Navy Yard Shooting & Syria Media Coverage Problematic

Navy Yard Shooting & Syria Media Coverage Problematic

joining me today is Dennis Campbell he’s
editor in chief UK progressive magazine he also hosts worldview with Dennis
Campbell on YouTube at YouTube dot com slash world you show Dennis we’ve had of course on Monday the
Navy Yard shooting 34-year-old Aaron Alexis to identified as the shooter and there has
been a wide range of media coverage surrounding this in in the US and I’m curious starting first
with the Navy Yard shooting and then we can move on and discuss kind of coverage
if Syria and military action how has the millet how how does the
media coverage in the UK deferred or maybe been similar
to the coverage that the incident got here in the US well as it was occurring in there was
quite a bit of confusion um I do a lot of work with the BBC for
example armed and they literally called me and
put me on air on my cell phone talking about
the area having spent 45 years in washington DC with
there was more um I would say restraints there from the
BBC there they’re trying to understand you know
what is the situation where is it located how many people were
there what are the impacts and affects going to be around the city and you know they expect
me obviously to say look it’s too early to speculate %uh you know as to who how many what
motives it’s it’s a changing situations but you know they tend to be a little
bit more reserved there was a little bit more coverage
later in the evening and some in the morning programs but that it pretty much disappeared it
didn’t have the wall to wall 24/7 feel up cable news in the US news here is
still pretty much all appointment telly except for gray
the BBC News Journal and evened they tend to repeat stories
two or three times now are right and then that kindness kinda gets
into the discussion love when you decide when the 24-hour
breaking news cycle kind of starts you’ve opened the door
that is then very hard to close or more more like it’s very hard to get the
toothpaste back it back in the container so to speak back in the tube because you’ve created
the needed to keep generating news about the the the topic and then it ends
up with one of two things that the regurgitation have the exact same few
facts for hours and hours or you open up the door to poor coverage
and that seems to be something that is is
now almost expected in american media oh absolutely
and in it was actually stunning there was a piece some on The Daily Show last night that was
talking about so the coverage if CNN in particular
because if you remember all the way back to the Boston bombing you know they had people jumping up and
down in front of cameras trying to get attention for absolutely nothing but pure speculation
and a Jon Stewart last night showed 8 clip
of Jeff sucker the head of CNN talking about you
know how and why they do what they do and they said you know we got it wrong
we apologize but our audience ratings were up to a high
not seen in 10 years and I’m convinced that at some level
it’s this pursuit ratings to get you know we’ve talked about this before
privately David the rabbit left in the rabbit right together in each other’s face making a
lot of noise thats all that seems to matter and
somebody actually said at one point it might have been you when we were
chatting that you know if they are up surfing with their remote control that
the news networks want to see people in somebody’s face they want to see
somebody excited they wanna see something going on that’s dramatically gets the
viewer to stop now I’ve got a problem with that from a
news perspective because you obviously creating news your obvious
the fueling rampant speculation you’re not helping the situation one bit and when you talk
about syria the drumbeat towards war well as you’ve got rapid left in rabbit
right going at each other tooth and nail your always going to be in a situation
where the only solution is the ball ball ball ball ball let’s explore that one
because the navy yard a is shooting did make international
news but it really was kinda a domestic thing so I think syria gets to a
different type of conversation which is once the discussions start about military action here in the US
there was this up kind of like a march towards a climax
so to speak and the climax was expected by many to
be some kind of military action and there’s this kinda interim period
after the initial nonstop coverage if Syria starts but
before there’s really any decision about what will happen in Syria where it’s not clear what is
the coverage is the coverage kind of like a we’re still expecting military action is
in it and it almost starts to continue the the drive towards the military action
not in the sense that media coverage will really cause military action but
once you start going down that path you have to continue covering it and it’s very hard to on a certain day
say okay all the buildup around Syria its kind of stopped and we’re gonna back
off and we’ll just let you know what happens the it will how do you how do you make
the transition here in the US it’s very tough I don’t know if that same thing is
happening in news reports in the UK not at all as a matter fact you know
what are the stunning things about that whole Syrian debate me was when the the house of parliament
at that astonishing debate that went on for about six to seven hours about whether or not the UK should become
involved in and it was really riveting television because there wasn’t
a single talking head other than the Member of Parliament who
was standing there making the case you know either for or against and most
of them were coming up against were very logical well-thought-out
reasons what I see happening all a median the USA is that there’s
still the remnants of the NEA columns the John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s that
wat war at all costs in you know want to paint President Obama
into corners week and on the other side you’ve got people
that are are saying well because he’s taking to rhyme and deliberating and eventually came up
with the decision that ended up with the US not going to
war and %uh bombing anyone probably for the first
time it was really astonishing to solve watch the way in which the media express their disappointment in the fall
I’ll anger at President Obama calling him a designer or calling them you know mean someone incapable of
taking a decision and indeed his entire second term as governor because at this that’s exactly what you know it I’m
reminded love after the wiki leaks the Chelsea Manning Julian Assange’s
Wikileaks came out there was this video that I always refer
to what I think about these things have wolf blitzer gonna call going on CNN and he’s visibly angry not the
incredible crimes that were revealed by those leaks provided the WikiLeaks by
Chelsea Manning but by the fact that the leaks were
leaked in other words a journalist someone who presumably makes a job out if investigating asking
questions that people may not want to answer angry not that we found stuff out but
angry that some stuff was leaked it was completely upside down for me and it
it’s been the same thing with syria it’s been that way with the Sun has been
that way with anything that goes out amid you all about the pentagon papers in
1974 which I remember when I was I was in high school but I’m and you know you look at things and and
and you look at the way in which the the media bills the case against the
individual who is supposedly presumed innocent until found guilty in a court
of law but in these cases the rush to judgment
has been severe and the rush by the even the US
government to try and capture these guys are shut them up has been severe and indeed I think when you look at the
the vast vast amount of knowledge we’ve got root
from the leaks Edward snowden as to the legs and depths
of spying around the world its even damage diplomatic relationships
with Brazil with the Brazilian President canceling a
state visit and it is a member countries around the world that very upset and their even now trying to
set up their own internet to get away from the potential
spying Ryan and naturally after the next break
we’ll be talking about how some Brazilian hackers thinking that nasa not the NSA was the
problematic organization hack nasa but that kind of another story
altogether look we’ve been taking a with Dennis Campbell he is editor in
chief UK progressive magazine you to dot com slash world view show
check it out and then it will talk you next week
thank you looking forward to it


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  2. he's not an atheist, he's a troll. while trolling, trolls aren't people, they're hateful little robots doing all they can to get a reaction. His actual position is somewhat irrelevant, especially to someone passing by and reading the comment with no further context, which can't be expected of someone.

  3. Strangely this segment being as interesting as it is is a good example of how much better online journalism can be – but you guys here are doing a great job of pointing out the severe problems with television journalism.

  4. UK hate the bbc, They have no credibility. Only when it come to protecting people that rape children, they also wont reveal there finance arrangements like who they pay and how much. The idiot packman is more credible than BBC

  5. So If we went to war, they would be probably be criticizing him over being a war monger. If we don't then he's a pussy who doesn't want to take action, there's just no winning now is there?

  6. Sometimes I wonder if American news can be considered a type of market failure. It's such a disaster here since it's based on advertising and hype directed at a poorly educated public. I think this is a case where competition actually makes the product much worse, but I don't know what the 'fix' to that would be either. It's not like having only one or a few news channels would be a good thing either.

  7. news channels are starting to get a lot of emmy nominations , I thought that was for entertainment ohh but we have made our news our fake entertainment, now people don't know truth from fiction and it makes it easy to manipulate people as a result.tie that into the journalist bill saying you need to be a paid salary employee of a recognized organization means that a real news outlets not trying for ratings are getting drowned out.seems hard to get ratings and not lose cred as legit news

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