On The Spot: Ep. 44 – You Can’t Say That on This Show | Rooster Teeth

On The Spot: Ep. 44 – You Can’t Say That on This Show | Rooster Teeth

yeah My first team just wants people to stop objectifying them as pieces of sex meat for you to oggle at with your inappropriate looks of lust and Debauchery. They are complex individuals that should not be defined by what is underneath their shirts or their pants. Please a little respect people. Let’s welcome James Willems and Aaron Marquis! I don’t really know how my second team got here. I’m pretty sure they were smuggled across the border with a shipment of beaver pelts or something. Most likely carried on the back of a moose. I think it is safe to say the refugee problem is getting out of hand when people like this make it into our great country. Please say hello to Elyse Willems and Barbara Dunkelman! I’m your host Jon Risinger and welcome to On The Spot! We have an audience! Yay!! Hey Gus! They still needed Gus there! They’ll all payed to be here. Uh… Welcome to On The Spot. This is the finale for this season. Oh is it? Yeah! Oh I’m sorry. This is the Superbowl of On The Spot. Yeah. This is the Superbowl of On The Spot. You made it into the finals. From the whole season, including Elyse, who hasn’t been here yet, are now competing. That’s actually pretty accurate. That should be the best person. This episode is brought to you by Casper.com and LootCrate and only them. just those two. Hey Chelsea. You need my dog. Go buddy. Go. Go! so you’re under that tree and her Alright so we got that business done. We need prompts from you for a game later on. We’re gonna play impromptu pitch. So we need you guys to use #OTSPrompt And you send us person, place, and genre and the good stuff we’ll use for the game and the bad stuff we’ll… block you. … for forever on all of our social media. But this is pre-taped? You broke the illusion! Control room? Get a good prompt! The audience needs to start tweeting right now. Um… okay so we need team names. Gentlemen? You’ve had all day. Despite your whole monologue at the beginning about how we don’t want to be objectified. We do want to be objectified, at least a little bit, which is why our team name is… Jon’s little beauties. *awkward laughs* Yep. Those are my little beauties. Get of me. Get off me! That’s not what… Minus 5 points for touching me No! Goddammit it! On every game! On every episode! Don’t you work in this medium? Not in this med-What is this medium? Is this live? No. It’s pre-taped. Bam!! Ladies? So Barbara and I, sometimes we get compared… we’re blonde… we’re from Canada… may have a certain sense of humor… and it’s no surprise that there was one man who was a major inspiration to us. I don’t know if I would call him a man. It’s more of a god. in our minds. Yeah. James is getting nervous. Are you guys called Jon’s little beauties too? Do you want to… Um… you know… After our lord and savoir.. General Grievous from Star Wars We’re gonna be Genital Grievous. Genital Grievous. And! To go along with our team name… we prepared… Barbara can you reach your props? Our bowl of Grievouses Jon: Jesus Christ! This is for when we air our grievouses. Really? Yeah. You know when we’re feeling inspiration. …of sir Grievous. You guys found out you were playing together today and you had the time to do this? We don’t do much work here Jon. We’re also always prepared to honor… The Grievous. I’m going to destroy that bowl sometime during this thing. These are our Grievouses! Okay… so… And they’re very great. They’re fantastic! Yeah. Good. Build them up. reinforcement Fantastic we have team names. We have sponsors. We have the golden Gus. This is what you guys are fighting for. You guys can take this back to… actually you guys all live in different places. So, put it in Oklahoma. New Mexico! Nah. Oklahoma is in between. What is exactly between Austin and Los Angeles? Hawaii! A lot of nothing. Hawaii? *laughter* Let’s move on to our first game which is… Sync about it. Sync about it is a game where each team will be given a question. They’ll answer the question one word at a time, back and forth between teammates. And they’ll have 6 seconds on the clock to do this. The twist is-is that anytime you hear the bell. *Rings bell* The other team gets to interject with a word. And the other team has to continue with their answer using that word. Make sense everybody? What? Not really. Let’s find out what “Jon’s Little Beauties” prompt is. What is it? How to get a Tinder date. Wait a second.. How to get a date on tinder… both of you being experts on the subject. I haven’t been on tinder in at least a week. What about you? Well that’s how we found that girl… wait what? Ooo. Wait. How’s it going? The audience finally woke up to that. Don’t talk about our threesomes on pre-taped television. It’s not even television. *In Grievous’s voice* What’s the situation Captain? Is that a General Grievous quote? These are all General Grievous quotes okay? I ever tell you my favorite blonde joke? No. It’s this team. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!! I’m not fucking blonde anymore! Our Grievouses! Give it. Give it! So! E-Ew! Read the joke! You need to do air quotes when you do that. I’ll read it. Um. No. Shut up. Okay. How to get a tinder date. 60 seconds on the clock. Starting with James. *In Grevious voice* Your lightsabers will make a fine edition to my collection. At least Barbara did it into the microphone this time Wha-What is this? What is this team? That doesn’t seem like improvisation. That’s a script. They should lose points for that. It’s not a script when he said these lines! No. I actually don’t think.. No. It’s all from Grievous. 5 points to Elyse. Starting with James. 60 seconds on the clock. How to get a tinder date. Ready. Set. Go. First take your phone out of your *bell rings* general asshole open your app and swipe faces until they look scrame sca-rain scream I just had a stroke. when the face screams back at *bell rings* you then give them a *bell rings* order from General Grievous Fuck this game because Jon sucks dick hard *Time’s up buzzer* *laughter* we almost we almost lost me i’m guessing
we won’t brought it back you brought it back . then rose been rough but you got that landing gear
down got it in safe yeah just like man I was really funny on the answer that
contributed to you what was it was your news and that’s
what was your house the curve ball boy I’ve never seen at least happier than
when you went follow through a General Grievous and you know she loves she
loves General Grievous yeah who doesn’t most every time i get everyone on this
side I guess General Grievous the VD isn’t it because I refused to get that
like a nice 18 are I be getting genital area they stopped at port and they’d
spread it to all the women I be needing a cream you never know we need less cream yeah
that’s what you take a lemon you cut it in half and then you you squeeze out the
lemon on your crotch we’re getting a preamble to your better time it prevents
vitamin C all of the car only on your crotch thank you be going to ensure that the
shaft is pissed is sticking up so it gets right into the yeah yeah have they typed up the thing yet can we
stop stalling oh yeah is someone typing it up Mary was not even here I’ll be back first take your phone out
of your general asshole open your app and swipe faces until they
look scream green screen when the face screams back at you then give them an
order from general grievous fuck this game because John sucks dick hard nailed
in heaven what was the last line supposed to be
saying John sucks dick hard what not i mean was the like when it was
meant like what I don’t know you meant that I studied the card reading speed I
guess that is what we met yeah I but i think that is what you meant so that was that was that was good that
was actually good at there was tender in there and then a stroke yeah how many y’all ladies you know you
don’t have to worry about me but you want to . give Aaron a . yeah . once you
get negative 4 negative so he’s just keeping the hard track here’s what i did i want everyone back I
didn’t give us any negative points before this started and that’s what i
did i did that for you what you make an alliance the snow I did he is trying to make you proud of
him that you guys actually start the game at zero yeah yeah I see you cool I’ve been trained in your Jedi arts
by Count Dooku throw the ball the good thing is is that at least
coughs and I’m actually like all leases coughing and then that happened setting it up just like the movie the
country made so much sense alright so what was your fucking name
John graduation bar dravis let’s find our general Grievous’s question is how
to give a summary of all six Star Wars films so down the bloody that you have
60 seconds so about 10 seconds of film if you want
to be even one word at a time starting off with police ready set what was the question General Grievous is the star of the
films he is the worst bad guy in the movie
because he is not a feeling does a little bit of children’s me a
little can never be killing any Padawans so he will grab a 2-1 children to take
their tickling how good you have it as you explained it I want to see the review summarizing the
46 build an army or not you must realize you are do with General Grievous
reduction that ball is left my like Revis quote
the answer is too much and your i brace did I you don’t protect me agreed that
it was no one knows this turns out as the answer the door cares anything about
anything is that you know I like that he’s like I was trained by the Jedi all he does is just put his it just puts
the same like this and spins him around I could do that yeah I had mental hands yeah he’s not
training it’s a it’s a good idea to break down the fallacies in episode two these are pretty it was a pretty like
really big the reason i restarted film a lot of holes makes me feel better to
take something so important and push down 3 episode 3 wasn’t what you say
blame here they are you eating it’s who right here the star wars is my god
I’m getting shiny thing as the word and I don’t doubt for a second what are you
talkin about hey Blaine what happened today hey
Blaine how was screaming that was that the force awakens awesome change your
world shut up blame blame I am the maker of Dreams blame the hip
and the taker if it remember that shut up fast let’s read that back why is it still on
me cuz i was going to say that thing and it was supposed to cut away General Grievous is the star of the
film’s he is the worst bad guy in the movie because he is pedophilic thus he
can never be killing any padawan so he grabs Padawan children to take
their tickling elsewhere to make sense I mean that would also explain his
absence from episode – yeah just Blaine and his good friend Gus sorola oh god
doesn’t want to be associated with you later just all by itself I think it was just the intern here it’s
i think i was happy to the air coming out of planes balloon that pushed him
over um i’m gonna get points to thank you
John General General Grievous haha well
deserved yeah i think they did a good job thing I think I know what it’s time
for oh fuck me I’m gonna hear some
grievances – 5:40 to General Grievous yeah back away I won’t deal with this Jedi
slime myself these are all his lines yeah you’re
gonna go through every single one of his lines from the whole time right out
every single what if it’s a spin the movie like that improv like talking into
cups tuning on the spot this week that’s what we do is insulting we are
trying our you have been a lot of reasons that not the shows get cancelled
anything whatever would be quotes from General Greene ever take this to the
bowl of grievances you think we just got a bowl of grievances lying around Revis
it’s wrong you gotta hire anybody all right word I thought it was part of the
pan chef collection really a bowl of
grievances all the all right before we get two points uh a little something to read this
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code on the spot terms and conditions apply nothing
happened that was a good read for a hard cut back
your own hair today let’s go back to the beginning of the
show the moments these are the moments that they go why they do a hard cut
right there i don’t understand why did they do a hard cut fuck you – 5.1 yeah
hard like the edges of your hard cut back to LA is all not using whole
there’s nothing here I don’t want to see let’s get a third
hard cut it . just got a point shut the fuck up . what are points there you go general while eating enough
now . how the idiots with the bowl of quotes are beating you asshole I’ll be
honest not my highest negative number ok we’re going to shoot the moon on this
one is on we’re going to show you to go negative 100 they said let’s try it let’s go to our next game which is
impromptu pitch impromptu pitch of the game for each team will be given a
person place and John and they will use those prompts to make up their next big
film pitch idea that pitched me the big studio exec of six on the clock to give
the pitch and they’ll go back and forth between each teammates i will call out
when they switch teammates best film pitch gets a points so happy and I’m so
what we’re going to move the exact would he be I already stressed out yeah yeah let’s
go – I would like to see manage hardcover god no more about you you know which is not to be honest for
making it hard on control yes and that’s that’s what i don’t like
about this year sorry guys I apologize to everyone back
there he’s working really hard as opposed to some of the people out here
who just phone into them hey I’m sorry I was pointing a job I had
my had my druthers you you may make sure you get your hand in the shots we know
John if if I had my druthers I get all of them some clothes where did you get those clothes Aaron
shut the fuck up what are their props you’ve been a real
Grievous today John oh you guys get another another star
wars is that you guys and that’s them Anakin Skywalker on the USS enterprise
and this is a time-travel comedy from a Skywalker this is what wait this is fake what is it it’s in
this is all fake it’s all made up but improv I was gonna say it’s because this
pre-taped yeah and please stop selling my craft short alright Yusei minecraft I’ll get what
david i’ll give you a point for your craft thank you negative 8 know what you want to- yeah I
want to get the negative 10 plus 10 is ok so six o’clock starting off with Babs Anakin Skywalker on the USS enterprise
and time travel comedy ready set go so
Anakin Skywalker as we know a start in some of the first movies of Star Wars
and in one of these movies he encounters the Holy General Grievous police General Grievous is the second in
command captain jean-luc Picard the captain of the USS enterprise that is
the USS Enterprise agree this and the car traveling through space Barbara and
as they’re traveling through space all of a sudden Anakin Skywalker appears
and he says it is time for us to battle area and then they say wait up there is
a time portal right there were about to be sucked into this wormhole and then
Grievous being a natural hero and charismatic figure that he is says wait
Anakin I can save this I can stop you from being sucked into
this wormhole in ever becoming the great hero Darth Vader that you become Barbara
but it is haha even she wasn’t buying instead he says oh hey time to abandon
ship that’s the cue for us to start making
through the skills to prepare for a deck one more no no no cut their mics cut
their might I think they actually cut them happy that’s that can we have everything we
have . now know that way well you know you gave that can wait what was the name
of the movie I didn’t think about that one did you
don’t look forwards with perfect at and wrath of grievous I don’t know no fish no they sit there and wrath of
flan whoa his greatest like fly they not
talking about flaunting this friday i was thinking about getting mexican food
later – sounds like it’s always going down okay yeah let’s find out what John’s
little beauties back to the greatest Sylvester Stallone in Montreal horror
film by accident proves ok all right so it’s best alone Johnson
greens shut up absolutely fucking not montreal you know Montreal is right
uh-huh just a south of Venezuela I thought I was in a Louisiana you guys
are funny let’s put six o’clock starting off with James ready go sylvester stallone is a
brokedown actor he’s uh he’s only started a handful of successful movie
franchises arid and he finds a body on the montréal while jogging his name is also cobra and
he carries around a big pistol and drive the Plymouth James and so he says I may
be a lawful citizens but I also play by my own rules so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
prop up this body like a scarecrow man aaron and then I’m gonna hope that the
Scarecrow’s pick out its eyes and then I can use this body to find the real
killer based on its sent James because everyone
knows that a killer returns to the scene of a crime especially when you set up
the corpse that they murdered as a scarecrow man and so he he guides into the bushes and
he waits there but what he sees is a ghost where that you ring the bell my
game General Grievous approach Aaron and and
Cobra finds the killer and it’s actually friendly ghost named that’s what I was gonna say I know you I know you
were because it’s funny because the other sponsors you’re ruining my fucking
show me your honor if I may object much really may not much has a declining crow
population this story is entirely inaccurate yeah well how did you rewrite I guess
pigeons pigeons help Cobra can i call the title and escrow bruh
haha that’s okay I did it I made them laugh that’s all i wanted to
booth yeah sorry sorry guys sorry audience i only care about the booth laughing anything booth is hiring an
editor right now to get on the show we gotta find somebody for its Barbara and
I try to make plain laughs it’s true we just want to go in his day my head
hurts wait did they replace played with the
cardboard cutout of points to John little beauties wait how many how many I don’t know god
stop police oh what’s that over there I have a little something to read where
we get the points you right now you lose general Kenobi that’s you John plus five points to John
little beauties is we deposit . right having trouble finding that perfect
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great , such on the spot all right and if you go on the spot John
seems upset Jones ever upset john loves this show so
happy i don’t like when John’s upset and he makes everyone else feel sad and
sorry about the grievous quotes I’m sorry your highness your are you
literally holding in previous quote in your hand as you know this and you know
you’re so let’s find out what points are what are points whoa oh just barely but it’s catching up I think I know what that means alright
so we have Redemption challenge which gives teams that are losing an
opportunity to catch up some points and so we have a few props we need to bring
in to help with our car with a challenge to come on in tyler John usually has
people eat from each other’s mouths as that’s his MO we have to put this down to murder
someone which one are we gonna do that one this one oh boy did you ask him yup did you insert your egg this morning
times but I on or what yeah you come down are you bringing to the table bring your
feet a little bit I have to make a cake inside of his ass ok so in front of James are the
ingredients for a cake mix all James has to do is get one cup of mix 1 cup of
sugar 1 cup of milk and three eggs into the bowl with aaron guiding him with his
the soldier sound of his voice James cannot touch the bowl that’s the
only rule what if I touch with an egg cracking and
also there are there are some tens on the table and there’s am the biggest one
is a happened nope but they believed it of all their little italy so you guys got 30 seconds to get try to
get as many of these ingredients you can I everything out figured out what makes
one cup of sugar 1 cup of milk three eggs you get points for each and green you
get in alright ready set go James your right hand ok forward two
inches 42 inches to write four inches get down four inches to the left a
little bit to the left your field container grabbed it by the bottom the
bottom of the container the bottom of the container pick it up up up forward forward forward turn it over
right here yeah turnover ok now grab drop that to
the left for it for it for it grab that thing you’re holding there ok lift it turn it over no it’s not open
you got to open it ok what for I backwards backwards backwards
to the right just a little bit right pour it ok go to the left to the left to
the left there I time’s up I try to explain as clearly as
I fucking but i do it you got most of it yeah I’m a cake yeah
you did you take your blindfold off your good pretty good wow we got one doing the children you guys get one point for that one egg
that enhance I was just going for mass throw it all of us a good strategy as
get it was like firing a shotgun yeah it’s a good job at that I think we
got a good cake going on here how many points on one point Wow moving
on up to . to discuss how we can stop the illusion is poked into it we’re gonna clear that up a little bit
what is the air and get the fuck back on oh yeah oh you guys are losing stuff oh oh oh
how many hours of our hands did you bring to austin just one did you get something on you know oh did
I was hoping you wouldn’t get anything on my shoes they had that tom yeah but what is a speaking of clothes
that James is where he would what shirt are you wearing right now
James uh I found it in a dumpster out back because they knew we’d be doing
some stupid stunts and I wanted to figure if I want to get a t-shirt messy
and me this shirt I don’t know it’s a long finger with a
butthole so if i had to guess I’d say it’s an on-the-spot shirt there you go that’s how you do an ad
read that that’s that but it’s a long finger with a butthole
you know where i found this actually where it was in a i was curious what he
was gonna say found a truce t.com didn’t have a store . risky , sri found it who you need to be some special yeah
yeah it’s a sometimes there’s a lock on the front who is this a grievous quote no it’s a recipe for the thing we could
make I wouldn’t say we ok so i think . me
that you guys are 22 points away from children so that’s a close game we’re
going to move on to our last game which is ABC’s of storytelling records what
you’re saying is try to get more eggs and I don’t think maybe storytelling the
game for each team will be given a scene and characters they’re going to act out
the scene like actually improv artists and they’re going to have six o’clock to
act out the scene they’re gonna do it going to the outfit with each side of
the dialog going to the next one of the outfit they’ll start with random letter
each letter to get through get points to get negative points if you use the wrong
letter and they could skip X and Z but they get bonus points if they use it everyone ready to go to the alphabet
we’re just as confused as you are who knows why are you smiling at me why
you looking at me for approval for shitting on my show what I haven’t taken a shit on your show
yet crush them make them suffer that’s one of his best she waits till I
look over here that’s what they do they didn’t waste all time fast good job I put it back in the bowl and we might
want to reuse that or use it jobs are beauties that start you guys off with
you guys is seen So Aaron is Santa who is running late and desprately trying to get out of the house in time to do his Christmas night deliveries and James is Mrs. Claus who once again has had too much to drink and is using this time to bring up their obvious marital issues it’s fun with their for the letter is M
start with m 60 seconds on the clock starting with James oh shit go mr. Claus you think you could
stay out all night but you can’t avoid me not again woman oh please come on just
let’s talk for a minute I have issues penis issues again quiet I don’t want the neighbors know
about your penis issues really you don’t want to know about the paintings issues
so you don’t care of your penis issues but it’s a big deal for me that’s enough time to deliver toys
underdog again poor mrs. Claus very sad indeed why why would you say something like
that to me with such harsh tones the Xerox you are always saying the rocks
and I don’t know what it means nice skipper letter no you didn’t know
you actually got bonus points because you technically used that one of the
bonus letters I did ya in a completely motivated way
it was the sea we looked at the scene for you and I anime and we’re talking
about the same he said what’s the biggest issue here and then it’s because
they can’t copy each other yeah always saying xerox because he’s
like you think I get it but I don’t understand you but if I could copy you then we’d be in
it simulating emotions copying oh shit yeah I think you guys are gonna
make it I think you’re gonna be all right okay yeah thanks thank you yeah actually that
brings us all this makes us nice again yeah this is good this is good time to
work xerox brought together all right why did
you have one she wants to hook one had milk on it alright so that was that was that was
really good ladies okay and so you guys got to get through the
alphabet you got to get your points ok kids right it was your first time real they said
they’re really good lady you have the alphabet i do i’ma let all know that’s
bullshit show you just absolutely not Archie card absolutely not I good luck she’s
legitimately worried now i am i’m almost as bad as Aaron at the alphabet whoa yeah 3x don’t know what that
there’s so much beyond the time you guys this is she – cheater what Barbara’s doing it I was going to
use the other cheek device hold hard liquor Oh it’ll mess with the
milk oh not the only shoes I brought really
the only shoes he has the season at the cynic store in Santa Monica College easy
so many bonus points right now ten points wear something wet no there’s no there’s a gear oh you
wings how many points John John have any place
John give you bonus did you get any on the phone no but I mean I’m going to wipe it off
without the point John with red the points I got a gun and she wanted that was like
bourbon and eggs just like grandma let’s find out what their prompts are
with their scene is can all agree this Barbara is a counselor at a Canadian
school mentoring trouble connecting youth and at least is a mixed up rough
is mixed up in a rough gang of rogue Mounties to keep stealing maple certain
trees so Barbara your mentoring this this but I kind of feel like we’re
typecast as a what’s the scene versus two bridges are you doing your monologue
from the beginning with the show so funny six things o’clock what letter L started
with the lease starts with an E go leave me alone a I’ve got my own
problems step up Mount he shouldn’t have problems
they should be the people who are examples for other children and people
of this of the country no way would you know I oh I think
you’re just troubled i think we should you know maybe sit you down and go
through step by step of how you can improve pickering ontario is where I’ve
lived here my whole life and no one’s ever told me that I got troubles quiet you you should listen to me I know
what I’m talking about reserve Mountie is what you are you’re
not even a real canadian school teacher schoolteacher I never claimed to be a
schoolteacher that’s so a yeah i’ll be you know if any
one day I know that I like the sound of intelligent you said tell my life . i
said too much has named James but I didn’t realize that sitting there
silently would cost of so many . well you should when you got on my team I didn’t even
get to t42 importance or do we get to t we did get the key I like that you guys went right back
into the big green couple we’re still working some things out your icy rocks I want you to get the alphabet still I
just memorizing it for later we really need that alphabet bonus
points 22 least for doing the accent there yeah definitely was a friend of mine
there’s a bonus 10 points to james are pointing out Lisa’s accident Anakin Skywalker I was expecting someone
with your reputation to be a little order Jesus Grievous Canadian to that sounded well yeah you got that that’s not for
you to touch it touch it i want to touch it ok so that’s our last game anywhere
anymore like you know last ditch attempt at points is the finale so I mean these are no don’t pour more
alcohol in my shoes the cops are gonna think I’m drunk walking that’s pretty that’s good did you for
Barbara keep for more there’s like there’s actually a pool going to get
points for that Jon Jon I leave this if I believe this without the golden
dustman I have nothing literally nothing but you’re married so she gets its kind
of literally nothing i’ll never see it all hang out at your place does the shoes are part of my
inheritance in the ruins so I would just like the points now please your
inheritance yes after he dies remember James yeah
whatever weird will understand that’s the only thing hot your will must
immediately it’s aaron but the shoes from her lawyers right is up are you
sure there’s nothing else you want to include like maybe your dog or something she goes no a it’s my number of points
are at the end of all that yeah . that this matters not you can’t
argue with the boot the boot never mistakes the points never ever that’s why I performed to the
booth yeah all right James oh god it smells
terrible yeah there you go that’s pure turpentine i wanna i don’t know casper , and Luke
great calm for a sponsor is this episode let me hard it’s not even funny it’s not even funny
because we can’t use it for it cut you should say something like hey if you
need more shoes try ordering them from that way if this
is all getting deleted this is all getting deleted I’d like to
think I’d like to thank astro.com and lucrative car respond to this episode
and I’d like to thank my guests for shutting the fuck up and not saying
anything else thank you this is our season finale
thank you both for everything you guys did this this season thank you all my guests I don’t know if
we’ll be back bye guys yeah


  1. There is a a weird amount of similarities between these couples:
    Barbara and Elyse are both blonde and canadian
    Aaron and James are both pretty fit and american
    They all work at roosterteeth

  2. ok, so…its good how jon reads out the info about the sponsors and stuff, but imo i think lawrence is just more interesting to listen to about that

  3. I just introduced my girlfriend to OTS with the episode where Michael and Andy tell us how to use a tampon on our sister. she loves it and now we're about to watch maybe my favorite ever OTS. the bowl of grieviouses is hilarious!

  4. i feel like i saw this one, but i dont remember anything besides the hard cuts and the bowl, so im guessing hembohero had those parts in some videos

  5. In my mind, at the middle of the show Barbara and Elyse change things up a bit:
    Elyse [Takes out a note from her pocket]: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
    Jon: What? No! That's not even a quote from–[Barbara cuts him off]
    Barbara [Stands up abruptly with her hands in the air, shouts at the audience]: "Are you not entertained?!"
    Audience: No we're not!
    Elyse [To Barbara]: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
    Jon [Facepalms, depressed]: What have we done.. We've created a horrible punster..

    But seriously, I love them both so very much 🙂

  6. Jon looked like a shitty, low budget Lex Luthor From Batman Vs. Superman meets Dr. Evil with much less creepy, and less bald, pet

  7. Blaine is the funniest of us all. This is one of my favorite On the Spot's purely because of Blaine lmao.

  8. Rooster teeth, funhaus, i just started watching about a year ago and have become an instant fan, love you guys keep up the awesomeness.

  9. It's funny how Americans and Canadians act like they're so different but literally the entire rest of the world can see no differences.

  10. Should get a harness with shoulder support and without neck strap(s) instead of a collar for the Dog. Better weight distribution, more comfortable and won't choke if you have to pull.

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