New Jurassic World  Super Colossal T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus Playmobil Plane Unboxing Dinosaur Toys

New Jurassic World Super Colossal T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus Playmobil Plane Unboxing Dinosaur Toys

watch what happens with the Spinosaurus
the t-rex bad all over the crashed airplane flight 395 you are cleared for
takeoff on runway number two Roger that control tower we are ready
for takeoff okay guys everybody ready New Jurassic World Super Colossal T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus Playmobil Plane Unboxing Dinosaur Toys okay guys this is a rescue mission to
Jurassic Park one of our passengers has lost their children in the park and we
have to go find them wow this place is really huge and
creepy-looking check out that huge gate behind Jurassic Park Wow
wonder what they keep in their elephants Atlas we stop we don’t know what’s out
here everybody quick follow me where’s everybody else the rock on
something eat them except for Tim he was right behind us but we can’t wait for
takeoff look it’s Tim we can’t stop click flop you you we’re not going anywhere be quiet there’s no one dinosaurs can’t
see unless you move checking us out Oh No Tina’s moving she’s running he’s gonna eat us all it’s gonna Dina I’m the mighty pilot I won’t stop can anyone stop this guy from eating all
the passengers what is this right down like he was nothing here he
is celebrating it’s victory no one is mightier than
this mighty Spinosaurus no no a dinosaur can beat this guy he took down that
t-rex like he was nothing Wow look at this guy go what is happening he’s got the spine oh good
while this play though is done for to see you again
Playmobil sent me this awesome set to show you guys first we have this big one
the Playmobil City action Airport and a Playmobil City action plane Wow let’s go
ahead open these up and check them out well before we do let’s see the back
what comes in it so here you’ve got the plane the pilot in some accessories here
you have the airport looks like five guys bunch of accessories in the tower
cool let’s see what’s in here okay so let’s go ahead and check out
what was in that Airport said while this thing is huge
check this out big cheap bag with one more bag another bag there for
accessories it’s a part of the taller set more of the tower more of the tower
over here people here here in the basement awesome let’s check
out the plane then we will put these together and have some fun okay now
let’s see what comes with this plane set did you guys like when the spinosaurus
was chasing these guys I thought I was so here we go that stickers iron here we have the pilot the copilot
blunders airplane or thank you doctor wing awesome put this
together okay so guys here is one of the
Playmobil set set up we’ll check out the airport the control tower and then we
will check out the airplane so you get five while actually six people here and
one person’s in the control tower but that is for that airplane in the airport
I believe the airplane came with two of pilot and a co-pilot and the other ones
came with airport set so you can see here you’ve got lady with the purse got
a lady there with the best you have captain you have a stewardess with the
suitcase you’ve got a passenger with role long suitcase
and then you have this guy working here which looks like airport security
you got another suitcase here that actually opens up and there is a laptop
that is inside there this is a rolling cart to bring
suitcases on here you have conveyor belt where the suitcases go into the airport
here you got the guys I suggest take information here you’ve got the security
you have to test through here and see if the metal detectors will beep over here
is where you would put your suitcase to go through and then behind there you
have swinging doors that open and close it says Airport international up here on
the sides you see like arrivals and departures over here you’ve got another
conveyor belt and then you got two cameras on top and if you flip this you
have a nice airport sign outside so this is where you would pull off and drop off
the passengers and then let’s move on to the control tower the control tower is
big guys you can see here it’s a nice big control
really tall and let’s check out the options in here so first of all you have
a security camera there you have a person who sits up here in a chair and
then you have several computers this computer screen here swivels back and
forth so you move it around you’ve got this
microphone here to talk to you’ve got a couple swiveling monitors here that are
showing incoming airplane and then on the other side you have another monitor
and keyboard and microphone there and then on top you have a bunch okay and I showed you guys the two sets
these are at the beginning so I’m gonna take these passengers and put them into
the plane but first of all let’s go ahead and take a good look at the plane
it is a really cool looking jet it says Pacific airline here it’s got
the flight numbers over here you got the stickers on the wings
you’ve got stickers there on the tail this whole thing is removable the wings
are removable so you could have this guy like getting into paint crash if you
want to or something like that the windows are all clear plastic
inserts so that way let’s look but the best part is this
whole top here flips off and you have access to the entire inside there that
has seen four five passengers for the pilot and co-pilot you have little juice
containers here and in the back here you have storage for cups and it also comes
with five little cups so one cup for each passenger and the passengers do fit
into the seats so let’s go ahead and do that we will pull all the passengers
into the seats here front here it has all the control panel
and everything like regular hair you got like a glass cockpit over there
and then just simply we’re gonna go ahead and close the top up put the whole
top here it snaps into place really nice and easy there you can see it’s got
three wheels they are rubber wheels so they roll along
nice and smooth we have the opening got the engine in the back and then you
have cargo area here yeah pop stone go ahead
please the suitcases then go ahead close it up and you are
ready for takeoff here you’re all ready for takeoff so
like I said I mean this is an awesome set if you could only afford one get the
airplane I mean I have not seen a crew airplane like this in a long time the
front turns really nicely smooth big rubber tires kids will love playing with
that I know my kids love this airplane so once again I want to thank Playmobil
for sending me these awesome sets to review for you guys and if you guys
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