1. There may be consequences to what that kid did. But only the tried-and-true in the brave will stand out of the crowd and expose people like that and go against the grain. The fact that he has to live with people threatening his life after doing the right thing is disgusting. His parents raised him right and taught him great vaules and morals. Good for him and his family. And that "teacher" shouldn't have a job anywhere near kids or anything involving teaching.

  2. School = Indoctrination = Brainwashing Teachers know their students listen. Bias un American shit heads like this teacher spread propaganda and misinformation to gain people over to their agenda(s)

  3. I'm so glad this young man did this. The teacher says they are not "high thinking". My husband is active duty army. He is an Intel analyst. There are so many jobs in the military other than shooting a gun. Doctors, dentists, scientists. Hell my husband will make 95000 a year minimum doing what he does out of the military. He gets free college and medical coverage, that's pretty damn smart if you ask me.

  4. I don't understand why people are so surprised by this. Teachers are notorious for being leftists. They judge everything with the PC filter. A big portion of them hate their own country, especially the military. Many are filled with hate. These people teach our students and attempt to mold them in what they believe is their world view. Be careful if you send your kids to public schools. Ask them about what they did in school and make corrections, when appropriate. Teachers can easily influence a brain that does not know any better.

  5. Teachers do have rights,even against the military, but this supposed 'high level thinker' should have known that a smart young man or women in his class would have written down the info or recorded. The men and women fought around the world so we ,as citizens, have the right of free speech.

  6. This is what is wrong with leftists. When someone doesnt agree with their veiw the attack them in any way the see fit. I applaude that kid. Dont let these cucks tell you how to live your life

  7. In a country like USA who is in constant treat of terrorism, how can someone be anti military?

    Ohh libtards.

  8. The whole comment section is just right pro military that are hating on peaceful leftists, and before you say "what about the death threats?!?!?!" There are always people on both sides who are like this, don't blame the entire left nor the entire right

  9. I went to college before going into the military. He should at least speak with someone that was in the military, he could learn something. Military is a great experience. I met some wonderful people and some not so wonderful people.

  10. The teacher should be fired. The military is why we in America have the rites and privileges we enjoy. This teacher is a pompous dumb ass.

  11. He is getting death threats for what his TEACHER SAID in PUBLIC SCHOOL?    ….only the left can get there.  I don't know about you, but when I'm talking politics or religion with a group of people….I have no problem with my views and thoughts being heard by anyone.

  12. When you give the freedom of speech to retards and Uneducated filth… If this is in my country. That teacher would probably get arrested and would never teach again.

  13. We never defeated the communist. We thought we did ,but in reality they infiltrated our education system. It pissed me off to know end to think kids today are educated by these types.

  14. I'm a veteran and I applaud this young man. I wonder what pisses off the left the most? The fact he posted their idiocy? Or was it the fact he is Spanish and doesn't hate? Would be interesting to find out.

  15. Good for you kid. The only one that will be facing any consequences is the teacher. Anyone bugging you believes the dudes ignorant ideology.

  16. What wonderful people anti-Trumpers are, threatening the life of a child.

    That is disgusting, party of tolerance, my ass.

  17. Alot of you people only care about freedom of speech when it's something you agree with ya fucking hypocrites. If he was pro military that'd be alright? You do know the recruiters prey upon the most desperate of school kids who sometimes don't have the cognitive level to understand what they are getting into. Fuck, the recruiter at my school used to take the kids to buy shit to clean their dirty piss for the physical, he didn't care if they weren't the qualified he just wanted the numbers to increase his check.

  18. Who in there right mind would threaten a kid for exposing a guy who doesn't want people to volunteer to defend his country.

  19. Why is the kid under pressure? That teacher is the one who should be looking over his shoulder every waking moment…what a class A asshole.

  20. I love this, the kid has Mexican heritage and he is standing up for our military. You just don't hear this very often. You hear more preaching against our country's security then sticking up for it. This truly is an American family that has migrated properly and is reaping the rewards for doing whats right.

  21. TThat slime ball is a councilmen, too?

    I'd love to see him debate a military vet on any subject. I'd be willing to bet the Vet would embarrass him so bad he'd shit himself

  22. I’m joining the Australian Army as an Engineering Corps officer, (requires a bachelor of Civil Engineering, top mathematics classes and Physics). I’m by no means smart by a Uni degree does count as academic, so that teacher is wrong.

  23. Why are teachers allowed to preach their political views to their students…the classroom is for learning, not indoctrinating students.

  24. This man is a bigot. Probably a racist too, thinking that skin color makes people who they are. Just like all the SJW and liberals who, while having pale white skins, decry whiteness as if that is not racist. I am a retired Navy veteran. I was in the submarine force, which is the top 10% of the military, and I have a bachelors degree, a masters degree and a doctorate, making me in the top 3% of the US among people. This teacher? What does he have?

  25. liberals are such pathetic scumbags hahaha. any man who calls himself a liberals is simply not a man. notice how all liberal men barely look like men at all. they are scrawny little pussies and beta males who have never touched a woman in their lives.

  26. bad mouth the military in the us and you better find another country to live … thats one thing they will not tolerate under any circumstances

  27. I thought liberals loved latinos? Lol liberals only love forwarding their agenda, they act like the support minorities for votes but if you step out of line, they'll come for your head. No wonder this generation is so red pilled.

  28. Left wingers and socialists are a plague among teachers and bureaucrats, and are indoctrinating kids snd pushing dangerous politics and anti American narratives.

  29. no kidding try saying that to a veteran, he absolutely needs to be removed from his position indoctrinating children who wont stand up to him, fucking coward

  30. This kid has brass balls. I see an amazing future for him in law or government. God bless him. And by the way, why is the Left upset. If they actually believe in their ideology, they should be proud to have it out there in the open. Could it be that the Left actually realizes just how toxic their agenda is?

  31. So, let me get this straight, this " teacher" slams everyone in the military, this young man records it, and HE is getting death threats???? May I ask why???

  32. DNC members, Progressive Socialist creeps. Now threatened a school student because the teacher personal hatred is revealed to the schools kids. A captive audience of school kids. A City Council member, teacher, Jerry Salcedo what a disgrace, Caught on video ranting hate towards US MILITARY WOMEN AND MEN OF THE USA. A VOLUNTEER FORCE IN THE USA. Jerry Salcedo what a CREEP.

  33. Where is this idiot from? If he was born here, his accent would not be so pronounced, maybe he should go back there or be kicked out of the the Country altogether. Just a thought.

  34. What a dumb sob for making threats against a kid. Also dont allow that teacher to enjoy the freedoms our service folk risk dying every day for him and the rest of us enjoy. What a hate filled venom spewing load of horse crap he has to be

  35. on one side he has a point . Why he has a point mose kids that drope out of school will use the military to change there life but the 40% will not end good some die some lose body parts and mose have PSD and the good part you learn how to be responsible for your life its give you the chance again to study for a carreer of any thing in the military . So for free speech that the military fight to give you all in that country and some one has the right to say what the fuck they want in the U.S.A and its his her giving right . if they fire him he have to sue them and then they sue him its there right . free speech😂😂😂😂 GOOD LUCK😎

  36. That scumbag teacher wouldn't last 5 minutes In the military, is he also aware the level of thinking it takes to stay calm and perform tasks under fire ?

  37. Why wasn’t this scumbag fired? It’s assholes like this that want to push they’re liberal agenda on their students! Glad he was taped, maybe now other teachers will think twice before trying to brainwash students with they’re left wing libtard views!!

  38. This idiot considers himself a "high level thinker".  He can't construct a sentence with using LIKE a half dozen times.  Hey Greg, take an English class before you climb back into the classroom.

  39. these are the people we want. The teacher should move to another country where he would never be allowed to express his ungrateful hate for men and women would fight to express. So he gets a paid vacation? How dare he!!!!!! What a brave young man and may God bless him and his parents.

  40. That teacher is an asshole…..how he has a job still I'll never understand. Military not high level thinkers…..really…..i doubt he could even come close to getting into West Point, Annapolis, or at Colorado Springs. Loser teacher should be fired.

  41. Teachers that are this arrogant do not belong in any school system. Any person who insults a man or woman for serving there country like this should be denied any position in higher education.

  42. So teacher said a TRUTH and people with no brain are angry. USA is WAR CRIME country and soldats are from mexican, afro groups. After service what do they get? Be honest and say what do they get? PTS, killing them self, broken home ect! So they are people with no BRAIN. If you thin that you doing service to your country when you attack Iraq ( don't forget Vietnam) and how USA support any dictator who are willing to kill for power, then you really have no BRAIN!

  43. Teachers are the reason most kids are rotten…..they don’t teach they indoctrinate…..lunatics……homeschool is the only answer

  44. This is just a small glimpse of the Marxist indoctrination system we call our public schools. And it is steadily getting worse. I hope more kids video these incidents for all to see.

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