NEW WEAPONS; Knight Riders return/ Crossout the Garage 42

NEW WEAPONS; Knight Riders return/ Crossout the Garage 42

Hi there, Survivors! A new week brings a new episode of the Garage. Today you’ll learn: — What happened to Knight Riders on their way to the Wastes — Which killer souvenirs they’ve got this time — The touching story of Mitchell family …and much more! Let’s go! Yes! The Knechte are back to the Wastes today! Knight Riders are back and once again they bring us a lot of interesting things. As always, earning parts and respect of the Knechte will not be easy—you have to prove your valor and courage. Prove that you are worthy of contacting them and
doing business with them. To do this, you need to complete faction tasks—a real test of any survivor’s skill. Martin does not like to talk about his adventures, but the Knechte sometimes tell their stories to survivors. For example, there’s this one… …This time the inviting Flanders seemed as close as ever. The Knechte heard rumours of a mountain pass leading to a secluded valley among the rocks. Getting there was not easy, because the pass was overlooked by an ancient castle, and the approaches were patrolled by the ‘Baron’s squad’. The nearby lands were full of stories that Crossout had not affected the inhabitants of the Valley, that the water there was clean and tasty, and the land fertile. It was said that the people there lived in tranquility and peace under the protection of the Baron and his soldiers. But getting there was not easy— the imposing lord of the castle carefully selected his subjects and the price for access to his possessions was high. But since no one came back from the Pass—maybe the life there really was as beautiful as everyone heard? After some time the Knechte found themselves at the gates of this castle and Martin held a speech before the Baron. The two leaders saw each other as equals, and the Knechte army (Martin’s retinue and himself) was asked to join the Baron in the castle. The hospitable owner offered to discuss the issue of passage into his domain. And a real feast was declared in honour of the knights. Alcohol flowed like a river, the fun was gaining momentum, but at some point the Baron’s people tried to attack Martin and his bodyguards. The leader of the Knechte expected this and forbade his people to drink, but ordered them to have their weapons at hand. At the same moment he gave a signal to the Knechte left behind the gate of the castle and a volley from the Knight Riders hit the walls. The battle with the Baron was bloody, but fast. And in the morning Martin learned the terrible
truth. The castle was not hosting knights. The people there were cannibals. With their tales of the valley and their imposing appearance, they lured the survivors here, and then robbed and killed them. No mountain valley with springs and green trees existed only a rocky abyss with sheer walls, where the Baron dropped the bones of his victims. The Knechte took the weapons of the ‘false knights’, and Martin ordered to raze the cannibal nest, so that there would not even be any memory left of this cursed place. Another rumour about Flanders turned out to be a lie and the Knechte moved on, immediately deciding to sell some of the trophies. They will find their retreat one day. What have the Knechte prepared for the worthy this time? SMG-37 Hornet—this is the case when size doesn’t matter, what matters is the crazy firepower. This small submachine gun can launch an entire cloud of bullets at the enemy in a very short time. Size, weight and ease of use will certainly make it a
favourite of many survivors. A rare thing! Single-shot shotgun ‘Fafnir’—such shotguns are well known in the Wasteland, particularly because of the modification called ‘Junkbow’. Naturally, the Knechte would not offer conventional weapons for their challenges. This shotgun is a very rare version of ‘Junkbow’ with an active stabilization system. The spread depends on your speed, which turns a classic weapon into a unique argument in combat. Prometheus V is another very rare variation of a popular energy weapon. However, a special modification has come into the hands of the Knechte, which not only launches deadly charges at the enemy, but also accumulates damage with each subsequent shot, using specific capacitors and a pinout scheme. But everything described above fades before the legendary weapon, which awaits the best and the most skillful survivors. Machine gun Aspect may seem like a simple and reliable machine of destruction, which can be found in hundreds. But, like any true fighter, it hides its true essence
until the last moment. True rage is dreaming inside this machine gun— superstitious survivors say that there is a berserk spirit inside. The more this weapon shoots at the
enemy, the stronger the heat from the flame of hatred. But, unlike conventional machine guns— the higher the temperature of the barrel, the more damage the enemy receives. The autocannon ‘Tornado’ is also shrouded in superstitious whispers and mystery. If a berserker is enclosed in a machine gun, then the spirit of a real gunner is surely hidden in this autocannon. The longer the owner of the weapon fires at the enemy, the more accurate the shots become and the more damage the enemy receives. Among the weaponry that the Knights brought last time, we have a unique Spike-1 crossbow back again. When shot, it launches a piece of carcass without plumage, which has a very large impulse. It deals damage below average, has low firing rate, average range and a very exact accuracy. Works as good as gunpowder and explosives! Expect the visit of Martin and his Knechte on April 19, watch the news and good luck in the Wasteland, survivors. Let us know in the comments what do you think of
the Knight Riders new advent. Please note that all features described in the ‘Developer blog’ are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or they may not make it into the final version at all. The ‘Iron Shield’ set is already available in the shop. What’s inside? — Unique armored car: Mark EX; — Two frontal machine guns ‘ST-M23 Defender’ and an epic turret cannon ZS-34 ‘Fat Man’. — Unique Goliath track of epic rarity. — Unique hero portrait: Lieutenant Mitchell; — A unique paint can: Solomon’s pattern; — Unique Sticker: Dogs of War; — As well as an increased maximum number of parts used to 55 and 3400 in-game coins. Mark EX is a repaired and modified model of the first tank used in combat operations. True, this machine was never on the battlefield — it got stuck in the swamp and never reached the intended position. But that’s why the tank survived and later became a proud museum exhibit, which was taken care of by more than one generation of wardens. The last of them, Mitchell, was very pedantic in his work with the machine and kept it working right up to the very catastrophe. In these tragic days for mankind the painstaking work of the warden paid off handsomely, when Mitchell hid his family in the cockpit of the tank and rode it out of the chaotic agony of the city. For some time the family wandered through the wild Wasteland and eventually settled in the Valley. Old man Mitchell made several trips to the cities on his faithful Mark EX, and died right behind its levers, after a successful rescue expedition. Impressed with his grandfather’s example, young Mitchell put on an old helmet, hiding his face and continued his work. Lieutenant Mitchell has been taking civilians
out of combat zones for several decades. He never attacks first, but quickly suppresses any attempts to stop him. If your attention is drawn to the unique tracks, it’s no accident. People have invented similar tracks during their first global war with each other. Now they are used in the current, less global war. Thanks to a special blade, Goliaths provide decent
maneuverability. Don’t forget that when mounted, the tracks limit the car’s maximum speed. Each mounted track also reduces the cabin’s power. Otherwise, Mark EX is a decent tank. Special abilities of a certain detail forms a
promising potential. Tank-lovers will find it easy to enjoy. Well, that’s it for today, Survivors. Keep fighting and training, designing and trading. See you in a week right here, in the Garage. Tell your friends about the show if you like it, and leave your comments. We’re always ready to hear you out. So long!


  1. Are you going to add new structural parts? Us survivors appreciate new stuff, even if they're some more parts for 10 more engineer levels.

    keep up like that , and this game will know the same fate of many others games before they vanished into shamefullness…

  3. Loving the addition of the little arrows to the starter map, really helps me plan my mission before the battle starts.

  4. Hard raids are totally borked. You went the wrong direction. Bout to give up and move on if completing hard season is going to be this much of a crapshoot. It shouldn't take a dedicated 4 man of top 10% of this game's players to win more often than not.

  5. For the KNIGHT RIDERS event when the event is over and done with if any players have any remaining token left in their storage you the developers really let us the players to decide on what should happen to the leftover tokens instead of completely removing from us you should let us to convert them into either scarps,coins,fuel,copper,electronics  this should be an suggestion idea

  6. For the Iron shield DLC pack instead of having it at £60 maybe you should knock it down to £20 cause it seems a bit unfair to spend that much money just saying !!!!

  7. So I help run a Crossout page on fb (PS4 version) and within the past few months we've seen hundreds of players quits and we've done a survey and have come to this. A how to fix your game 101! #1. Matchmaking 200% needs fixed in some kinda way! (Either weapon brackets need added, or you need to fix p.s. brackets because thats the main reason everyone has been quitting) #2. The Prices in the Market/ What it takes to build items. (You allow the players to price items in the market and it's a real cancer, that needs to be looked into so people stop playing the market rather then the game itself. Upgrading your driver/building items as pretty much just turned into a credit card battle. You either buy in and win, or grind and give up. Would be nice to build 2 tires for the same supplies as 1 but double the time it takes or something.) #3. Raids (Everyone has voiced that the new raids are cool but involve 2x the team work, not having in game mics kills that for people who run with randoms, plus it would be nice to have some of the older raids back in rotation.) #4. Other missions (Having to wait days just to race, storm warning ect. is kinda lazy to handle those. Could totally run 2-3 of them at a time) #5. The lag!!(Since the last few updates lag as become 3x worse then ever before, idk what you think you're doing but its not working!) #6. Game Modes(The tank battles and even the April fools modes were pretty cool changes, things like that shouldn't be limited time events, you could rotate them out like the other missions) #7. Electronics (For the longest time it was just another mission, now you've got it locked behind hard only missions which again turns people into credit card warriors, could literally have easy, normal and hard missions along side the copper missions. Or even just normal and hard since you only offer 1 normal mission anyways…) #8. Cabin Energy (Id love for the trucker cabin and van cabin to be good again. And that could also lead into a new game mode wear you allow cabins to have more energy then normal. Even unlock a 2 second version of a leviathan (Level 30 unlock)that has double the energy that you use your first leviathan to battle it for special prizes like things you'd need if you had a clan to allow those casual players an opportunity at those other weapons) #9. More crates you can earn besides log in crates, 2 hr crates and 14 crates. (Could literally be paint crates we earn for 8 hrs a week, maybe take the 2hr items out of the normal crates anx put them in a crate by themselves that you earn every 2 hrs and put the non sellable items in the 14 hr crates. Also remove the white items from those crates. We earn those from playing. No need to crush our hopes by opening a 2h crate to get a white item I just earned 20 of in those 2hrs)

  8. The buffing or changing new raids mechanics are too much already it's like torture to play raids and finish the season believe that, hover should not be lowered now they are so low too much, melee 2 energy so bad move no like at all.

  9. cyclone it's so broken and the increase of power score in all melee weapons is absurd seriously instead of achieving a balance, everyone will simply play with cyclones

  10. Has anyone suggested making a mobile companion app? Id love to be able to control the market and factions without having to turn on my computer. May also have some use in battle, maybe only as a live minimap

  11. Is this just a PC event? I’m on Xbox and nothing has shown up. Bummed out I missed it last year, was hoping to participate this time

  12. It also be cool if when building a car, you could put motors and stuff prior to cab placement or generator placement, i feel the requires more power pop up is not necessary, maybe i want to start my build with all my modules so i can figure how to fit them best

  13. A race for wheeled vehicles would be nice its near impossible to beat hovers with a car, maybe have seperate races for these two

  14. Fun fact: Did you know that the Little Boy 6LB and the ZS-34 Fat Man are actually names from the nukes that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  15. The changes made to the race … Horrible… What exactly are you trying to do? Make it hover only? Zero fun now…. Thanks…

  16. You should change the original hornet to 1 PS, only cause its fair since it doesn't go over 200 on PS and for the last. Pleasssse add a frame piece that's a 2×4 that pivots so we can make actual trailer builds without having to have wheels in the rear that turn so u can actually turn when u have a truck n trailer build. Ty

  17. You should make the spider Walker's be able to climb over any Hills and whatnot get across the edge of the maps and all that stuff

  18. yeah completely wrong about the history of the mark 1-4 tank…..did in fact see combat, not all mark1 & 2s failed…only like 80 percent failed the ones that did make it without breaking down wrecked the German Army. It was the first real tank if they all failed then they would not have been adapted for combat.oh that's right your a Russian company my bad….you guys make the best tanks in the world, a leopard or Abrams stands no chance of course the mark 1-2 failed it wasn't Russian my bad😀

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