Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate – AD

Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate – AD

Nothing will go out to the fleet unless it’s been checked by us first. We work on anything that’s jet engine-related, aircraft fuel systems, and aircraft oil systems. We work on the fuel systems and engines on F-18 Super Hornets. It’s very cool working on this multi-million dollar piece of equipment and checking different things on the engine, the ignitor, different blades. Troubleshoot it, fix it, and get it back in flight. Some days you’ll be soaked in fuel or some days you’ll be dirty from all the oil, but it’s rewarding at the end of the day. I wanted to leave town and see the world and do cool things. Our jobs are things that people never get to see or work on, and it’s just very satisfying at the end of the day. I miss the flight deck more than anything. It’s just completely different then what anyone else will ever do. Ya know, you’re up there, there’s jets flying past your head and landing, taking off all the time, and it’s just a cool experience. I love working on cars and so, when I joined the military, they said I can have any rate I wanted to. So I read AD and it seemed like the perfect job for me, so I picked it. I’ve done my research for working as a civilian and it’s very hard to get in and get the good experience if you just want to go straight to big aircraft. Here you jump straight on aircraft on day one. You can get your airframe and powerplant license, which is the license that allows you to work on civilian aircraft And you can get that through the Navy as well. You put all this hard work and effort in to installing and repairing the jet. And then, if you sit in this seat and actually turn and operate the jet and everything works out, they’ll sign all the paperwork off and then you’ll go flying.


  1. What would your ASVAB score have to be in order to qualify or be considered for Aviation machinists mate?

  2. When I joined this was the rate I wanted. Wasn't open so I got forced,to pick something else. Still makes me sad I never got it lol. Knowing the Navy it was probably some EO bs and wasn't open to certain skin colors or gender.

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