Obsessive Boyfriends Are SO Romantic!

Obsessive Boyfriends Are SO Romantic!

(all laugh) (phone vibrates) – Oh. Aww. – What happened? – Dylan just sent me the cutest text. (romantic music) He always wants to know where
I’m at and what I’m doing and who I’m with, he’s very protective. – Oh, he must love you so much. – Yeah, he never says it
but he always shows it. – Well ladies, I hate to brag but my boyfriend Chas is so in to me. He’s always telling me what to wear and what to say in order
for him to still like me. – You two are like, the Danny and Sandy of this generation, okay? Uh, greased lightning. (laughs) – Thank you. – What’s up? (Katie coughs) – Oh my god, here we are talking about our perfect lives and greased lightning, and Katie’s going through a breakup. – No, don’t worry about me. – But Katie, you don’t have a boyfriend, I mean, what could be sadder? – Well, even though I broke up with JC, he’s still a really
important part of my life. In fact, he’s been watching
me this entire time. (sinister music) – Oh my god. – What? – So romantic! (romantic music) It’s like I’m watching all
the Twilight movies at once. – So, how many dates did you guys go on? – Surprisingly, only four. – Wow. – You know, it is the little
things that really count, like how Dylan needs to know all of the passwords
to all of my accounts. – That’s sick. (sinister music) – Sexy sick. (laughs) (romantic music) – Oh yeah. (laughs) (phone vibrates) – Who’s Dadina? – Oh, that’s just my dad. I had to change all the male names in my phone to female names. – Been there. – Done that, bought the t-shirt. – Bought the t-shirt! (laughs) – I mean, who says romance is dead? Chas won’t even let me
talk to his friends. – Yes, Dylan’s the same. – Oh, is he jealous too? – No, he thinks I’m stupid and doesn’t want me embarrassing him. – Mm-hmm. – (laughs) You are! – I know! (laughs) (sinister music) Oh my god, Katie. JC is going through
your personal property! – Oh my god. – Who the fuck is this? – That is… Real love. (romantic music) – I know, it is. Ladies. (sad, gentle music)
(JC breaking things) – Yeah. – Love is work, love takes time, love is frightening,
love keeps you on edge, and makes you need anxiety meds, love keeps you awake at night. – I haven’t slept in so long. – Unbelievable. – Hard pivot, but… – Yeah! – Chas and I have been
having the most wild sex. – Ooh! – He demands sex from me twice a day unless I’m on my period, and
he never goes down on me. (sinister music) – Are you for real? Dylan never goes down on me! (romantic music) – What? – [Both] Yes! – Give it up, girl. – So dry! – Oh my goodness. – Should I get back together with JC? He’s been trying all these
really romantic gestures to manipulate me into getting
back together with him. – Like what? – Oh, I don’t know, like
costumes, and funny accents. – Hello! I’m always watching. – Oh my god, he’s trying to win you back just like in Mrs. Doubtfire! – (laughs) I don’t know what that is. (all laugh) (sinister music) – Oh my god, I almost forgot. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. – [Both] Stupid, stupid
stupid. (both laugh) – Would you ladies mind if I took a photo of you two together? Dylan, he likes to have a
photo to know who I’m with to make sure it’s not a man. He got back to me already. – Oh my god, I cannot believe
he talks to you like that. – Oh. – It’s so passionate. (romantic music) – So passionate!
– Yeah, that’s it, yeah!


  1. If someone said they would kill themselves I'd just quote a Christmas story and say " if they would rather die than they should better do it and decrease the surplus population"

  2. I remember seeing a Facebook post saying something like
    "I love it when my boyfriend gets jealous and pulls me somewhere just to mark my neck to make sure everyone knows I'm his."
    Weird kinky flex but okay.

  3. My boyfriend took my dog to the shelter because I was giving it too much attention, so romantic… 😍😍😍

  4. My boyfriend loves me so much that he broken my phone so that i cant call 911 and locks me up in a dark room with rats! SO CUTE

  5. In my dreams , I have a boyfriend who killed every single person on the Planet ,except me and him !! So I’m scared right now ! Romantic , right ? 😻😽💏🕴🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❣️❣️💔💔💔 Ok help me please I’m really scared 😟

  6. I’m disappointed they didn’t make it a both gender thing. Like have you seen all those girlfriend relatable posts that just say “when youre crazy and he still loves you” or “when u go through his phone” “ when you yell at him vs when he yells at you”

  7. Is no one going to talk about them eating ONLY lettuce!??!? No dressing, no veggies, no chicken!! The audacity lmao 😂

  8. While I compliment the women for this well-executed skit, it seemed a bit too stereotypical to me. It kind of implied that only women are being abused, that men are the perpetrators, and that we as women might collectively romanticise such behaviour. But I think this rather happens to abuse victims when they are trying to wrap their minds around what is happening to them. It is not that much an idea of romance. More a distorted view on romance because you can't face how horrible your relationship really is.

  9. one of my exs threatened to kill himself unless i continued to be his girl friend. i told my teachers and they had to tell him that it was over between us. He still called me like 5 times a day at 3 in the morning.

  10. In fairness, Mrs. Doubtfire wasn't about him trying to get back with his wife – it was about being able to see his children more often. Unless I'm misremembering, they actually stayed divorced at the end, and she wound up with Pierce Brosnan, but they had more equitable custody over the children.

  11. I love the part where he holds up the slinky and says 'unbelievable.' So funny. Also disturbing, but that part is great.

  12. I love how they’re all just sitting around eating a huge bowl of salad with no dressing or toppings. 😂 nice touch

  13. This sketch was missing the normal person reacting incredulously to the insane people. Trapp, Brennan or Ally would have been perfect.

  14. This is exactly what happens in all kdramas where the boyfriends go through your things and get jealous over meeting other men for any reason

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂….and SOme in real life believe this shit. Please get a psychological evaluation if you are guilty of such.

  16. I would I actually like an obsessive boyfriend but not that obsessive yo know like. Like not go over board with things. I’ve seen too much anime -.-

  17. this was extra effective bc my ex was named Dylan!!! really showed me that I went about breaking up with him all wrong and that he wasnt manipulative, but loved me!!! I should call him xoxoxo

  18. I hope there are no real people like that. And why are they eating bare lettuce? (My bad maybe they find it delicious) Thank god it's a movie.

  19. The most disturbing thing for me is that even though I find the behavior in this satire creepy and I know if stuff in stories like Twilight or Grease happened to me in real life I'd be freaked out and/or pissed too, I still find Edward/Bella and Danny/Sandy romantic…

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