Navy Augmented Reality Trauma Training

Navy Augmented Reality Trauma Training

We have the opportunity to use a HoloLens
to assist paramedics and first responders in a field amputation. What we did was we used a technology originally
created for gaming technology. We are streaming in for the provider that
is going to be mentoring through what we call telementoring through a procedure. They can see what we see. They can hear what we audibly tell them and
through a little bit of surrounding sound. If we had a patient that couldn’t be moved
or an on-scene where we couldn’t the doctors and practitioners to the scene, we would perform
something like this where we use telementoring. The better we get at using it, the more we
will be able to adapt it to our needs in the medical field and military. I think every year this technology gets better. It gets better, it gets faster, it gets easier
to use. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. AR and VR will be the next major huge technological hurdle much how the internet was. The internet exploded and created hundreds of new possibilities, and now AR/VR will change how we live even further.

  2. Or wat if u could teleport the injured person into holographic med pod bay prolly alot I'm sure you already do that but just kind of interesting though

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