Navy Reserve Security Officer

Navy Reserve Security Officer

I am Janet Brandsasse and I’m a Lieutenant JG. I run a security det. I have 24 personnel assigned and I manage security duties. I’ve always always wanted to be a police officer, so I started out as a Navy Corpsman. And as soon as I was eligible, I went to Master-at-Arms school and stayed in law enforcement and did 5 years Active Duty. Then figured it was time to get out and set my law enforcement career into motion and ah, became a police officer and stayed in the Reserve and have been ever since. The discipline in law enforcement especially is it’s a paramilitary structure and having the military background really helps you to fit into that atmosphere. My husband, he’s also a police lieutenant, civilian life. And he’s a Command Sergeant Major in the Army Reserve. My husband and I work together. He’s an admin, runs dispatch, and I run the detective bureau. My jobs are parallel. I’m a supervisor in the police department; I’m a supervisor in the military. So I’m always commanding troops. There’s no better feeling then when you tell a victim that we’ve caught the person that committed the crime. You have a life other than the military. The the dogs that I foster, umm, its part of an organization that rescues Asian dog breeds, Pekineses, Lhasa Apsos. And I love dogs, I’m a dog person. And I have a houseful now. I’m proud to be in the Navy Reserve. When I put this uniform on and I look in the mirror and I think, what an accomplishment, serving my country. I can’t imagine doing anything else, I really can’t.


  1. At first when I saw this I was like: Damn! That's a lot of ribbons and awards for a Lt (jg). Then I saw the Kuwaiti Defense and Good Conduct Medal. Mustangs FTW!

  2. yo me enliste en el 97 y tambien en el 2001 pero no fui aceptado por la cuestion migratoria yo estaba en california felicidades a todos aquelos que estan en servivio

  3. I served eight years Active duty and am currently getting my political science degree bachelors and hoping to come back in as an officer. I have two options right now, SWO and Intel, but I would love to do exactly what this video is about and became SECO. Anyone have any advice for me?

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