1. Is a big problem, in south Carolina they fly son low u could see the pilots, I have reported to the police an news channels, they seem not to care until one of these planes kills someone, they are terrorist 👎🖕

  2. You news reporters kill me..everyone survived that's all that freagin matters…..shit happens why do you all have to point out all the garbage..the pilot this the pilot that…he missed this he misses that…did you question why…what was the visibility could he land. Were the runways clear for him to land…hmmm interesting….did not hear that mentioned….the pilot and passengers lived survived to tell the tale. That's all that matters…..

  3. Heavy fog can stifle the best of VFR pilots. More than likely that 172 wasn't IFR rated. No reason to look for blame in the pilot or the rental agency. Reporters have no clue what it's like to fly VFR in the fog. Trying to make some hidden agenda out of nothing. Just be thankful nobody was injured.

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