NIH Job: Grants Management Specialist

NIH Job: Grants Management Specialist

The mission of the NIH is to find cures for diseases and illnesses that affect the American public and in the field of grants management we actually offer the money to the research institutions whether it’s universities or small businesses to actually conduct that research. So the skill sets that we look for, you know, it’s very analytically driven. Analytical skills are very hard to teach but we look for basic communication skills. A lot of what we do is electronic driven, so written skills are very important. Basic math skills are very important as we review the budgets. I think one thing, you know, the field of grants management isn’t widely known. Typically, when you are going through school, people do not say, “Oh, I want to major in grants management, and be a grants management specialist.” While it does require a very important skill set it’s a field that you can also grow in.


  1. it's a very important role indeed, the value of research and its benefits are more important today than ever

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