Navy Information Systems Technician – IT

Navy Information Systems Technician – IT

How the ones and zeros translate from a user’s email, how do they get to the shore? Because there’s no cable lines, there’s no fiber lines and that’s our job completely. IT, as a civilian job, you’re sitting in a cubicle and you’re the network administrator. An IT on the Navy side, you are in charge of RF, the spectrum management. You’re also in charge of mobile communications and ensuring the SEAL teams complete their missions. We are the heart of all communications off the ship for everybody. So if that goes down…. Grab one of these patch cables, Number 11. 13 megahertz. You’re gonna select one of these coupler jars that actually has that frequency, which tunes that frequency. And that’s it. And I’m not just sitting at a desk. I can go out and do antenna maintenance, satellite communications from the ship to the shore. I can do communications between a radio from a ship to a ship in the middle of the ocean. As far as combat, maintaining and ensuring that that equipment is able to display correct and real-time information for our OS’s, our Tactical Action Officers, is vital. It takes more than just one IT. You actually do it as a team. The camaraderie between it. I fell in love with that aspect. When you take victories against inanimate objects, those are the best days.


  1. Not allowed to replace hardware inside PC as it ruins the warranty, should of checked that one ADP. also maybe shouldnt mostly focus on Radio

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