Navy Musician – MU

Navy Musician – MU

When I was in fourth grade, I started
playing clarinet. I went on to bachelors, as well as a
master’s, in clarinet performance. Most of the players that join are very high
quality musicians. I am Senior Chief Musician. Whether it’s in our town right here or
in another country, the idea is we’re there to make an emotional connection. Touch people’s hearts and through that universal language. Before the Navy, I was fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling and performing and wanted to continue that. I travelled all over the world. In Papua New Guinea, we had a soccer stadium full of crowd, and their reactions, it’s just amazing. You could end up playing for the President or foreign presidents. You could stay at ambassador’s residence overseas. Serving the American people in other countries. Doing the thing that you love to do. It’s pretty incredible. Going to an orphanage or going to a school and being able to bring a little bit of joy to their lives. Pursue the formal education, the
musician route, and then apply as soon as you can. Take the audition and come in and enjoy the job.


  1. A video about MU? Yet nothing on AM… as an AMH2 (honorable discharge) I'm not surprised to be snubbed again….

  2. This is going to be a dumb question but I’m currently an Undesignated AN I will be on board my ship for a year in September. I don’t have any musical talents at all. Would I be taught if I picked this rate?

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