NW Alpine Eyebright jacket – OutDoor Show Review  ?

NW Alpine Eyebright jacket – OutDoor Show Review ?

Hi this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures,
and I’ve got Bill from Northwest Alpine. So, Bill, would you tell us something about
your company? Yeah, so Northwest Alpine has been around
since 2010, and we’re focused on apparel for climbing. We do all of our production in our on factory
in the United States in Oregon. So, we have a lot of control over our manufacturing
quality and all that good stuff. So and what kind of products for climbing
do you actually produce? So we produce a whole range from base layer
to shell. Probably our most innovative product is our
ultralight waterproof breathable jacket, called the Eyebright jacket. Is this the one behind us? This is the one. So, this weighs about 128 grams. It’s an eVent membrane. It’s actually a three layer fabric, so there’s
membrane around the inside. Dyneema layer for strength. The polyester base. The construction is pretty unique in that
we … All of the seams are bonded. There’s very little sewing in the jacket. I don’t see anything. Yeah, on this jacket the only thing that’s
sewn is the elastic on the cuffs. Right now we’re experimenting with bonding
the zippers on, but in our current production … This is available now. In our current production, our zippers sewn
in [inaudible 00:01:50]. So, as you can see, this is the first one
we’ve actually bonded the zippers on. So this is a test piece. And it’s quite …
Very packable. So 128 grams, it’s one of those pieces that
you can just throw in your backpack. At the same time, it’s very strong, you say. It is. Yeah. You won’t find another ultralight jacket that’s
as strong as this. Dyneema fibers, which are the middle layer
of the fabric are one of the strongest man-made fibers in existence. They’re very thin. Very strong. Actually stronger than steel on a weight for
weight basis. Another interesting thing that you mentioned
was your tent. Yeah. Unfortunately we don’t have it pitched at
the moment. We don’t have no space. But, we utilize the same fabric as the jacket
for the walls of the tent. It’s a two-person four-season tent that weighs
in at about 408 grams. So probably one of the lightest, maybe the
lightest two-person tent on the market. Single wall? Yeah. Single wall. Yep. Also quite small and compact. Yeah, absolutely. You could even get it smaller than that, but-
Do you use a compression [inaudible 00:03:19] Yeah, even you could like … sometimes it’s
too hard to get it really tight, but we’ve made it smaller stuff to see how small we
can get it. You know, like an American burrito size. Wow. It’s either you’ve got huge burritos or a
small tent. Yes. So thank you very much. Yeah, thank you. Thanks.

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