemy with at least one torpedo, but the rest of them will probably miss. Moreover, you risk damaging an allied ship. Choosing the correct target lead for a torpedo salvo is not an easy task- that’s why we added the automatic calculation of lead of a selected enemy. Aim the reticle at a ship and press X. An additional grey reticle sector will appear. To launch torpedoes at the selected target, align the bright green sector with the grey one and click the left mouse button. But will the torpedoes hit the enemy? To learn the answer, we must first study some specifics of this armament. First of all, the torpedo armament of ships in World of Warships varies not only by the number of torpedo tubes, but by the performance capabilities of the torpedoes themselves. Let’s start with effective range, because that’s the parameter that imposes the most essential restriction on the use of this type of armament. In the low Tiers, torpedoes have a range of just 2.4 miles (4.5 km) and they have only a slim chance of hitting a distant target. At the same time, as you are getting close to torpedo range of the target, you might be destroyed by the fire from enemy ship’s primary guns, which will have a much longer effective range. Try sneaking up on the enemy from behind an island or under the cover of a smoke screen. A reverse situation is also possible. You approach an enemy ship and launch a full broadside at point-blank range. It seems impossible for you to miss, and yet the enemy sails away unharmed! The problem is that the torpedo reticle does not start right at your ship’s side. Torpedo fuses need some time after launching to arm, making it impossible to fire torpedoes at point-blank range. The edge of the green firing arc closest to the side of your ship marks the minimum distance that torpedoes must travel before arming. Torpedo speed is the next limiting factor. Low-tier torpedoes travel at 49 knots-tens of times slower than any shell. An enemy could easily evade your salvo, especially if it’s a light cruiser or destroyer. And the price of a miss is considerably higher than with artillery fire. Torpedoes are huge; they may have a length of 23 ft (7 m) and weigh up to 2 tons. The large dimensions make the reloading process difficult and slow it may take anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes. Therefore you should choose slow targets with poor maneuverability, such as battleships and aircraft carriers, as well as enemy ships caught in a firefight with your allies. Despite the fact that high-tier torpedoes have ranges up to 11 miles (20 km) and their speed can reach almost 70 knots, the success of your salvo depends largely on calculating the right moment of launch. Destroyers and cruisers armed with torpedo tubes are very dangerous, but a deadly attack may be also launched from the air by torpedo bombers. Stay tuned for the following episode to learn more. World of Warships
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  1. +Akbar Dwiputra The game is free, however it is still in Closed Beta Testing But in my opinion the game is pretty much ready for release to everyone and so…I think that this game is going to be out for Everyone to play at the end of May….not sure tho…But I can tell you that you can be very excited for the game, since it is trully awesome 🙂

  2. about hitting allays with torpedo's.
    I think there's a big need of indicators showing were friendly torpedo's are going.
    And the annoying beeping is not a big help, you cant tell if its a friendly ore not.

    I suggest a big cone of fire should show up in the water so my allays can see were my torpedo's will go and get a warning that they are heeding towards a friendly torpedo cone.

    And to prevent a short rang torpedo team kill's, you could get a indicator were you can see if an allay is in you're current torpedo path,before you fire you're torpedo's.

    I hope we can see a system like this in WOWS sooner than later.
    And keep up the good work Wargaming!

  3. Un arma muy interesante. Además de causar mucho daño si acierta, si falla siempre puede servir para desviar al barco enemigo hacia una dirección que quizás no le convenga

  4. Umm, very good information and thanks for making the video, but your game rightfully uses metrics. Using imperial system in the video makes it difficult to convert on the fly.

  5. Where in the world do they get these torp speeds from?  Almost nothing up to and including WW2 makes 49 kts, much less 70…could they have confused KPH with Kts?

  6. I have asked you 4 million times to remove teamkilling and make all players unkillable by their allies. End teamkilling in all battle types and modes forever. Please make it easy and do it.

  7. What? I don’t understand. A guy got killed by torpedos at 0.4 km. You lied to me. I thought torps have to travel 0.6 km before the fuses are ready to arm. You lied to me. Fix that.

  8. Please, I have circle od dot aim on torpedoes…I press something and i don't have green area for aiming torpedoes

  9. Good info, thank you. Just a note, it's pretty hard to learn a lot of this info during the time just after anybody begins/registers in WoWs. You have to play a 'good few' games to build confidence hey? Cheers

  10. Or at any tier, sneak around the ENTIRE MAP to pop up at torpedo range close to a carrier. I do this all the time. It is funny watching the way an entire team starts to turn around to find the ship that sunk the carrier.

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