Navy Racks –  Boot Camp

Navy Racks – Boot Camp

Welcome to Recruit Training Command – Great Lakes. The United States Navy’s only boot camp to 43,000 recruits annually. I’m Chief Hospital Corpsman Arlene Maier, and I’m about to take you behind the scenes of sailors begin their Naval careers. You wanted to know what goes on, and I’m about to show you. Here we are at the barber shop in the golden 13. It is right here where male recruits will receive four haircuts throughout their boot camp training. Females will receive 2 to 3 haircuts, depending on how fast their hair grows. Here we are at the night of arrival diddy bag issue. Recruits receive basic clothing items, as well as brand name hygiene items for their use throughout their training. Recruits will box up all of their items that they reported here with, and al of those will be mailed back to home. Recruits receive at two to three-minute phone call to a loved one, in which they let them know they arrived safely, that they will be sending home a box with personal items, and also that they will be making another phone call home in about three to four weeks. Here we are at the USS Arizona. This is one of 11 barracks here on board Recruit Training Command. All of our barracks are named after ships. And as you can see behind me, we have actual artifacts from the USS Arizona. Now here in the recruit barracks, this is where recruits eat, sleep, as well as get classroom instruction. Let’s take a look. Right here we’re in one of the ship’s compartments. Over here in this bunk, or rack as we like to call it, recruits keep all of their clothing and personal items required throughout boot camp. This is a very small, confined space. The purpose of this is to get recruits used to having a small space onboard a ship. Let’s go. As a mother of two teenage boys, one of the things I might be asking myself if they were to come to Navy boot camp is what kind of nutrition are they being provided. Right here we’re in the galley where recruits eat. They’re eating three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. So now we’re here to Freedom Hall. This 182,000 square feet, state-of-the-art facility is where recruits are brought for strength and conditioning exercises as well as physical fitness training. On the sixth week of training, recruits are required to pass a physical fitness assessment. The passing of this final physical fitness assessment is required for graduation from boot camp. Obviously swimming is a skill required in the Navy. Here at the USS Indianapolis, under strict supervision, recruits acquire more skills and training to ensure their readiness for the fleet. Welcome to the USS Missouri Small Arms Marksmanship Trainer, otherwise known S.A.M.T. Recruits are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves will a 9mm pistol and the 12-gauge shotgun. This preparation or simulation is going to prepare them for their live fire training which is conducted later in bootcamp. Here we are at the Firefighting Training Division. Right here is where recruits learn to work together as a team to combat all different classes of fires that they may encounter out at sea. Welcome to the USS Trayer, otherwise known as Battle Stations 21. This massive 210-foot Raleigh Burke-class destroyer simulator was designed by award winning Hollywood set designers. It simulates actual sights, smells and sounds that would be experienced onboard an actual naval vessel at sea. Here at Battle Stations 21, recruits are put through the final test before their transition is made from recruit to sailor. You’ve seen where recruits eat, sleep and where they train. Now, it’s time for me to get back to work.


  1. They make it seem easy so people out of high school will want to join. People who actually go say it sucks, but they want you to think it's easy

  2. I didn't go thru great lakes, graduated at Orlando company K109… This brought some great memories… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We had open lockers when I was in with one drawer that locked. ย  They changed it so much since the 90's and we our berricks had numbers not names. ย THan again that was the 90's I'm sure they changed alot.

  4. I wonder how awkward it was for the recruits to have this very friendly and ecstatic Chief RDC walk through their racks.

  5. The shotgun, pistol and M4's while in the Army we trained with M4's, M249's, M40's, MK19 Grenade launchers, AT4's, grenade launchers and .50 caliber machine guns.ย 

  6. "No drink'n on the green. No drink'n on the green!" ย I still remember that line at the chow hall, Great Lakes in 1987

  7. My RDC's would've killed me for not putting the stick up when I opened my rack. Guess they didn't have racks up sticks up yet

  8. wow. all i can say is wow. so much has changed at RTC great lakes since i went through in 1997 it looks completely different now

  9. I'll be signing my contract for the Navy's Nuclear Program in January of next year, and leaving for boot camp in March~April. I'm pretty damn excited.

  10. I went to great Lakes in July in 1984 it was nothing like it is now. There were no female recruits and the chief's were not nice. Navy boot camp was hard core back then there wasn't a day without being chewed out by the company commander or in your face insults . This place looks like summer camp. Do they still have the recruits sing anchors a weigh when marching through the tunnel?

  11. Do they have the medical program training there or would they send me to another school? After I get my RN I want to become a medical coreman. And after that I want to hopefully become a doctor. Where would the navy send me for this?

  12. I am confused about different positions on the flight deck on a carrier. I don't really know really what they do in their jobs or how to or how to get that job on a carrier.

  13. My husband leaves for boot camp soon. What should he pack. He just said a few things but never gave me a list.

  14. What the hell!?!? Battle stations is suppose to be a secret I had to sign a page 13 promising not to talk about yet they post this? Yet it's not a lot about it but still that's being hypocritical.

  15. Ha! That (HMC Maier) was my RDC back in '09. I think it was tough for her to yell at people sometimes without breaking a smile/laughing a little if I remember correctly.

  16. Do active duty personnel receive a better wage than reservists? I'm stuck between the two and I'd like to know the money difference.

  17. Boot camp wasn't this nice when I went back in 1996. We had raggety everything and the mess hall was separated from recruit barracks. Also, we didn't have to do anything called 'battle stations'. I know it's a new thing. We just went to the Marlon Spike, went 'oo' and left. And we fired M-16's modified to .22 cal. Yeah….navy recruits now have it way easier.

  18. I dont know how to swim and was considering joining. Would they teach us who dont know how to swim to swim?

  19. Chief did't put that kick stand up. What is this, amateur hour? I remember the first night we met our RDC's, our Petty Officer freaked out HARD about us not putting up ours! Good time, good times. XD

  20. Dam..just by watching this video..I am so jealous…so easy now….But have to admit alot has changed for the good..but so jealous…lol..Feb 80..#44…

  21. WTF is it with the rapid-fire, rapid-talk presentation? Seems like none of the shots last long enough to see any background details! Slow down, woman, talk more slowly !! it's not a race.

  22. wow, things sure have changed alot since i was there in 2001. the barracks were all old looking and the rdc's weren't as nice, as this lady is. can't forget about all the hazing and smoking they did, if someone screwed up, which most likely happened. of course, back then, we had boots and had to wear them everywhere, even while running.

  23. Ok so if u donโ€™t know how to swim do they teach u or they just kick u out or something like that pls answer

  24. I didn't see the gas chamber. Did they remove this since I was there in 1991. Secondly, good idea to provide the same racks as on ship. Yes that's literally all the room you have to store your clothing. The building where you first check-in is the same. brought me back. The place looks like air force boot-camp now.

  25. I see that they changed the barracks' rack to the ships' racks, but now they need to stack them three high.

  26. I remember when we got our racks like that installed on my ship, I was in hog heaven with all that space. Before that all I had is one tiny locker for all of my clothes and belongings.

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