Navy Skills for Life – Cooking – Intro

Navy Skills for Life – Cooking – Intro

I honestly live and breathe what I do. I love being a culinary specialist because I like what the crew brings back to me. That sense of team really is crucial to the success of what we’re going to do. For generations, the Navy has had great cooks but we’re constantly, constantly developing how we train what we train and how we get people to be a little bit better. A culinary specialist in the Navy has just unlimited opportunities for different career paths, different jobs. You can go from preparing food on a ship to a shore galley, run a barracks something like that all the way up to cooking for the President. It’s one of the greatest ways to explore your culinary creativity while still serving on active duty. You get a great foundation to build off of if you want to go into your own restaurant or pursue a higher-level degree later on. You know when somebody comes in the galley after meal and takes time out of their day to tell you that you did a good job, that’s all you need. That’s the justification for our job. That’s what really, I think, brings people back to keep doing it.


  1. I've heard sailors get by far the best food in the military, hopefully that'll turn out to be true when I join up

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