Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya (Official)

Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya (Official)


  1. “She’s not very good at this she’s left her phone behind” oh Niall if you only knew that she did that so you could see her again haha

  2. I love this song and Niall is fanstastic..
    Love him..
    I can find this song in some future episodes of american tv shows😍😙
    I don't know for u guys but i can picture Lucifer😚

  3. the girl's dress looks like hailee's dress in red carpet 2019

  4. I have a feeling that One Direction will be coming back at the end of this year or at the start of 2020. Because all the members of 1D are releasing their songs at the same time and they're going to also probably going to finish their albums at the same time. So…maybe at the end of the year if all the 1D member's finish their albums..they might be coming back.
    Idk if this makes any sense.

  5. When I clicked this MV the ads was FAKE LOVE BY BTS LIVE PERFORMANCE (JIMIN FOCUS) & I watched it from the start til end before this MV play 😂😂

  6. I swear I’m the biggest directioner you’ll ever meet,but I’m so glad Niall is getting all the love he deserves instead of two lines in an entire song. :’) cries in a corner

  7. Niall: I want your number Tattooed on my arm I swear
    Me: Remembers when 1D went on Jimmy fallons show and how scared Niall was

  8. has anyone called the number at 0:47 ?? I won't tell you guys what happened next 😉 call and find out by yourself, it's a surprise!!! i love it <3

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