1. This is the normal protocol in DC, Secret deals. Twitter Troll tRump has more turnover than Chuck E Cheese 🐭🐭🐭

  2. "Spencer had privately proposed to the White House that if officials didn’t interfere with a Navy review, then Gallagher could retire with his SEAL membership and Trident pin."

    It doesn't matter what one thinks about an individual. NEVER attempt to twist the arm of one's chain of command.

    Furthermore, if the Commander in Chief reinstates someone's rank, then LEAVE IT BE. By going after Gallagher a second time, this time for his Trident, it communicated a serious lack of respect for the chain of command.

    Finally, Spencer's comment about "good order and discipline" fails to recognize he attempted to manipulate the White House. That's neither good order nor discipline.

    Fully respecting President Trump's reinstatement would have broken NO part of your oath of office, Sir, and it's highly disingenuous of you, NBC Nightly News, and others to even attempt to twist the reality of your actions into something demeaning towards the President. Even your resignation letter is dripping with the reasons as to why Department of Defense Secretary Mar Esper fired you.


  3. Wow, can’t even see a Real Criminal in his own Community. Gallagher doesn’t deserve his pin. That is Earned. He lost it

  4. The Constitution of the United States says impeachment or assassination,,. Impeachments letting him off too easy,,,. !!!

  5. He resigned not fired. Trump is a dictator pig and supporter of criminals since he is a life long criminal and a bone spur coward.

  6. For real CadetBoneSpurs makes what this man did no different than when his stupid son goes and kills endangered animals!lol #TrophyHunting #LockHimUp

  7. He is not a discrace, you go into a war for our country. He is an honorable man I am in Galliger corner. 14 Years combat veteran I'm watching. Hooaa

  8. Question: "IF" a war is not a declared war, then is killing people in another nation 'murder' and falls under the jurisdiction of the nation the death occurred in? (And not just civilians either, but especially civilians.)

  9. He should have resigned over the Seal controversy to save his own face. The Seal should not get to retire but should be administratively discharged. He disgraced the Navy and the United States.

  10. Trump will next sign a deal allowing Russian nuke bases in Cuba, with the support of traitors in the senate, the Supreme Court and now the pentagon, AMERICA IS THE SHITHOLE COUNTRY, THANKS GOP

  11. Where are his fellow seal teammates who witnessed his war crimes? It’s time to step up and testify publicly instead of waiting on beaurocracy to produce justice. It’s mission impossible with Mr. “You’re Fired” still in the office. I’m not sure how well Bloomberg will do, but I’m very sure I don’t want Mr. “ You’re Fired” to serve for another four years.

  12. Obaba did the same thing to a Navy exec for going to a R&R concert. Trump promised Veterans that he would honor and protect them.

  13. He was two facing it to avoid accountability but really what's bad is under him the ford carrier is 2.5 bill over budget with huge problems delaying it. The new class of subs is far past due production even with Trump getting him all that increased budget. To top it off China is set to out build our navy by 2030 at the pace the navy is on atm
    Oh and the new ford class carrier can't launch the F-35 yet plus the elevator won't lift anything.
    Its a navy with failed oversight at the top.
    The nimotz failure turned 25 bil into only 3 research destroyers that couldve built a dozen proven burkoy class destroyers.
    Its a navy in need of reform no question about it.

  14. A defeat for honor and law but a temporary one. We have many honorable men and women in our military who believe in the laws of war and in consequences for tjose who break them. Thay will stand up to Trump. How unfortunate that Preaident trump ia ao deeply flawed. Gallagher walks on this one, but the episode has alerted many americans, who refused to watch the videos released by Chelsea manning, what is going on with some of our military. More and more americans will start yo support the rule of law over the rule of president trump

  15. So Trump has sided with Kim Jong Un, Putin, Duerte, Saudi Prince, Erdogon, Sheriff Arpaio, worked with several currently convicted felons, and now sides with a war criminal. At the same time he calls on other countries to hack his opponents computers and announce phony investigations. At what point does this behavior become treason??

  16. Trump likes war criminals, ie Kim jung North Korea, Putin Russia, Edrogen-Turkey, So why not a seal sniper that killed little girls and old men civilians just for kicks, who cares if 8 of your squadmates testified your a monster. He is a white male, who hates any non whites.Trumps kind of people, He will probably have him over to the white house for burgers, and ask how a head comes apart on impact, you know, Manly man stuff.

  17. God Bless You President Trump! Coming from a Military family myself I will always stand with the Military Men & Women who do the jobs others won’t or can’t & not those who sit in their leather chairs in Washington D.C.

  18. Does anybody remember General Stanley McChrystal? Back in June of 2010 Barack Obama fired him because he called his boy, creepy Joe Biden : "Bite Me"

    Fake News Media really didn't report it as a major shake-up

  19. Trump is "Commander in Chief" and "all" military employed people are his employees! You don't do as Trump wanted to reinstate a military hero, "you fired"! Get over it people! Now days even the military is infected by deep state idiots. This is not good. You don't like it? The vote is the "only" way to change it, NOT policy advisors in the deep state! Unelected people making law is just plain scary!

  20. I guess that if I commit extortion, fraud, or even war crimes I can be exonerated if I say “lock her up” and receive right wing support.

  21. For all of you who may want to criticize Chief Gallagher, I ask you: If your safety and well-being were being genuinely threatened, would you want warriors like this man protecting you, or someone like the liberal media champions? You know, people like Bowe Bergdahl who later received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Army? Or Chelsea Manning perhaps? These are the type the Liberal elites champion. I know who I'd want.

  22. This reporting could be so much clearer. Good reporting is like good explaining. Explain the "What," the "So What" and the "Now What." This reporting did none of the above.

  23. if you are not willing to follow orders, leave. In his case he as asked not so politely to leave. He will walk away with a large pension and likely write books and give speeches.

  24. A friend of mine's father was a former SAS Officer and we were sitting down knocking back some pints and we were talking about the difference in our "Special Units". I remember something he told me, about how in the USA those Units are sometimes their worse enemies, going around talking about how
    the Intel was obtained, things were carried out and the prep it took before being executed and so on. then he asked us, how many SAS Operations did we know about? He said "You see" that's the difference.

  25. Spencer was refusing to comply with the Commander in Chief's Order of a full pardon. I am a US Army vet and let me say clearly, you must follow the chain of commands orders. This is the Military and not a civilian do what you feel like organization. Obey the higher ups or your out. PS Trump did the right thing.

  26. Spencer disobeyed an order from the Commander-in-Chief and then has the nerve to talk about the need for "good order and discipline" in the Navy. Perhaps he should have followed the rules himself.



  29. Arm chair, business suit warriors ought to just STFU about good order and discipline. Their perspectives are purely political.

  30. Fire this traitor and all the others who think they run things. This is what draining the swamp looks like you bunch of twats.

  31. Looks like Rudy got thrown under the bus today, hope he cashes in that insurance policy he has been talking about.

    Trump: who’s Rudy ? I hardly know the guy 😂🤣😂

  32. Good riddance. This guy is a classic example of the arrogant leaders of our Armed Forces. Screw the enlisted personnel. If they embarrass us, we stick it to them is the order of the day in the Pentagon.

  33. This orange turd got the idea to pardon this mercenary from the Hannity and the other chicken-hawks at propaganda-mill faux"news." Listen to Master Chief Malcom Nance. His comments mirror my sentiments of this unprecedented malfeasance by a sitting "president."—J.D. Schultz, MM2, USNR, 1965-71.

  34. So when this Navy Seal croaks make sure u guys take pictures with his corpse and post it on social media. His friend and family doesn’t mind since he did it himself.

  35. Trump makes it clear he supports torture. He has no moral compass and he will provoke backlash. It sounds like others were involved and they were all cleared.

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