1. Does anyone else find it scary in a way that you could be on patrol and a couple of snipers are just laying with ghillie suits just watching you and you'll never know.

  2. but my question is if you are 600m+ from your enemy are you realy Abel to build something like this a "camosquare" i dont think so

  3. In desert no vegetation who you make its self invisible in that enviroment? put stone? great video but with today technologie this snipers are a litellbit useless.

  4. 4:04 dayym u n the other guy looks badass for wearing that ghillie suits 😮 and they look liked cptn.macmillan and cptn.price from MWR/MW4 😮

  5. Correction they arent tanks they are strikers because they have wheels unlike tanks that have tread. common mistake though.

  6. Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) – Chris Morrow 4 (Free Copyright Music) if you like the music

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  8. Ein Österreicher und mehrere Panzer… ich hab da ein ganz mieses Gefühl bei, da klingelt ne historische Glocke bei mir.

  9. This year I am going to do my basic military training in Allentsteig, and probably a voluntary year. Thank you for getting me pretty excited 🙂

  10. Didn't know you guys have the vehicle Panther. Maybe not called that for your Army but British Army we call it a Panther !

  11. Imagine if WW3 would happen and you would have to fight with NOVRITSCH and he killed 5 of your teammates arleady.

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