Navy Seal Team 6 Member Comes Out as Transgender

Navy Seal Team 6 Member Comes Out as Transgender

this says she was on c_n_n_ uh… a c
three sixty last night this is a woman named kristin back who was known as
perspect when she was a navy seal a member of navy seal team six so significant uber tired in two thousand eleven and she has
recently come out with a new memoir that book is called warrior princess that make sense formally perspective now kristin back difficult occurs team but
its kristin back uh… she is uh… transgenic she is uh… to no longer looks like a
traditional navy sea ship fiber but program well the story alone she said that uh… back said summer college would
likely supported her she revealed her gender identity but she feared many of her colleagues some at least would do harm to her she
in fact talked a lot of the real anderson cooper about the fears she feel
she felt vendor about good coming out s rajender uh… and even now for example she for
years she walked up the side order of house smoke in your car and drove to
whatever safe-haven she described as or she only me that night that was during
the day that she still feared liked him at our house suddenly is first back uh… people would react when she talked
about some of that fear uh… with anderson as the comments like i want to read that
book and how passageway for humanity can teach yourself a little
bit annalise how might you to them the and
we don’t need and why did he happen to me you don’t have to like me home care for please don’t kill me espero for uh… and uh… but i’d love their exchange navy seal
team six right so that the other day decency six guys
might mess with her and she’s worried about but the rest of us uh… beautiful
because of a defense lawyer has been hit a rock they probably wouldn’t phrase it that
way initiative contributing people like you
know if you have any reciprocal you’re a good record record in the heart of a lot but that the other thing any maybe it’s
just ’cause we’re from the big city and we need a near what i had a chance that but lab but in general i just don’t
understand the idea of some like this fearing for their life from a stranger i can
imagine a stranger looking at a person like this and saying anything but you know that i don’t think i right now
so this is an innocent really sad you get the good news is ci seems to
think that it’s changing recognizes changing she’s much more sort of proud that she
does not want outside or perhaps a more strength of this is all been fairly recent sensor
coming out was that the decision to come out was typical because it was at and we see
now like you know we talk about how great is
people come out maybe we don’t it’s it’s important that
we might remember but how scary downs for the even if some
of that fear is ultimately unwarranted and they’ll be fine israel fears that
europe is golden age of just for being you all encircled workforce greater and it did in this segment didn’t get to
the bottom some tough questions and discover it reminds me of about work how do you so from being can commute in any seal
the way you would say it is a seal too we’re sitting right now is was a woman sits i would say to have a tax cut their
future if you first heard army around the country his like that not honest entitlement finished who uh… the well-rounded relax and seeing there fifty different and sort it


  1. 🙂 I appreciate your acceptance and support of kristen, as she lives this crazy thing called life. I'm sure she would adore the support. You're a good person, in my opinion.

  2. First off, what about people who are biologically male with XX, biologically female with XY, or people with XXY or any other discrepancy. Secondly, don't you have video of you fucking/being fucked by your dog online aluzky? Are you really in any kind of position to criticize lgbtq people?

  3. Please Google homosexuality mental illness and look at all the evidence there's a lot of it. By religion I mean generations of mankind from prehistory knew it was mental sickness that's why it was condemned.Just because everyone says it's acceptable and good does not mean that it is good it's an evil sickness a disorder that destroys society and the individual as a whole.I study psychology and i have gone through cases of homosexuals.

  4. Your opinion is worth s–t and doesnt determine what gender a stranger is. The law says she is, she says she is, and that's all that matters. By the way, some who are born female also got y chromosomes. The condition is called TFS

  5. I find it fascinating that people get into such battles over ideological turf. When clearly defining the parameters of the conversation precludes further conflict. Your conversation was so simple and perfectly clear. When I got what you were saying, arguing with it was as pointless as arguing against gravity. Sadly society isn't as clear as the intrinsic nature of molecular machines. Culture is chaotic. Perhaps one day, we'll create a social language with the elegance of math or physics.

  6. Like all variations of human sexuality, gay and transsexual behaviors are observed in nature.
    Recent scientific studies suggest 'gender identity' is not a choice, but rather mistaken birth by mother nature.
    It's estimated that nearly 1/3 of the US male population was born transsexual, meaning born into the wrong body or as "having a penis" by definition, but desire to become females through "Sexual Reassignment Surgery."
    What remains unclear is why far more "men" are born transsexual than women?

  7. It's a shame that a manly man feels as a woman. He doesn't transform into a nice looking female unfortunately for him.

  8. You are a disgrace I was in the submarine service before I was kicked out because they found out about me. No one on my crew wanted me to leave and they still love me. It's funny how a lot of us are a "disgrace" but we do the most difficult manliest jobs in the military. Might want to check your reasons for you bigotry so you don't feel like an idiot later in life. Some day you will look at your opinions and be embarrassed.

  9. Could you explain more about the the chromosome combination and how it effects how you see your friends and family? I'm sure you must explain to your friends that "oh the reason why they are that type of person is because of the 135,855 base pair of their x chrmosome" No? You're trying to use a science you know nothing about to justify your bigotry. It's a common thing,, it was done with skulls shapes of black people and it's done now with chromosomes and trans people.

  10. We have to understand that all of us are female. Its just that the males of us were flooded with testosterone which caused us to be more male.

  11. What about females with female XY syndrome?
    What about males with male XX syndrome?
    What about males with Klinefelter's (XXY) syndrome?
    What about females with Turner's (X0) syndrome?

    There's a vast amount of natural variation when it comes to genetics, and that's not even factoring in things like androgen insensitivity syndrome and androgen hypersensitivity, which are hormonal and indirectly (rather than directly) affected by genetics.

  12. Damn, I've been around those submarines… how the hell did you cope?! They're tiny! Also, I'm glad that your crew was so awesome 🙂 and it sucks about the higher-ups.

  13. how can I say Hi to her? I'm a ts too and I really want to make friends with her. I can feel her and so I want to help her since she just came out. Ive been 3years ts and I still get discrimination sometimes how much more of her. I'm here for you girl. go live life to the fullest. 

  14. I want to "trans" to… a THIRD sex… one that hasn't been "conceived" or characterized yet… not sure how wonderful I'll turn out, but here's what I do know:
    1) I want to be the very very FIRST!  me, Me, ME!! 😀
    2) I "must" write (and promote) a… BOOK!
    3) … and… you know what's coming… MOVIE DEAL!

    3a) Don't you dare call me an Attention Whore, or I'll sue you!… for disk-wimination.

    Wow, I gotta get to work, incl. finding a surgeon with "elastic" ethics.

  15. That is a mutilated man. Not a woman. Not a she, or a her. Every cell in HIS body carries the Y chromosome. The entire body is that of a male. How scientifically ignorant do you have to be not to understand that. More than genitals determine your sex! There are H U G E differences ALL THROUGHOUT the bodies of men and women. Everything from shape and function of the skeletal system, to the texture of skin, hair, muscles tendons, endocrine system, circulatory and nervous system are N O T the same, and this is extremely evident upon even the most casual observation. Why is science so supplanted by the ignorant? What political folly allows for such a derailment of common sense? It is embarrassing that our current 'civilization' is so infantile as to put a man in a skirt and call him HER, so scientifically ignorant as to generate such foolish misnomers as 'transgender'! The person has not changed their gender! Has this MAN suddenly developed a womb and ovaries? Has he lived his whole life with those components and the psychology that goes along with them? No. You can call yourself a piece of toast, it doesn't make you a piece of toast. Even if everyone agrees to act like you are a piece of toast. This will be looked back on as one of the saddest periods in human history. It will one day be free of the shackles of politically correct madness, and be seen for the "Cargo Cult" like misconceptions of the primitive people of this era.

    – The emperor wears no clothes –

  16. honestly not trying to sound like a dick here but does "she" like dudes now? or is "she" a lesbian?  i don't get it.

    either way seal team 6……respect.

  17. The one thing I don't understand is why is she afraid? She's a trained SEAL, I'd be more worried for the people that want to hurt her, just saying lol

  18. I knew the reports were true when they said Evidence of rape was found on osama's dead body…and now i know who did it

  19. Fucking hell, I've seen some ballsy things before but this tops them all. To go from one of the most elite and macho special forces units in the world to becoming a woman, that takes a whole different level of courage particularly because of what people would expect a former Team 6 member to be, they are elite even within the SEAL teams. It does take a special level of courage to do that and go public with it, that's impressive so all the best to her. 

  20. makes the navy seal look bad.  it would make sense if she/he was going into a undercover mission. but its not the case.

  21. To all of you calling this sick go fuck yourself she risked her life for your rights in life and no man can actually talk shit directly to her face cause you know damn well ur geting ur face stomped in for being a complete ignorant bitch

  22. No one ever acknowledges what these guys do to their own families…that are destroyed by their lies and betrayal.
    Their wives are gutted in ways words can't describe and are left alone to raise their devastated, uncomprehending children.
    They abandon their own children and leave them destitute, just so they can attempt to purchase womanhood through bad wigs, hair removal, hormones and unnatural surgeries.

  23. This is odd – no doubt.

    But ultimately who the fuck cares? He or she should do whatever makes he or she happy. This isn't hurting anyone. So all you muppets stop whining and worry about shit that actually affects you.

  24. I don't Bellerive that this guy was on steal team six. First of all no one with there right mind would say they were on seal team six.

  25. Lol willy, you've never met a seal, an honest one, unless he was told to tell you the truth, sincerely willing to challenge it.

  26. Btw, if tall haven't caught on, where are my journalist, how do you not see the pushed adgenda! When people question missing facts , redirect their interest within the same subject to create wrong answers, not conspiracy just business, we do it all the time! Call it a guilty confession.

  27. To those of you that think she is a "disgrace" – she was a fucking navy SEAL. She's way more tough and respectable than you'll EVER be. She served our nation. She's becoming who she really is. If you don't respect that, then YOU'RE a disgrace. God bless America, God bless Kristen Beck.

  28. MK Ultra and psy ops on the American public. Seal Team 6 are trained assassins, the bitch isn't afraid of anybody, what a joke.

  29. she/he is a navy seal and is scared to die by someone regular person that probably has no combat training?i must be confused on what her job was

  30. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, I HEARD ABOUT BECK BEING A SWEEPER, HE WOULD ENTER A CAVE IN THE MOUNTAINS ALONE & KILL EVERYTHING IN IT. from that to this, i wish beck didn't do this, he's gonna piss alot of people off

  31. And you know what happens to a Islamic fanatic that's killed by a woman?……Nada virgins in the next life! We need more Navy Sealettes fighting ISIS!

  32. Come on Kristin, if you didn't make things so public you could've made yourself a fair amount of side cash arm wrestling gruff bikers at any motorcycle tavern in the world. Same goes for hustling self-proclaimed. experts at the local gun club.

  33. The universe bless Kristen Beck! She was there to do her duty! Could you? One of the ELITE corps of our military did the scariest thing of her life by just being herself. I'm proud of her.

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