NOLS | Step Forward

NOLS | Step Forward

In today’s world the wilderness lies in wait for everyone. Whether it’s a first aid emergency in a shopping mall or a mountain range to traverse. Whether it’s being able to make a decision in a boardroom or leading a team project in college. The future is bright for those brave enough to step into it. “This is by far the most valuable experience I’ve had especially with leadership development and learning about others and following others and then learning about myself.” “When you’re out here you have so many different kinds of challenges. That’s never gonna change regardless of whether you’re in the backcountry or in the front country. What can change is how you deal with it.” Our united expertise provides authentic leadership experiences that will help you step forward as a leader. “You can see literally a team of people who came together not knowing each other, completely diverse you know aren’t necessarily going to gel but have suddenly become a single unit and really generally care for each other look after each other and for me that was an extremely rewarding experience.” “It’s a program designed and set up to facilitate student success. Immediately you’re in a situation where you’re developing your interpersonal skills, leadership skills, your ability to manage crisis. “The exercises are very realistic and they put everyone in stressful scenarios to make decisions and to lead others and lead their peers and to help people.” “And you have fun.” “I have yet to hear a midshipman come back from a NOLS experience disappointed in the opportunities they were given.” “We did quite a bit of research about what outdoor education company and what curriculum would be the best fit with Archer and Archer’s mission and NOLS came out on top far and above any other school.” “Risk management is a culture that reflects the shared values beliefs and attitudes that support your organization’s priorities. It uses practices protocols and tactics to achieve them. This culture embraces learning from experience and involves everyone in the organization.” ‘The instructors are really the best part of NOLS. These are top-notch people. They’re not just there to show you how to do it, they’re there to teach you how to do it.” “Its really pushed me out of my comfort zone to see what I’m capable of.” NOLS the leader since nineteen sixty-five

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  1. NOLS is such an amazing institution and I hope one day I will be able to experience it for myself.

    A HUGE fan in North Carolina!!

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