Navy Secretary Spencer forced out after Trump’s war crimes intervention causes chaos in military

Navy Secretary Spencer forced out after Trump’s war crimes intervention causes chaos in military



  2. I get the feeling that the admin doubled down on this. Played up a no tolerance for back door hijinks, and dumped a man who bad mouthed Trump.

  3. The COMMANDER IN CHIEF can intervene in any military issue he so pleases … and the same for foreign policy. He doesn't need to consult anyone, or worry about your stupid protocol. He tells you to jump and you ask how high.

  4. The COMMANDER IN CHIEF can intervene in any military issue he so pleases … and the same for foreign policy. He doesn't need to consult anyone, or worry about your stupid protocol. He tells you to jump and you ask how high.

  5. After all the war atrocities committed by the USA, they look at themselves as a country that is “above reproach and can do wrong as if it is their God given right”.

  6. This is the thing: Democrats are going nuts and running for their lives. Why? They have been paid and bought to sell America to different countries. Those countries are now asking for what they paid for and they are demanding what they thought they bought.

    Democrats are in peril.

    What would you do if you were one of those politicians who sold America to the best bidder?

    Run for your lives crooked politicians!!!!

  7. haha if clown Trumpanzee gets his civil war after losing 2020, I guarantee the military won't be backing him. First abandoning allies in Syria and now this. How many knives can they take in the back?

  8. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 245:
    Everybody knows Spencer’s sacred oath
    Everybody knows the Dems' speedy progress
    Everybody knows Judge Ketanji Jackson
    Ordered McGahn to testify before Congress
    Everybody knows the chief perpetrator
    Can't kneecap House investigators
    Rule of law I suppose
    Everybody knows

    Walk For Captain Bone Spurs
    Ex-Top Navy Official Criticizes President Donald Trump Decision | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

    Putin’s Pups
    Judge Jackson’s 120-page decision
    Donald McGahn Must Testify to Congress, Judge Rules; Administration Will Appeal
    Judge Orders Don McGahn To Testify To Congress | The Last Word | MSNBC
    Day 1040: Ruling Don McGahn Must Testify, Judge Says Presidents Aren't Kings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
    'Presidents Are Not Kings': Judge Jackson’s Most Memorable Lines in Her Donald McGahn Opinion

  9. None of this narrative makes any sense. So, Trump wants his Navy Seal(warfighter! Sheez) to remain a Seal. Admiral Green wants the war criminal out, without a trident pin. The Navy sec. resigns, saying that good order in the Navy needs discipline.
    If that's true, why would the Navy sec. push for reinstatement? It makes NO sense!

  10. President Chaos causing chaos as usual. What's next? Chief (SEAL) Gallagher appointed as Secretary of the Navy? In my opinion, Gallagher is a sick criminal. So no surprise that Trump supports him. Would they let him fire the whole navy? Republicans better think twice about this type of crap. I believe Spencer out of all three versions of the story. (my opinion).

  11. CNN

    President Trump is one of the best presidents this country has had since decades.

    I was a Democrat, but I gave up being part of the Democratic Party, why, corrupt politician, they promise but they never deliver what they promise. Was the reason so many Democrats have vote for Trump, he is not a politician.

    Trump 2020

  12. Is this the type of democracy that the US has been forcing down the metaphorical throats of other countries?

    Get your own shit in order. You have an elected dictator as your President. Overthrow your own government or shut up about being the leader of the democratic world, greatest nation on earth blah, blah, blah etc etc

  13. Trump is trying to get his own private army by doing things like this to gain favor from them !! Just as a dictator does! Wow what is Trump trying to do! Everything he does is always shady!! And the Republicans are stuck in his ass!! This used to be the PARTY OF LINCOLN (A Good Party). He now wants these three men to travel on the campaign trail!! They know the rules of the Military!! I think it's time for Former Republican PRESIDENTS to step up and lets him know what a real PRESIDENT should be!! It is ok! to be yourself but do it with class, decorum and honesty, I Really thought Trump would respect the values of the OFFICE !! This what happens when you take someone off the streets and try and make them understand the the responsibility of the office. You can take a person from the streets but you can't take the street for the person! So Sad I really thought he would be better!

  14. Well, there goes all disciplinary control in the military. It's now a free-for-all for any soldier. Trump just threw "obeying orders" out the window. It's now a "do as you please" military. "Trump's got your back".

  15. So Obama is allowed to commute Bradly Manning's 35 year sentence, swap 5 dangerous terrorists (who later rejoined the Taliban) to get that cowardly scumbag Bergdahl back and CNN thinks THIS is the crime of the century? Gallagher took a photo with a dead terrorist…

  16. Trump was on side with Kim Jong Un when he tortured American student Otto Warmbier and sent him home to die, so why not be on side with an American war criminal. Trump was on side with the Saudi Prince when he had a journalist murdered and dismembered , so why not be on the side of an American war criminal? Trump is on side with all that torture and raping stuff. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein. Oh, right, I forgot. He's dead. How convenient is that?

  17. Trump restores a killers rank yet takes away retirement from an FBI agent what an assholeo period.
    Now trump wants Gallagher to work on his campaign

  18. I ignored and ignored media and so many things and just crazy tweets because the GOP was getting some good things done… BUT, when one General after another… Admirals, even the Chief off Staff, FBI, CIA, Senior Ambassadors — ALL of these people had EVERYTHING to lose and nothing to gain by standing up. At the same time, Trump flat out calls himself the Savior of the Israel and the US and openly attempts to DESTROY American institutions and then calls parts of the Constitution “just stupid”. I understand it was the duty of the Navy Secretary to resign, but how can people just dismiss ALL of these professional dedicated people. ALL of them speaking up for the country and every time, FOX news tries to destroy their reputation. It feels like the entire country is being run by the mafia and an editorial news station. So what do you do, follow the left over the cliff they dove over with “the squad”. I don’t think so. This all SUCKS

  19. Ya its really affecting a navy veteran that hates Trump why else would he be on CNN 24 hour hate Trump channel, That secretary was willing to throw military hero's under the bus.

  20. Spencer needs brought up on charges. He would know better if he spent more then 5 years in the military. What a jackass

  21. 'trident pin'
    the god of the sea refuses to give up her position of power…
    the beast of the sea is Donald Trump…notice Trump is in Florida for Thanksgiving at Mar-A-Lago (Latin for 'from the sea to the lake')
    its all in the name.

  22. Ironic that Trump can go around proper channels by using Rudolph Giuliani to get dirt on political rivals from foreign entities but our service members can't do the right thing to enforce and stick to their oath of conducting themselves properly.

  23. Imagine the other way around….
    A foreign fighter posing with the dead body of your loved ones and a foreign leader pardoning him.
    Morals are no longer part of our country's DNA….. Thank trump for this fact

  24. Your president is a crooked lier. And all of us around the world are all laughing at you for it. You voted for this imbecile.

  25. So the Secretary gets fired and the chief who violated the law gets everything back…………… The Military law is in place to avoid confusion, and military discipline. The president has the right to pardon but the precedence that is been set is not a good one. I was in Kosovo when one soldier raped a girl, we as the military personnel wanted him out of our ranks (SF) Leavenworth is where the SSG landed.

  26. America says we are better then other countries but in reality we could do some of the same things we just don't. If a president can do what ever he or she wants then what stops them from ording people to commit war crimes and then just pardon them.

  27. This says that the some in the Navy and the Military do not see the President as an honorable or moral person, or even as someone who is on the the side of the military.

  28. Trump has split the congress and the courts,now he has figured out how to split the military so he can have his civil war.

  29. To all of you Democratic/communist party voters: This video will explain just how they are using these MSM channels to brainwash you. And it's not just the news. I don't watch TV, and only watch limited clips from MSM networks, including FOX., Do yourselves a favor, and watch the entire video. He will show you the patents, and what they are for. Yes, your government is programming you. And the man, Mr. Loo who started HULU, is the one who came up with these brainwashing techniques that the government, behind your presidents back, are using to indoctrinate you!

  30. Good… disobeying lawful order from the Commander In Chief… stupid shit secretary. This navy seal risk his life for all the assholes in here he deserves better!

  31. So this hero of the Naval armed forces was going to be railroaded out of the military because of political correctness. Good for President Trump who is standing up for our military. The men and women who put their lives on the line for this country. Now we have this giant asshole, former Sec of the Navy, Richard Spencer goes crying to the corrupt media for sympathy. I bet Spencer had no concerns about how his actions would decimate the ex-seal and his family because he took a picture with the dead (TERRORIST) enemy.

  32. The Spencer dirt bag got what he had coming…when Trump ordered for the seal to be given back his rank the dirt bag Spencer didnt follow through with orders from his boss the president..
    Good riddins dirt bag Spencer you should have followed the presidents order you didnt clown….

  33. The reason why this is so unusual and a president never does it is because it's all about politics for Trump. How will he get more votes , try to seem like an honorable American for our Patriots. Never mind the fact that it completely undermines our judicial system.
    But, what do you expect from a

  34. Hey Richard Spencer!! He’s your boss (President Trump)!! Being in the military you must respect his decision!! You must follow president Trumps orders!!! It’s a fact!!! Great job President Trump!!! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. Obviously Spencer is too stupid to recognize who is the enemy. Hey putz Spencer: ISIS =ENEMY; not the brave USA fighters! Schmuck: you deep state swamp creatures need to be fired! And ALL ISIS killed forthwith!!

  36. This is another reason why Trump is a disgrace to the military. So many high ranking military officials believe that bone spur in the white house to be incompetent.

  37. America is in a Sad place… Hopefully “ Dtump “ isn’t the face of white Americans that has voted and support him… without anything to Gain but to walk around with a False sense of reality !!!

  38. One of Obama's Islamic extremist converts. Spencer should go fight for ISIS. That's where this fucking rat belongs, and any other of Obama's converts who take the side of ISIS over US servicemen..

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