Navy Hospital Corpsman – HM

Navy Hospital Corpsman – HM

I went out to Afghanistan, and you know, you hear a gunshot wound to the head, and you think that person’s DOA. When they came in to our hospital, there was a 98% success rate. We as Corpsman, crossed that line of
medical assistant, to nurse, to nurse practitioner, to doctor, and everything in between, and bring it all into one very big hat. There are many different
specialties within the Hospital Corpsman rate, which include: dental technicians,
radiology technicians, pharmacy technicians, behavioral health techs. You have physical therapists like myself. The capabilities are exactly the same as a
private practice. In the military, there’s no competition for economics, so we can give them the best care that they deserve. I wanted to join the Navy to be
something better than I am and do something great with my life. I went to my corpsman school and then I went to surgical tech school. They specialize and they get stationed at their first command. I’ve gotten my Associates within two years and I’m working on my Bachelors. And I don’t think I would have had those opportunities. Not only do we get to do medicine, which is why I initially joined the Navy to do, but we also get to repel out of a helicopter. You can’t really beat that. The most rewarding part of my job is having that Sailor look at me and say thank you.


  1. currently enrolled in DEP with the Air Force. #1 choice of my job list is physical medicine. Since I saw hospital corpsman is demand, now I am debating my choices now…

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