Navy Gas Turbine Systems Technician: Electrical – GSE

Navy Gas Turbine Systems Technician: Electrical – GSE

When I came here, I only had a little bit of schooling, but they just throw you right into it. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, because like now I’m working with multi-million-dollar equipment and you wouldn’t see that coming right out of high school. We work on the generator side of gas turbines that provides power to the whole ship. What a gas turbine is, is like, you have your jets, right? They take those engines and they put them inside an electrical plant, it’s the propulsion method of moving our ship. If we lose our power, we’re pretty much screwed. When I was deployed last time we lost our power. Normally we run two engines, it loses all that power from there and tries to send it to the other engine. When it sends it to the other engine, it puts too much load on it. Well then it drops that engine too because it puts the temperature too high. So, we had to hurry up and run into one of our other engine rooms. You’ll normally see, like, literally our whole department go down there, and we’re just going crazy on it. So, the coolest part about my job is troubleshooting electrical. The mechanical side, so they do more like, the turning wrenches part. My rate, we have to learn both of them. That way, I know exactly what they’re doing, and I know what I’ve got to do. If you’re more of the type of person that wants to be like, out and doing stuff with the Marine Corps, you can also be on LCACs and we just started doing amphibious ships. My dad was a racecar driver, he did electrical things on his cars and stuff. So, I went to school and I ended up loving my rate, it’s like my favorite thing to do every day.


  1. Very cool. I was a GSE 1 after 6 years. Great rate. Great branch. The Navy took me around the world literally.

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