Operation Red Wings Ambush Footage 2005

Operation Red Wings Ambush Footage 2005

[Videographer] As you can see the Mujaheddin are moving bravely during the day with their weapons. (Shah and his men open up on the SEALs.) (Suppressed M4 shot) (Suppressive fire from a M4 drowned out by insurgent fire.) (Cover fire from a M4.) (Insurgents ramp up their fire.) (AK fire) (Insurgents start making their way down to the SEALs.) [Shah] Get down to them! [Videographer] Get back! (Skirmish erupts up again.) [Shah] Who are you? [Shah] What are you doing down there? [Shah] What are you picking up? (Three shots of M4.) [Shah] Boys, go down and arrest them, we want them alive. [Fighter] Shot him! [Shah] Tell them to drop their weapons! [Videographer] Drop your weapons! [Videographer] If you don’t fight, we don’t kill you! (Bursts from Shah’s PKM.) [Videographer] If you don’t fight, we don’t kill you! [Videographer] Hand up! [Videographer] Hand up! (Shah fires three bursts from his PKM.) (Shah’s fighter fires three rounds towards the SEALs.) (Shah firing his PKM at the SEALs.) (Shah reloads his PKM.) (Shah fires his PKM [Plunging fire] towards the SEALs and then moves down.) [Videographer] Shoot! [Shah] Shoot, shoot! [Videographer] Shoot, shoot! [Shah] Umair! [Umair] Yeah? [Shah] What happened? [Videographer] Try to take them alive. [Shah over ICOM] Okay, okay, we aren’t firing towards your side. Boys, don’t fire straight, those are our boys. (Shots of M4 can be heard in the distance.) [Shah] Hey Fahim, don’t fire that way our boys are across, don’t fire straightly. [Fighter over ICOM] Hold your fire, here we are! [Shah] Okay boys, hold your fire. (Seven shots from a M4.) (Four shots from a suppressed M4.) (Shah’s men return fire.) (Shots from a M4.) (M4 and suppressed M4.) (Bursts from a PKM.) (PKM and suppressed M4 fire.) (RPG impact) (PKM and suppressed M4 fire.) [Shah over ICOM] I’m here. [Shah over ICOM] I’m here. [Fighter over ICOM] We need ammunition! [Shah over ICOM] Hold on boys, I’m coming, I’m coming! [Shah] Hurry up boys! [Videographer] Run fast towards them! [Shah] Fast, fast, one has escaped, surround him! [Fighter] Hey Zubair, hand him (Shah) the PKM ammunition! (Shah firing his PKM, now accompanied by his RPG gunner.) (RPG impact) [Videographer] Shoot, shoot at them, they’re not going to surrender, shoot! (Shah looking down the mountain, his RPG gunner standing by his side. PKM fire continues in the distance.) (Shah moving down the ridge.) [Shah] Shoot, shoot! [Videographer] Look at this American helicopter, one of them has already been shot down. By God, this one will be ours as well! [Videographer] This is the equipment taken from the dead Americans as a result of our operation in the Manogay (Pech) District, Kunar Province on the 28th of June, 2005. Albeit this is not everything we collected as some of the stuff is at other safe houses, which we’ll grab later. [Videographer] This is a scope which you use to see clearly during the night. [Videographer] We have three M4s, and the other two are at Mujaheddins” houses. [Videographer] Yes, get the 4th helmet in, we’ll use them all, there you go. [Videographer] Here is some more of the equipment taken from the dead Americans. This is a cloth which is used to signal the American helicopters. [Videographer] And this is a card, a flash card. (Murphy’s (R) and Dietz’s (L) M4s.) (Shah aims Dietz’s M4 and shows off the laser.)


  1. https://web.archive.org/web/20181003061900/https://thenewsrep.com/55995/lone-survivor-uncovered-the-ambush-at-sawtalo-sar/
    "On 31 May, 2016, I received a call from Jess Stoner, who identified herself as Luttrell’s “agent for public speaking engagements and things like that.” Ms. Stoner did not identify whether or not Luttrell was present with her, but did acknowledge we were on a speaker in a vehicle. Ms. Stoner was very amicable for the vast majority of the 10-minute conversation; we established who I was and she tried to pin down why exactly I was writing the article. She mentioned several times what a great relationship she and Luttrell have with Brandon Webb, SOFREP’s founder and CEO. Ms. Stoner then claimed to be struggling between the second and third questions I asked Luttrell, and then claimed I made an error because they were the exact same question. I explained to Ms. Stoner several times that these questions were unrelated, as one pertained to the KIA on Luttrell’s team and one pertained to the KIA from the QRF, but she continued to claim they were the same question.

    Finally, I told Ms. Stoner to please simply forget about those questions because the major point I wanted to understand and communicate to the SOF community is the following: “Given that Luttrell just had his lawyer issue a statement saying he stood by everything in his book, why is there such a major discrepancy between the book and what he said on 60 minutes?”

    She immediately said in a completely different tone, “This conversation is over,” and hung up. A short time later, I received an email from Jessica stating, “Hi Michael, We have no comments on your questions below”."

  2. Allahu AKBAR…. Allahu AKBAR. Laailiha I'll Allah Muhammad dur rasouluallah.May ALLAH punish the agressors/INVADERERS that attack the Muslims. Al humduliallah.You attacked us thousands miles away from your country.WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

  3. Is there something I'm missing here? Where are the sources that actually tell the number of Taliban they fought? The after action reports say on the hill they fought 8-9 Taliban members who had an lmg. And In various articles I see it say 50-60. Some even in the hundreds. So which is right? In the video it seems like 8-9 is the correct number.

  4. Marcus admitted to putting his gun down during this fight to plug his ears cause he heard Mike Murphy yelling for help..but he never did. What a dick. He should've died with his brothers. But hey. What do I know..I just know that the movie is bullshit because of Marcus…and everything else is a fairy tale…I think Marcus ran off when he saw they were being overrun…he left mike to die alone. Danny and axe went down fighting.. respect to these men..but marcus admitted to putting his rifle down in numerous interviews to plug his ears even though hes trained for this.

  5. By the way, it was the mistake of commander. How could ever possible sending only 4 soldiers to fight enemies or whatever operation.I know Seal are the smartest soldiers. But, if they would have increased more people. It won't be that much casualty. They were over run by fucking Taliban. You know that. Fuck

  6. You jackasses on here shout be fucking Ashamed you pussy ass children. Great men died in this video and all you can do is argue about who said what. God have mercy on there souls.

  7. Meanwhile these idiots had 55 of their men die by the hands of 4 brave Americans. Half these dudes are dead by now anyway lol

  8. This date has changed my life in more then one way… not only was this going on in the other side of the world, back in south Texas my journey began… same day n all… God bless those men family

  9. I mean you can hear American voices alot in this but nothing was more clear sounding to me than 6:10 just sounds like someone yelling Marcus

  10. This video really amazes me, real war battle against real taliban, real footage and real voices being heard by the marines the will never be forgotten for their valor and bravery…

  11. The United States is the big bad bully.They Bully other countries with their sanctions and airstrikes.They have killed more civilians over the years than all enemy combatants.I mean I feel bad for each of the individuals but don't feel bad when they lose troops.They need to stop pretending they are the police of the world they are not.Americans are ignorant.
    Navy seal get smoked by dude with no body armor and shitty training.

  12. It fills me with anger when those taliban niggers abuse 'allahu akbar' (god is the greatest, for ppl that don't know the meaning) while shooting a gun.

    No one deserves death. Even those talibans dont. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    RIP to the heroes that died in war, fighting for freedom. Thats how martyrs look like, not like monkey-looking talibans.

    God bless our soilders in fights against the evil one's.

  13. okay a lot of retards are saying that it was only about 10 anemic halfwits with rifles that defeated 4 of the most intensely trained soldiers in the world and on top of that took down a chopper full of more seals and army special forces and that on top of that there was almost no rounds fired by the americans and no bodies found of the terrorist…. I dont know what type of dumb ass would actually believe that… other sources state that it was anywhere from 20-30 shitbags and that is obviously more believable and the terrorist probably just hid there bodies to seem more unbeatable which is an ancient old war strategy, this is obviously what happened

  14. While you do not learn asymmetric warfare, where one side can do everything and the other must follow thousands of regulations, invented by enemies of your own country. They'll have to go through this. look for the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in Virginia. that he helps you guys. God save these heroes.

  15. ok i cant beleive there are people tryn talk specifics about operation an calling marcus a coward an nit pick like you have the fuckn right to do so. none that petty bullshit none the wanabe weekend warrior comments fuckn matter an u should been raised with some fuckn respect . you miss the entire fact that our fuckn american soldiers are being fuck killed an dying an all most u want do or try an do is question an try tear down marcus . anyone who wasnt there has no place speaking bout it .an u speak bout these men that died with little care or value of their worth . they are great men an anything bad u want say bout them should be done in propersetting an if u got somthing say to marcus questioning him say it to him or ask him before u sit there an act like it ur place say shit bout it at all in first place.

  16. Sounds like Marcus ran as fast he could during a fight. I don't think he fired a single shot. His team did the fighting.

  17. 6:08 one of the seal screams Marcus was scary ass hell because he know it's over rip three seals along with that chopper those pussies took down

  18. Spamming these tags with headphones, this is what I hear and who I would assume (not know for sure) is saying it.

    3:45– “I’m hit!”- Danny

    5:31– “Hit me!” – Danny. Sounds like same voice screaming at 3:45.

    5:32– “I’m moving!”- Mike, axe, or Marcus.

    5:55 “We’re under contact!”- Mike. Screaming into sat phone?

    A minute passes and in that time mike gets shot while making the call.

    6:08 “Down here!”- Marcus

    6:09: Marcus I need help!” or “Marcus! Marcus!” – Mike

    6:20– “someone help me”- Mike

    7:52 “Michael!?” – Axe

    7:57 “I’ve been hit!” – Mike

    8:08 “Help Michael!”-Axe

  19. First of all my respect for the Navy Seals who fought that day like true warriors until the very end. Also my respect to the Seals and Night Stalkers who were inside the rescue helicopter. I wish Delta Force had been there to help the Navy Seals.

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